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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Human Need's

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Meet your human needs – And discover how satisfying life can be, Using hypnosis to help you make meeting your needs an important priority in your life. Are your emotional needs being met? Does it feel like there are a lot of obstacles in the way?
In the slower paced, more settled times of the past, when people generally lived in smaller, communities and commonly stayed in the same place  from birth to death, it was a pretty safe bet to rely on your community to provide what you needed.
You didn't have to try, specifically, to manage your own personal life the way we do today. It's rather interesting that our 'human needs' - beyond the physical ones - are not obvious. The huge social changes of the last few centuries, leading to the world we inhabit now, have shown us that we took all the well-being that came from the easy satisfaction of those needs for granted, and did not question how it had happened.
Only in the disorienting upheavals of change have we clearly identified what we need and how to get it. Modern life can block the satisfaction of needs And, Modern Hypnosis can help you meet those needs...
Meet your human" needs is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists that will help you to develop and maintain a very powerful strategy for looking after yourself so that you can get - and give - the most from your life. As you relax repeatedly to this gentle & powerful download, you'll notice that; you become more keenly aware to the roots of your well-being. you will notice more opportunities to satisfy your different needs and act on them as they take place.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Truth About "Addictions"

The Truth About "Addictions"


Of all the tons & tons of research that Iv done involving "addictive substances", over the last 25-30 years; Im always running into the very same conclusions; "nothing is addictive- unless you 1st "believe
that "It is...!"

In the simplest of terms; "If you think or believe anything has addictive qualities or addictive powers- then, you have already set yourself up as a "possible future victim.

But what if you could change your mind regarding "addictions?" Im talking not only about "man-made substances as well as those inventions manufactured by "Mother nature. Your whole outer & inner world would magically begin to re-transform everything about you. We are just discovering over the last 2 decades that "the aging process itself can be slowed-down thru meditation or deep hypnotic practice's.

All hypnosis of any-kind is always "self-induced" no one can hypnotize you unless you volunteer your "power of choice" to the hypnotist. The hypnotist can be "drugs, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, spice, and porn, including but not limited to "diseases". Did you realize that any "emotional stress" is the main culprit behind many diseases such as; heart problems & articular-sclerosis, including "Alzheimer & others?

It is your system of belief's or fears that can make all those diseases become a reality in your life- but what if you could change your system of belief about the causes of any disease...?

Your whole life would change seemingly over night. For example; We are all taught since the cradle that as we age- our looks become older looking, & everything internal goes thru a biologic breakdown. yet I know a few folks that are twice my age but they look only half as old as I am and they have lived on junk-food since early childhood. Most of us today could never get away with that.

Whats the secret? Most of those folks that look only half their age dont believe the same things that most of us do...

So' If we Change the way we "think" or "believe, then eventually everything we see or experience will change to align with our new thoughts according to our new belief system. If you need help in changing your negative thought patterns- I suggest you visit my site;

"Head-Plug" listed as; For a life altering change with hardly any effort on your part

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Un-seen Substances...?

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Unseen Substance...?

Is Perhaps one of my most favorite subjects in regards to "quantum physics.
Take for the most simple of properties such as "wind. We cannot see the
wind but we can see the "after-math of the wind.

We cannot see; "sub-atomic particle" unless we are viewing it from an
electron microscope- yet we inhale these particles every day- even in our
sleep. We now know that "sub-atomic particles are pure (living energy).
Many air-born disease's cannot be detected until it's way too late to

cushion or repair the damage like "anthrax. Did you know that a "cold"
could only be passed on from person to person- or "animal to person in some
rare cases where "flu virus's" are often air-born...?

