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Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Dream Master

MANIFESTING MENTORS: Learn How To Manifest Your Desires

Train The Dream Master Within...
To work with you & work for you.

This Mp3 Subliminal will help train the dream-master within
you to work with & for you- improving your waking life.
Eventually my voice will seem to fade into the background &
once my voice reaches the subliminal point of hearing, The
commands and suggestions given will be accepted by your mind
& body without critical analysis of those commands.


The main message which is repeted throughout the session
is as follows, minus the hidden commands that are embedded
within the background music...;

I always dream of what I desire the most. dreams are our
inward messengers. My dreams are always most enjoyable.
Even my nightmares prove to be most pleasant & most
informative and most helpfull in all my waking state.
Dreams are our doorway to the future & our pathway
to the distant past. My dreams are most vivid & most
lucid including quite colorful. Many times my dreams
seem to be more real than my waking life & many times
more pleasent than real life. The dream master within
me works very close with me in my waking state
gathering information for my future benefits...


Train Your Inner Dream-Master To Work For You



Friday, May 21, 2010

Total Freedom From Addiction

Total Freedom…
From Substance Abuse..."FOR FREE

In order to give up any bad habit- the subject must 1st desire to be free of any habit in question. This is why it is so hard for smokers, drinkers & drug addicts to get away from any bad habit. The addictive powers within the substance itself keeps the patients body trapped- into "thinking that the body is a helpless prisoner of the addictive substance.

The subliminal below was engineered to (un-hypnotize) the mind & body from the lie's of the addictive substances- giving the listener a fighting chance to free themselves. It was also engineered to ease any and all withdraw pains that are most common with breaking away "cold turkey.

Even if you feel like your not yet ready to loose that habit- after 21 days or less- you will then become amazingly influenced & angry enough @ the habit in question to the point that your subconscious will begin to fight against the addictiveness of the substance you wish to give up. You can expect a few days of light-headedness. A slight tingling in the limbs- perhaps even feel like you are getting too much oxygen. These are just signs that your body is going back to normal & your overall circulation is beginning to heal. Just barely 10.5 minutes in length. The more often you listen to it- the better results you will witness by the end of the 21st day of "self treatment."

AddictionFree Mp3.mp3

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