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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Religious Delusions...

Welcome To My World

In My World- Every Day is the season for the Vampire.
We have always been around prior to common mankind,
so get used to it. For those of us you manage to kill
- we always return thru the nearest new-born who is
predisposed unto vengence againt those who would
attempt to disrupt our common way of life- For God
kills indiscriminantly...and, so shall we do likewise
for we can be nothing greater than what we already are.

You can change the color of the Lepard- but, its still
a (Lepard)...You can change the color of "the viper
snake"- but, its still a snake. People are much the
same way. People can be taught to act "differently"
under givin circumstance- but, they are still (people)
& often drop the act under certain circumstance which
forces them to show their inner beast. When this
happens; their flight/or fight response takes over.
Animals contain this very same inner beast which every
human-animal are first born with...!

In humor, it was once said; You can put lipstick on a
pig- and its still "just a pig". The simple truth of
this may be rough & even harsh-but some folks think
that this simple truth can be changed thru "religious
experience" or going on a sabaticle to a high remote
mountain for 1-2-12 years or just going to remote
deserts in order to find "God".

People are natural actors & can even act out their
"religious" bound illusion for 30-60 years or more-
only as long as their circumstance acts as a
(comfort-zone) for them... "but, once you (remove)
that comfort zone just long enough, You will
eventually see a great difference in the subjects
religious ways.

Anyone can act like a "Saint"- ...but,
only do so, as long as their personal comfort-zone
goes unchallenged... The biblical story of Jobe
was never proven as (valid)- Yet, even according to
our current (KJV) forgery- If you carfully go
thru the whole story, you will see that even Jobe
was nowhere near to being a (living Saint)...

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

The 4Fold Thought Process

The Four-Levels Of Critical Thought Process;

First of all, “Thought” is nothing more than the (after-birth) of “thinking. ”“Thought” in its most raw form is nothing more than “pure energy” which is Generated by the (thinker)- but where are those thoughts now? Since thoughts Are pure energy & energy cannot be destroyed or dismembered or dissipated.

Where did that energy go…? It’s still within the thinker as a (memory cell)…Keep in mind that “memory-cells” are also constituted as “pure energy” and Again- “energy cant be destroyed”. Now that we have that out of the way; We, as humans are always using the 4 level thought process in everyday life.

The (thought process) is as follows;
“Doing the right thing for the right reasons”,Secondly; “Doing the right thing for the wrong reasons. Thirdly; doing the wrong Thing for the (wrong reasons). And of course; doing the wrong thing for the right Reason. We should be aware that“doing the right thing for the right Reason dont always guarantee a desired outcome & doing the wrong thing for A better out-come does not always work either. All the outcomes of all Four levels are based upon percentiles & random luck- much like playing the lotto.

Out of all those four levels-
Which one do you most often find yourself to strive-Towards, or lean on? Whichever one you choose will reveal much of your own Future And current emotional state.

Here is the curve ball;
you can be a successful serial Killer & still be well emotionally balanced. Would you call a career soldier or a SWAT team sniper to be emotionally unbalanced?) What about the Ones who executed death row inmates for 20-40 years by court order? Should those Executioners to be considered “emotionally unbalanced”…? What’s the difference Between (legal) verses illegal execution…?

What legal sources constitute what we Dare to call (insanity) verses “sanity…?”

The base is founded upon (majority rules).“Not God's Laws”…but man made “assumptions” of right verses wrong. These assumptions of right & wrong are all based upon how the thinker was raised And how influential the teachers were to the thinker. Now you know why all thinkers “Think differently” in regards to (right) verses “wrong”.

Here is some rather sickening Spoof;
In some states, it’s legal to marry your own blood-sister, & in some 3ed world
Countries- it’s ok to become the husband to your very own daughter. Which side of The worldwide fence did you have to grow up in…?

Visit; for
more precise answers on the subject.