Virus's are also driven by the same energy source that we cannot see
without electron microscopes. The translated term for "virus, only means;
"your guess is as good as mine- so any time the doctor tells you; "You have
a virus, He/she is saying; "your guess is good as mine. Some would attest

that the virus is a "radical cell- which seemingly act as though it "can
think for itself. "So much for the crash-course in bio-physics.
The New testament scriptures explain that "faith is evidence of substances
hoped for yet, un-seen". But what I attest is what they meant to say is;
"faith is only evidence" of unseen substance. There is quite a marginal

difference between faith & hope of "The unseen... "here is the curve-ball;
Every "solid mass & "non-solid are made-up of (atoms) with atoms being the
smallest unit of measure- however, when we break down the single atom, we
discover "smaller atoms that are called "quarks- but these quarks are also
"atoms- much like "seeds within the single seed or "cells within the single cell.

Rocks, metal, wood, grass, flowers, people, animals & insects which
include "Earth, air, fire & water are all comprised of "atoms" or as some
would say "pure energy. Other scientist would say that the "atoms are only
what holds the physical-forms together. This brings up another old can of
worms, which is; "How does the form know" to grow as grass or a flower?

Thats like someone asking you' How did you know to be born as male or
"female? "Knowing way in advance would be nice- but "The knowing" has no
bearing on us even being born as human or plant. Do thunder storms plan
ahead on when & where to strike? Do tornadoes sit down & plan their attacks
on a "clip-board & legal pad before their attack?

Planning ahead is not
Mother-natures way of conducting wrathful business. We are all family- from
the "unseen to the largest of mammal & there will always be wars & rumor
thereof even when you, I & our future ancestors all cross over into the
great "summer Lands from wince we all will eventually one day return.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Real Powers Behind Belief

The Real Powers Of Belief
And, what about "subliminal influences?"

Just to make a long story short; Every believer & "non-believer in regards to
subliminal influences will always receive what they truly expect out of subliminal

Subliminal content will never help nor assist a (non-believer). The word "faith &
the word (subliminal) are very much related in that the influence of subliminal
content will Only help those who exercise (simple child-like faith) in those
subliminal influences.

Belief, is only a deliberate choice of the observer- much like truth, beauty,
falsehood. Only found within the eyes of (it's) beholder & no where else,
regardless of any kind Of "seen or un-seen evidence that might be applied.
There are millions of people of Today who still denigh that the Holocaust ever
took place regardless of any physical Evidence involved! There are still millions
who denigh that "Jesus" ever existed, Regardless of any seen or "unseen proof
that is available to them today.

There is;
Even people today who insist that the assassination of "John F Kennedy" never took
Place either. They will often call it a "scare tactic used by some mysterious Sub-
Government group called; "The Tri-lateral Commission who are the (real rulers)
of the USA & they will claim that JFK went underground after the (fake) shooting.
Many of these folks can be soaked in the blood of innocents & those people will still De-nigh the evidence that they are soaked in. This is why Im convinced, that "belief Is simply a choice of "free-will & not always based evidence of anything Seen vs,

-"The un-seen. These folks will never experience "miracles or real magick- even
If they are slammed right & left and square in the face with miracle after miracle.
What they (perceive) is not "a miracle. Calling it anything you like- but to them-
Miracles" Do Not Exist. This again tells me that "belief can only be a deliberate
Choice & therefor, I choose to believe in miracles & therefor; also experience
Those miracles.

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I choose to believe in (subliminal applications & therefor, I also Am currently
benefiting from the sub-subliminal apps that I expose myself unto now every day.
You can therefor only benefit from what you "truly" believe in...

You can "never benefit" from what you (DON'T BELIEVE IN). This is why some
folks benefit from "Witchcraft & others benefit from simple child-like faith.
There is no Difference between the craft of the Witch & simple child-like faith.
The powers (BOTH) stem from The very same "single power-source".
Often called; The All in one & ONE IN ALL...!

Halloween has always been my favorite Holiday & now I must be rides my
magick dragon to the mall in order to finish my Shopping... as it is above-
So Also Below,
...So Mote It Be!

Friday, August 20, 2010

News You Can Really Use

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How Your Beliefs Create Reality

Law of Attraction in action
by Psychic; Verbena

There are all kinds of nifty, New Agey catch phrases floating around
relating to the *Law of Attraction* and,

how your beliefs create your reality: "energy flows where attention
goes," "put white light around it," and "perception is reality," to name
a few.

