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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Clinical Death Experience

And; _"What to expect"

When I had my (9 minute) clinical-death experience back in 1974, I was
Curious to know if “others” who went thru the same thing ever experience
Something different- and the ones I had opportunity to speak with pretty
Much had the same experience to report such as passing out only to wakeup
In the middle of a giant ocean of light which had a “brighter” area in the shape
Of a giant sphere.============================================
The circle of light seemed to draw me like a vacuum to it’s
Center core. Upon reaching the entryway, I met Granddad Roy. I couldn’t see
His face- but I recognized his voice. His whole body was like a living shadow.
He simply said; “so, you think your ready for this…? He then stepped aside as
I was suctioned into the giant sphere of light.=========================
What only took (9) minutes seemed
More like (9 hours). I wrote a detailed blog on it listed under; . The really strange part was when I discovered
That I had an ancestry connection to all the main characters involved in that experience.
Since that time, many books started to come out on the subject of;
Clinical death & (Near experience)…===============================
The differences between the two are very substantial; “Death is cold-stone stiff” with
no pulse, no brainwave activity, no Heartbeat, no breath & this was my experience.
I even revived to discover I was Wearing a (toe-tag) which means (game over…!)
Does that make me a Zombie? Or…Vampire…? I feel the experience only makes me
(fortunate) to know what’s In store & waiting beyond my final resting place…==

By; Lonnie W Craig
310 W. Bell Street.................................saintlysorcerer of
FtWthTx 76140 (aka) drcraig2, drcraig6, lwcraig, saintlysorcerer, lonniecraig

Monday, August 25, 2008

Secrets Of Edens Garden...

Tree Of Knowledge?

Think about it; (Tree Of Knowledge…?) Knowledge of Good & Evil? The book of
Genesis speaks very openly about it- but what is/was it? First think; you, as a parent
Have a (poison plant) for some reason you want to be planted. The fruit of it is called;
“Good & evil” yet you plant it in reach of your children and then you tell the children;
DO NOT TOUCH- because in the event that they do, they shall surely “die”- but they
Have not ever died before, and so therefore have no clue how (death) can be so bad…

After the warning- you walk away…what do you think you will find when you decide
To return…? How about two very dead children. What’s even worse, is that you knew
In advance what your children would choose. How would you classify that parent…?

The parent would be put in jail for (child endangerment!) We are all made in the likeness
Of God- so where is the judicial difference…? There is none! Do you realize that the word;
“HOLY” only means; (without division?) Read Isaiah ch# 45 vs# 7 and then tell me what
makes God “so holy?”… In the light of Gods favored prophet, this verse shows God to be
the complete (duality) …NOT HOLY! (but)... Perfect opposites of light & darkness!

Holy one moment- then most Unholy within any given moment of time… The bare bone
Truth is that (we) as humans have always died since prior to Adam & Eve, because if
No one ever died since Adam & Eve- you & I would be shoulder to shoulder and head to
Foot ten miles off the face of the globe- because “no one” ever dies…! So, Why are any
Of us born since eventually we all die? Its simple; God can save with or WITHOUT any
Blood sacrifice, because God is God & no blood or the lack thereof would make a difference…

Why would God give you a flesh & bone frame just to save your precious
Soul…? Wouldn’t it be easier just to save that soul prior to its (physical birth?) What was
Wrong with keeping that (soul) where it was prior to your 1st birthday…? Giving physical
Birth only guarantees that the soul in question will become corrupt due to exposure. God
Who knows all things prior to anything becoming an idea in anybody’s mind would be
“Guilty” of endangerment…! So, why let flesh & blood be born at all? This all means

That we are all born to become eventual (food) for Mother Nature. Our rotting corps
Serve as (mulch) to all the green life that we often eat. This only means that; all the
Vegetation that we’ve been eating up till now will (eventually) get to eat us…!

Hopefully; we will not have to recall our current earthly existences because I can
Think of no greater hell to face than to be able to recall every single visit that I have
Made here to old Mother Earth… Without us & the animal kingdom- Old Mother Earth
Would eventually die from starvation… Welcome to Hell & May your stay here be most
Heavenly until your next visit…!

By; Chaplain/Fr; Lonnie Craig, United Faith Ministries, 310 W. Bell St. FtWthTx 76140
...(aka) drcraig2, drcraig6, saintlysorcerer, lwcraig, lonniecraig,

Saintly Wisdom Of The Vampire

In the beginning of time- there was (no beginning). “Man” created time to help
Divide his self-imposed duties including his choice of vanities. When we claim that there was
A beginning- we are then forced to ask; (what was before the beginning?)...When we insist that
There are edges in outer space we are then forced to ask; (What is beyond the very outer edge?)
When we say that there is an end of time- we are then forced to ask; (What is beyond the end of time?)

Every (solid) thing came into being from what appears to be (nothingness) or subatomic particle
Until enough pieces come together which eventually gives birth to the solid mass- which also
Include all biologic life forms, but these same particles are also full of pure energy, which are only
Drawn to particular energy particles which mirror their own energy patterns...

From this very same process- planets & stars came into being. The subatomic particles eventually
Came together to form those very same stars & planets we see today. The sun, which is a ball of
Gas puts off heat & the heat- when mixed with clay & moisture gave life to microbial lifeforms.

In fact; you & I including the largest mammoth all the way down the line to the simple fruit flies
All the way down to the smallest of insect all share the very same basic genetic DNA codes.
I used to be troubled when I learned we have DNA codes that trace back to the monkeys...
Then most recently, the world of science & biology discovered our DNA codes from the
Gnats to the largest mammal's share the very same biologic DNA strains-

This means; from
The smallest of all microbial life forms to the the largest mammoth, “we are all related” according
To DNA codes. This also gives more meaning to the term; (we are one) which has been a common
“Religious” metaphor to all new-age groups since the times prior to the great Egyptian kings.
This recent finding also takes us for a quantum leap forward to understanding ourselves on a
Much deeper level-, which in turn also gives us, hints about why we act & inter-mingle as a society
via Animal...& Human...

So next time you get attacked by a bunch of blood-sucking mosquitoes , just remember; before
You kill them that you & they are all related...but then again- so was Cain & Able. Who was it
That said; :”Blood is thicker than water...?” Try telling that to “Able” or to the dead parents who
Were murdered by their kids just so they could get an early inheritance. It is (water) that gives
Birth to blood within the womb...not the other way around & conscience is always adopted by
Its user. Conscience can never be trained into a child- “conscience” can only be adopted. Much
Like “wisdom”... It cannot be taught- it can only be adopted by choice of the user regardless of
Who inspired the wisdom in question. So now you know what makes you so different...

The apostle Paul taught that; Where there is no (law), there can be no condemnation- which
simply means; the “law” must first exist within you as an idea of right vs wrong. To take a
crass example, lets say your in an ally with no way out- yet you see a very hungry lion slowly
approach you. Most likely it will be growling- but in truth the poor thing isn't mad @ you-
it's just hungry. Lets say that you manage to kill it,...

There are tons of bleeding-heart liberals
who will call you a murderer who deprived a starving animal of a meal- never mind the idea that
(you) were going to be the meal in question. It's now “2008” & the number of hungry lion's
have increased by triple digit since 1960... Which one will you feed out of “guilt?” Be careful
how you answer- because...the day may come when out of un-seen circumstance- that (you)
Very well could become the (next) hungry lion in question... Where will God be then...?

By; LW Craig (aka) drcraig2, drcraig6, saintlysorcerer, lwcraig, lonniecraig