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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Haunting In Connecticut?

The Haunting In Connecticut?
Based Upon A True Story...

As a "super-natural event scientist/researcher since
prior to the age of 10"-

Iv seen & been witness to many strange events- but,
I just saw this Film for the very first time on this
day of; Saturday, the 6th- 2010.

This is the only film in my earthly history of which
I cried over due to the subject @ hand- All of those
demised souls were trapped.

Matt only served as their Saviour" & shortly'
thereafter, Matt was completly heald of his own cancer.


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Father "Sun? & Mother "Moon?

Father; (Sun?)
...Mother; (Moon?)

Most historians already know that at one point in the very dark ages of time, that the "Sun" was considered; "Father God"...& Our Mother was considered to be; "The Moon". Since then; Many Key world leaders were attributed to being (Son of God) such as "Osirus of Egypt". Once known to be the son of "The Sun God. Ra was the father & Amun-Ra was the "son" aka; Osirus. Also Recorded to be a product of (virgin-birth).

There was a total of 9 virgin births; (aka) "unexplained- birth". since Osirus & even Three more since the time of the "historical Jesus."

The word; (christ) only means; "annointed" Not;(anointed one) & the word; christian" only means; (christ-likeness)- so, if you take your pet cow & anoint it with oil...,penut-butter...or even water; "PRESTO...!"

Your cow is now a "Christ.

But why was the Sun & Moon ever considered to be our cosmic-parents?

The energy that resonates from "both" not only gives growth to all the plant-life, but also supplies all biologic life-form with life sustaining energies- yet our ancient kin-folk prior to Egypt, already knew this; (intuitively.) Since then, The Sun & Moon became adorned with many metaphoric-names, Such as; "Diana- Goddess of the Moon, Araidia;The Dark Mother of Diana + tons of "others.

Since the times prior to the ancient Egyptians, New Gods & sons+ daughters thereof have been born...again-... Are you one of them?..."Yes- You are! ...It's your DNA cellular nature. Yet, what Iv recently discovered in many lab's is that; DNA of The body can be "altered" to rebuild, repair & renew itself thru subliminal hypnotic's. Its True that DNA cannot lie- BUT" it CAN BE "reprogrammed thru hypnosis to alter any natural truth about it'self.

The DNA it'self cannot lie; (but- humans can lie to their own DNA thru Deep & subliminal- hypnotic's... and, In many cases- the re-training Of DNA can often be years long...

Most folks would agree that this is much like; (re-writing our present moment's) to re-alter our own physical and "psychic narures"- which in turn, also re-alter's the outcome of our future. Is all of this a bit too deep for you...? Take a very close look at the following video;



Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Genetic Memory Sciences;

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Genetic-Research Conclusion ”

Prior to the birth of your child- Your Entire life-experiences are recorded on “your Childs” (memory-cells)…Those “memory-cells” are what connects you to that child. The child don’t always like the “connection” Due to distasteful memories that might be involved. Many of their “memories” explain much of their own Child-hood Nightmares. Many of their nightmares come in the form of metaphors & esoteric-jargon.

Many of our own adult nightmares are based upon our own parents & great-grandparents past-experiences”.Appear To be “embedded” thru via; (violence) including (pain) or extreme joyful experiences from their past. Just how old is your child's memories...?

Here is your mind-bender for the week;

Memory cells are pure energy- Most folks already know that (energy) cannot be destroyed...

The shell which contains the energy in question will eventually dissipate- but the energy lives on, so; where does the energy go after the body becomes demised? I just bet your first guess was Correct... "Inhale deeply!" The energy becomes (air-born) & attaches itself to living matter which mirrors its own likeness, then creates "other shells" in which they soon inhabit.

I bet you never thought of yourself as a (shell)...Until now...?

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