The problem with all of them is that unless you have a real
understanding of how this reality-creating stuff actually works, those
phrases are at best confusing and at worst downright offensive to
"regular" people, who understandably interpret them to mean either that
whatever's happening is all their fault, or that they should just ignore
the terrible things that are happening, do nothing, and pretend
everything is okay when it clearly isn't.

What those phrases, and the fundamental workings of the Law of
Attraction, actually mean is most clearly explained by neuroscience and
quantum physics.

For example, your eyes and the rest of your senses are being bombarded
with gazillions of bits of information every second, and yet your brain
is able to sort through them all and, second by second, present you with
your normal, apparently orderly and predictable day-to-day world.

How? Since you were born, your brain has been receiving instructions
about how to sort these inputs, how to create society's version of what
is normal, everyday "reality" to you as you move through your day.
Parents, grandparents, teachers, friends, enemies, books, TV, religious
teachings, and your own experiences have all contributed to build a
sorting and decision-making process that rests on your beliefs about
what is reality ... and what isn't.

What does this mean? It means that your beliefs create your
expectations, and your expectations not only affect how you interpret
what you see, they affect what you are actually able to see. In other
words, if incoming data doesn't fit into your beliefs, the "reality"
you've structured throughout your life, there's an excellent chance that
the new concept or reality won't even get close enough for you to
recognize and scoff at. If it's too radical, it likely won't even show
up on your radar, having already been sorted into a kind of mental

It also means that what does finally reach you has already been colored
and interpreted by your more personal, individual reality grid. For
example, suppose you have a family history of relationship problems, and
you've personally experienced more than one cheating lover. For you,
reality is that lovers are likely to cheat. And everything you see,
everything that your lover does that registers with you is tainted by
your expectation that they will probably cheat. You could even be
subconsciously attracted to people who are more likely to cheat because
your brain has been programmed to believe that your "reality" must
include that element and sorts your choices accordingly.

This is why many positive thinking programs don't seem to work, or if
they do, they seem to wear off quickly. Unless your new reality, your
more positive thinking, is built from your innermost being, your bedrock
beliefs and expectations, and out into your daily life, new thoughts are
only a thin layer over your fundamental structures, and therefore not
very effective or long-lasting.

Albert Einstein said that "The single most important decision any of us
will ever make is whether or not to believe the Universe is friendly."
This is the key!

Let's apply this idea to the *Gulf oil gusher*
If you believe the Universe is not friendly, and that multinational
corporations are exempt from intervention by miracles, then it's all too
easy to imagine unstoppable mass species extinction, waters
irretrievably polluted globally, increased seismic activity, and
annihilation of what's left of the ocean's abundance.

But if the Universe is friendly, what might happen?

This is where it gets tricky. Because when we humans put our minds to
work on "how" something might happen, we immediately limit the
possibilities. Higher Powers don't have to operate within human reality
constructs. Miracles are events that create solutions in ways that we
couldn't possibly imagine.

So our task, while we send money, make phone calls, write letters, stay
abreast of what's unfolding and even go to the Gulf area to lend a hand,
is to cherish the belief, not only for the good of the Gulf oil
situation, but in our own lives, that the miraculous can and does
happen, that even a disaster of this magnitude can *open the gateway to
real change*


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Many Religions- But, Only One God

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Many Religions- But, Only One God

There are now many branches & sub-branches of Wicca, just like there are many branches of the "Baptist, Methodist, Unitarian, Catholic & all of these branches
have at least one quasi-branch that is considered esoteric or mystical.

Take the Sufi's for example; most folks didn't know that "Sufism is the mystical side of Islam & of course- to every branch there is a branch that is considered
hard-line, brown-nosing fundamentalist.

Every one of these religions from the liberals to all the hard-core fundamentalist have one thing in common; the God/goddess they serve has thousands of names &
every one of those names are just simply "attributes of the one true God...or God/goddess. Even individuals have tons of attributes. One of those is "mother,
another one is father, sister, brother, cousin, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, friend.

