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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Secrets Of Faith

SECRETS OF FAITH... (For Wizards only!)

...There is no difference between Christian based faith
and Satanic inspired faith- because BOTH are the very
Same energy-field from the very same single energy source.

God, the creator of (both) does not condemn either one
and FAITH is the only Energy that seems moves God to do
what we dare call Good or Evil, yet Isaiah 45 vs 7 states;
that; I,THE LORD create Light & Darkness- I THE LORD create
peace & evil- I THE LORD am he who doth all these things...

Yet I find that God cannot work in and thru guilt-ridden
People, but only work with people who trust in their own
Faith. If you feel like your faith has holes or gray
Areas- then God cannot work thru it. Christians for over
1000s of years taught that Faith alone within christian
Ideas would only please God - but that was just to dupe
The non-christians who were already pleasing God thru
Their Pagan traditions,,,!

Faith is FAITH anyway you Look at it. God dont care if its
Christ inspired or Even Satanic in nature. The only faith
that God can Work thru is; Faith without Guilt...

So let us pray for God to help you destroy the guilt that is
Slowly destroying you...or even pray for forgivness
regarding that what you FEEL you must do in the future
At any givin time. ...God will always forgive- HOWEVER,
Keep in mind that MAN CANNOT forgive because Its not
In mas nature to be able to (FORGET)... & Guilt has always
been a Man-Made science to only curtail so-called; Evil!

Just remember; (Evil) like truth & beauty can only be
found in the eyes of it's victims...! Which one are you...?

By; Lonnie Craig,

The DarkSide Of Edens Garden

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The Garden of Eden...

Tells the story about Adam & Eve who were created
In the beginning to live "forever". Yet if this is true- why were they
Given any kind of food to consume at all since "food" would not even
Be necessary to their survival…? Then there is the problem of the so called
Forbidden fruit. Since Adam & Eve didn’t have a clue to what (death) or
Separation from "anything" entailed since they have never been separated
From each other or separated from God before- Why bother to place "any"
Kind of (forbidden) fruit within their reach since just (touching) the tree
Would guarantee (death)…?

Would you place pretty poison in reach of
Your toddlers? According to the story; this is what God did. If God truly
Knows everyone's heart & mind and knows every thought prior to its own
Inception- Then God has business testing her/his (created) beings & it would
Be nothing but a waste of time trying to (show) Adam & Eve their own
Weakness… Besides, If no one ever died since "Adam"- then we would be
A very crowded planet today since day no# 1

Cursed is the mindless fool who places (poison) fruit in reach of their
Children- for they are no wiser than the child who eats it… So now you
Know why the Garden Of Eden makes no logical sense. The whole story
Was just a Jewish fairy-tail by Moses to quiet all the inquiring minds of
His day. If you need anything etched into stone to show you the difference
Between right & wrong and require a "burning bush" to read it by, then a
Mindless cow will have more hope than any of us…

This also means; since the garden of Eden story was fake- the original
Sin of (disobedience) against God "never" existed…!

By; Lonnie Craig

310 West Bell Street
FtWthTX 76140

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Where Did All The Old Gods Go...?

Where Did All The Old Gods Go
(or)..."The story that got me banned from The Seminary"

I have studied every God & every Goddess under the golden sun- including
Jehovah & Yahweh onlyTo be disappointed . Been to the Holy Land 4 times
& The Vatican 3 times & Istanbul thrice and Iv found thus far; 17 (resurrected)
saviors since Osirus only to find that these saviors Are long gone including
(Valad Dracula) who was not in his coffin after his coffin was exhumed after his
own burial. According to my own personal theological informers- Jesus was never
laid to rest In the tomb because the tomb was nothing more than a trap to capture
radical heretics who planned upon Stealing the body of Jesus in order to sell parts
in the market square to sick collectors so, who’s body did they place in the tomb?

There were 2 others who were also executed that night & just as bloody and just as
“dead and sure enough- the body was taken from it & the (slumbering) Centurions
were NEVER punished for falling asleep, or... “were they really sleeping...?”
According to my Rabbi friend at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem- none of the
legs of the 3 prisoners were broken which is a Roman custom to do so (only) if the
prisoner is still “ALIVE” by daybreak- His body was taken On order by the
“bleeding-heart” Roman Emperor to Saint Sophia located in Istanbul Turkey where
his (wrapped) body Remained wrapped for several yrs just prior to the great fire
which engulfed the temple. The Holy Shroud Was saved by keepers of the Temple
then later the Shroud was donated to the Italian Papacy…

