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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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Haunted House The Movie

Vampires Worldly Wisdom

I had learned rather early in life that in order to get to where one Wishes to go- One must be very flexible. It was Dr. Gines who was always Reminding me of this since we crossed path's back in the early 1970's. The World back then was very simple. Cut & dry. There was very little & few "Gray areas". But- Since the birth and conception of the Inter-Net & DNA Sciences, we now have more gray area's to contend with.

From what I'm told according to an old Doctor-friend of mine; Even all the Gray areas have (gray areas). Many doctors are becoming fearful of Treating new patients, especially "emergency cases" due to the many who Are dragging the doctor to court under petty grievances. Dont get me Wrong, because there are legitimate cases that deserve justice for many Patients- but, the fakers & whiners only make it much harder for the "Legitimate others" to claim rightfully what is due them.

I had worked with the sick & ailing between the mid of 1970 thru the last Parts of 2005. First, as an Orderly in1971 at Saint Joseph Hospital in Fort Worth- then eventually as a Medical Assistant for several doctors between My "other part-time jobs" as an A/V tech & Film-trailer driver for Panama Films, LionsGate Productions, MGM & Paramount. Done extensive world travel After becoming 1 of 30 winners of the State lotto which amounted to 1.9 Million dollars per person after taxes.

That was the best & longest vacation I ever had- but then before I knew it, Vacation was over & just like the other 30+ I had to go back to work. I Never regretted one moment of it...

Except when I had to lay my dearly departed wife; "Maryann" to rest who Had expired on the delivery-table at John PeterSmith Hospital back in May Of 1986. We were trying for a third child. She died from a heart embolism. Since that time I became a writer & blogger to help me cope with the loss. I now have more than over a thousand blogs. About half of them I dedicated To her & the other half, I dedicated to my own life experiences.

IV since Then found that there are many things that we will never get over- most Likely due to all the “reminders" we often have to face in this life and In the ones that haunt us from our distant past.

By; LonnieCraig
Aka; DrCraig2, DrCraig6,
LWCraig, SaintlySorcerer, ValadJr

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quest Of Conscience


Saintly Wisdom Of The Vampire

In the beginning of time- there was (no beginning). “Man” created time to help Divide his self-imposed duties including his choice of vanities. When we claim that there was a beginning- we are then forced to ask; (what was before the beginning?)...When we insist that there are edges In outer space we are then forced to ask; (What is beyond the very outer edge?) When we say that there is an end of time- we are then forced To ask; (What is beyond the end of time?)

Every (solid) thing came into being from what appears to be (nothingness) or subatomic particle Until enough pieces come together which eventually gives birth to the solid mass- which also Include all biologic life forms, but these same particles are also full of pure energy, which Are only drawn to particular energy particles which mirror their own energy patterns...

From this very same process- planets & stars came into being. The subatomic particles eventually Came together to form those very same Stars & planets we see today. The sun, which is a ball of Gas, puts off heat & the heat- when mixed with clay & moisture gave life to microbial Life forms.

In fact; you & I including the largest mammoth all the way down the line to the simple fruit flies All the way down to the smallest of insect all Share the very same basic genetic DNA codes. I used to be troubled when I learned we have DNA codes that trace back to the monkeys... Then most recently, the world of science & biology discovered our DNA codes from the Gnats to the largest mammals share the very same
Biologic DNA strains-

This means; from
The smallest of all microbial life forms to the largest mammoth, “we are all related” according To DNA codes. This also gives more meaning To the term; (we are one) which has been a common “Religious” metaphor to all new-age groups since the times prior to the great Egyptian Kings. This recent finding also takes us for a quantum leap forward to understanding ourselves on a Much deeper level-, which in turn also Gives us, hints about why we act & inter-mingle as a society via Animal...& Human...

So next time you get attacked by a bunch of blood-sucking mosquitoes , just remember; before You kill them that you & they are all related...But then again- so was Cain & Able. Who was it that said:”Blood is thicker than water...?” Try telling that to “Able” or to the dead parents Who were murdered by their kids just so they could get an early inheritance? It is (water) that gives Birth unto blood within the womb...not the Other way around & its user always adopts conscience. Conscience can never be trained into a child- “conscience” can only be adopted. Much like “wisdom”... It cannot be taught- it can only be adopted by choice of the user regardless of who inspired the wisdom in question.
So now you know what makes you so different...