As much as all the fundamentalist hate to hear it- we, me, you & they are all connected & related to each-other from the lowest to the highest level of all
consciousness & "YES- there will always be conflicts between every religion- even though we are all related to the very same heavenly creator that we so often,
metamorphicly call "God...:) Even Ozzy Osbourn wrote a top-selling song involving "Only One God & I have included the video to that song below...

The word "God only means; deity" which can be anything that is dead or alive or
anything/anywhere in between. Any (religion) will always eventually lead you to the very same alter found in heaven & within the human heart- this includes religions that buffer dark & sinister type followings. If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact me or just visit for more detail.


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Friday, August 13, 2010

Are You Gifted...?

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Psychically Gifted...?

The word “psychic, only means; “mental” & nothing else-
which means; everyone who has the ability to think &
reason or even outside of reason” is (psychic). If you
have no ability to think @ all- then, you are without
psychic gifts.”it's just all simple math.

Many folks are overly psychic-gifted. What is this
psychic stuff made from anyway?

It’s All basic electrical raw energy...

The air we all breath is soaked & full of this raw stuff.
Your own body is saturated inside & out-side with this
electrical raw substance of which Most quantum physicist
also classify as; (an electrical field of energy.) Most
folks already Know that “energy” cannot be created nor
destroyed. This field of raw energy is also Known by some,
as the “creative matrix” of all solid & non-solid life-forms.
Thoughts are also considered to be “raw energy.”

The level of this energy in every person differ, from one
person to the other. Some have more than others & some have
less. Sick people tend to have less than “healthy people-
but at the same time, In some rare cases, some sick
people may tend to show to have an over-abundance of this
stuff than the average healthy Person. This is still an
unsolved mystery today- yet we have learned that;

"Raw energies”
Can be trained thru deep meditative states. This same raw
energy can also travel outside of your body.

Very comparative to (lazer-rays) of light being launched
thru the use of a projectile apparatus such as A
flash-light or lazer-pointers. Folks that practice “OBE
or out-of body experiences or what most call;

"Astral-projection exercises are considered to be
“projectionist. Can we increase psychic abilities...?
Yes- thru work & practice. Take a close look at the
video below...


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Guilty Or Not...?

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Where Are We Today?

Over 50 yrs ago- according to our “Miranda rights, We are posed to be innocent till (proven guilty?) So, why are “suspected” law breakers still locked up till court-date...? Never mind “ Bail-bonds that often frequent the so called (suspect)...besides, Just where does that bail money go...? Haven’t you-

ever questioned that one...? You will not like the answer. It goes back to the insurance companies that sponsor the “bail-ee” that runs or who (DOESN’T run...!) And guess what?

That money is never returned to the “bail-ee, even if the (bail-ee) is “PROVEN innocent beyond any shadow of doubt in our courts of law. The recent turn-over of convictions took a drastic turn since the science of DNA- but regardless of DNA evidence- The suspect is still ear-marked as (possibly guilty) in the CODIS Data-Base until the day of their death - therefore forcing the (innocent-convicted) in quest to pursue their remaining life in the field of “crime, since no employer will hire them- regardless of any Governors or “Presidential pardon that might be “available!

I did my home-work...”now, do yours! I was ordered to trash any “employment application’s that showed any Federal convictions or even Federal indictments that had received; no convictions from any so-called; “un-proven” crimes.

Im not seeking reprieve for the “guilty...Because DNA evidence only proves who is; “Not Guilty.

I don’t mind being the “Hang-man- But I protest hanging the “innocent due to lack-luster detective work. I would rather be deported back to Ireland where my family roots came from- than to be a U.S. citizen. In the old days, the bad-guys were executed on the spot where they were caught in the act of their crimes.

The cop’s can’t be everywhere at once & locking up the guilty only waste our tax dollars in keeping the guilty “alive till court date- then many convicted were set-up to take the fall for the “real guilty in quest...?