Why do you suppose the bodies of the other 2 prisoners had a (mystery) burial?
Surely it wasn’t just due to the fact that MOST prisoners who are executed on a cross
get their sides split with a lance to hurry death? Only so, if they “appear” to still be
moving by the morning hours… One other question to Consider is; If you fell asleep
on your watch as a Roman Centurion- you were put to death on the spot and never got
the chance of a trial- so, why were those guards who fell asleep at the tomb spared?
I think You already know the answer to that as well as I do or at least your just as close…

My home work began at the tender age of (nine)…I am now 54 years of age & having
fulfilled my own Curious nature regarding these matter’s & now wishing I had never
started. Now you know why the shroud had such deep imprints. Only 9 of the resurrected
saviors were known to be (virgin) born and also born into poverty and also Called the
(only) SON of (God) as well…! So- where is The truth in all of this? Its located in the
same place it has always been; Between (you) and God Alone. Jesus said; “My sheep”
will always hear the voice of the shepherd and none other shall they Heed.

Just remember- All of the above is in writing & a matter of record- but NOT everything
in writing is True because (anyone) can be misled & God will not condemn you for being
misled anymore than I would condemn my own kids for following after brain-washing
doctrines. Every shred of what Iv given you was given unto me by “Orthodox Jews”
…do you recall who it was …that executed …Jesus? Those who would seek the face
of God- must (first) believe that “God is” & is the rewarder of those who (diligently) seek
God, so therefore (LIVE) according to “your faith”…not someone else’s & always seek
to do the right thing for the right reasons and shun doing the (right things) for the
“wrong ones”…because God knows we have more than enough preachers who are doing
The right things for the wrong reason since prior to Marty Tillton & Tammy Fay and
Jim Baker. I’m sure you can name one more to ad to that list…

Wasn’t it Jesus who said; There is (nothing) hidden that will not one day be known…_?
(Why?) Because (TRUTH) has a life-force all by itself & cannot be (eternally) hidden…
So be careful of what you seek- because one day you may eventually find, but you may not
like what it is that you have found…Name the 8 (other) saviours other than “Jesus”
who counts as no# 9 & were also (virgin born)?__

…I think (all nine) were called; (political leverage) to enslave the "poor" & (mindless) Now,…
Go “live” your faith in peace and don’t worry about what others believe- because their faith is
between God & them alone…”Not You”. If God wants them to know truth- a "Living God" is
more than able to convince them (without) human interventions of preachers & prophets or;
“holy books” including (stone tablets) & a (Burning Bush) to read them by! And If God really
trusted “BOOKs” to spread what we call; (truth)- then God would HAVE
WRITEN it… “Herself!” What we dont hear or see can many times be much more important.


By; Lonnie Craig
310 West Bell Street
FtWthTx 76140 (817) 293-3611

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Mystery Of Consciousness...

Where does it go after our demise...?

Once again; (consciousness) is "pure energy". The awareness factor is tied into
our brains as electronic photos- much like (jpegs) on a computer hard-drive &
those "jpegs" can still be retreived even after its been deleted a dozen times
thanks to current FBI technologies- & Im sure a few of you didnt like hearing
that one, but Im just telling you what I found. Forensic science is a major leader
in the criminal investigative field & even drives that were (re-formatted) can also
be rescued thru the very same technology.

To be fair; not all hard-drives can be rescued completly & those can
be likened unto patients with alzheimer where even under the best treatment-
a lot of memory cannot be (accessed)...I didnt say (lost)- just unaccessable for
the time being. A lot of Alzheimer patients quite often tend to recall those bits
of memory over time & we still cannot fully understand why...

Back to "consciousness"'s pure energy & energy (cannot be distroyed) nor
can it be created- frozen or...burned. When you sleep- you are not unconscious.
In sleep, your brain & body are only resting & the brain is in process of recharging
your body for the next wakefull moments. Comatose patients are (unconscious)
So where is their consciousness during the coma...? It's located thru-out their
their entire body, but- the "consciousness" & the brain are not comunicating with
each other as they should- yet, sometimes they reunite on their own or with the
help of the neuro-science we utilize today...

The haunting part is that many of those coma patients have been able to tell their
Doc & family what was going on during those times of "un-consciousness" & even a
few were able to tell Doc & family what the family & doc were doing on certain days
at home or in the office during those comatose days. Is that spooky? not for me cause
I worked in Patient care for over 16 years in my younger days & Iv seen this kind of
stuff many times on my watch.

So, this can only mean that the (coma patient)...or, rather their (consciousness) or at
least part of it was busy on the outside of the patients body..."I just felt a million of you
smile at this point". If you didnt smile- then the point hasnt quite sunk in yet...
"Just give it a little more time" & be very carefull what you say around them & be carefull
what you say & do while you are absent from the patients body- because (you) just may
be the one they decide to visit at the most inconveinent of times... (Sweet dreams...!)