The apostle Paul taught that; where there is no (law), there can be no condemnation-, which simply means; the “law” must first exist within You as an idea of right vs wrong. To take a crass example, let's say you're in an ally with no way out- yet you see a very hungry lion slowly Approaches you. Most likely it will be growling- but in truth the poor thing isn't mad @ you- it's just hungry. Let's say that you manage to kill it...

There are tons of bleeding-heart liberals who will call you a murderer who deprived a starving animal of a meal- never mind the idea that (You) were going to be the meal in question. It's now “2008” & the number of hungry lion’s has increased by triple digit since 1960... Which One will you feed out of inborn “guilt?” Be careful how you answer- because...the day may come when out of un-seen circumstance- tha(You) Very well could become the (next) hungry lion in question... Where will God be in that day...?

By; LW Craig (aka) drcraig2, drcraig6, saintlysorcerer, lwcraig, lonniecraig

The Real Hisrorical Jesus

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Wisdom of the Vampire;
Over the last 2,012 years- I have met an un-numerable amount of people who have Been waiting for the return of their long awaited "savior"…Even his own followers Thought that he would return within their own life-times- but, why should he return At all after the way his own friends treated him during his public trial…? Since his Trial was considered (a community religious issue) - the Governor washed his hands Publicly & told the religious leaders to do what they must with him.

I can just see Jesus now, laugh behind all the eyes of the hopeful that continue in hope Of his return. If I were him- I would have promised to return & then never come back. He was a good man who had a genius insight into human nature. This very same
Man taught that; "there is nothing hid"- that will not one-day be known…"why?) Only because he knew that (truth) has a "life-force" all by itself…

The Jesus I recall was "Gnostic" & never walked on water- never mind the fact That Cris Angel did & according to the press, the onlookers who swam under him to Try & uncover what he stepped on…"couldn’t find the stepping stones". The Gnostic Jesus never turned water into wine- but I did see "magician; Harry Blackstone turn Water into wine in front of a camera.

The Gnostic Jesus never raised the dead- but I did witness a Voodoo priest in Haiti resurrect the dead who were (dead) for at least (3) days- thanks to the entrails Of a “blow-fish"…According to the oldest gospel; St. Thomas- The resurrection of Jesus was only a vision- yet I have seen Cris Angel levitate in mid air while On-lookers walked under him which was a trick he learned in India according to the Reporters I spoke with.

This makes me wonder- how many of these tricks were well known Prior to the year 33ce. Iv recently discovered that (ALL) of them were very well Known among all the top seasoned illusionist in India & Egypt 1000's of years Prior to "Jesus"…

The Gnostic Jesus taught "transmigration" which is another form of common(Reincarnation) among Hasidic & Cabala Jews. The Emperor Constantine Invented the New-age Jesus in the early 1400's as a political ploy that united "Religion & state" government so (both) could benefit……Where Do We Go From Here…? We simply go back to (formula) or "square one". Nothing new Here since prior to Adam & Eve. What do we do with the (pious?) Let them live In their false hope's & dreams of "castles floating in the air" as long as they don’t (Dog) those of us who "know" that the floating castle in heaven is just a very Pleasant dream for the (self-righteous) & "pious". The Gnostic Jesus taught that (HELL) is nothing more than "human experience"…

I had often wondered why Constantine expunged that note from the "Holy Canon…?

Think about this;
If everyone knew that they always return after their physical demise- How many crimes would they commit in a (zillion life-times…?) Now you know Why Constantine advocated the "New-age Jesus" that came to light during the Years (1400-1600")…The world would be full of more "Charles Manson's" than Our current law enforcement agents could ever keep up with…"simple math."Just remember; God Loves you as much as "SHE" loved Cain & all the slandered (Innocent) ones since "Adam...

Inquiry; lonniecraig@juno