Does This Mean that cop's are the (real) bad-guys...? Of course not...!
They are victims as well..."Just like you & Me...! Being a cop is not a job...It is a "calling...! "What is yours...?

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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Moral Compass?

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Are personal morals born thru (religious experience?) & is "religion"
nessessary in order to delegate moral responcibility on which that
behaviour is based? I know many people who have higher moral standards
than those who profess to be "orthodox Xstian to the public media...

Are you just an act? Or is your moral compass truly pure? Only God & "you
Can ever truly tell. The 1st trick is to convince yourself- second trick
Is much harder; "what are you doing to convince God in these day's...?

Many have asked me in the past; "are you Xstian? I always tell them; The
word (christ) only means "anointed, or (anointed one- & the word;
(christian, only means; "christ-likeness & nothing more & since I will
not die for anyone elses crimes- It is impossible for me to be a "Xtian.
Do your own home-work & you will discover the same answers that I have
found since the early age of (9).

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Science Of Spirit Possession

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Spirit-Based Energy
According To Physics…

Energy in any sense is a “living phenomena”. It cannot be
created- nor destroyed. It can be compressed, stretched &
even “shape-shifted under scientific lab conditions- but,
cannot be destroyed. Energy is everywhere including within
so-called empty space). There is no such thing as “empty
space. Energy is basically electrical in it’s own nature…

Grains of sand for example; are kept in tact by what many
term to be “atomic Glue. Every “non-moving object” is
loaded with “pure raw energy” which helps the non-moving
particles of any solid object to keep & preserve it’s own
Physical form.

Everything & every “non-thing” is comprised of sub-atomic
particles. We are talking about; “living energy. There is
no such thing as; Dead energy… “Perhaps dead transformers-
or dead (synapses) but, energy is Always alive- however,
“memory is also (pure energy) & cannot be destroyed.

So, Where does “memory go to after our physical demise…? It always
Returns to it’s place of origin- so, what are ghost? They are just
simply Living memories that continually run & re-run Much like a
broken record & in rare instances; the ghost Will often reveal
the causation of their physical demise and then cross over,
unless they are considered to Be in a “group 1 category, which
means; their death was so sudden, that they don’t yet realize
they are deceased.

Moreover, whenever they repeat any actions on the other-side, it is
as if they do it for the first time. On the other-side, “time is much
like a warp Alternatively, a repetitive but constant loop.

Much like the famous “Lady who walks the stairs”. Constant re-runs
Until someone helps them to cross over. Is it possible to become
possessed by category 1’s? As far as I know’ (yes, but) permission or;

Mind-bending fear of the target possessed is required.. Since spirits of
The dead are considered ”negative-based energy” & “fear” is also a
Negative based energy- theses two energies naturally feed on each other
So, be careful of what you fear the most. Do you Remember Jobe from the bible?..
“What he feared the most came upon him…? "Why?...It was fear that made it so.


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By; Lonnie Craig/PhD

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

True Magick Defined


Magical Definitions & the Definition of True Magick.

By; Paul Clark
Edited By; Lonnie Craig

The Adept Dion Fortune defined magic as "the art of causing changes in consciousness at will." Another Adept, Paul Case defined the subject as "the art of determining the forms and shapes which shalt be taken in the outer world by the veil of Reality..." And the Fraternity of the Hidden Light defines Magic as "the art of producing desired effects, initiated by changes in consciousness, by directing or aligning with the secret forces of the Cosmos."

One of the first things that is readily apparent from even a casual reading of these definitions is that what the average person thinks of when he hears the word "Magic" bears very little resemblance to what the Initiate of the Western Mystery Tradition means by this term. The effects of the Stage Illusionist or the Black Mass as found in Occult Thrillers bear little relation to the science of inner creation of the Adept.

The word Magic is commonly thought to come from the ancient Persian language and have its origin in the term "Magi" the priestly caste of the Zoroastrian religion. The Three Wise Men in the Epiphany Legend in the Bible were -traditionally Magi. In the 10 grades of initiation in the Western Mysteries, assigned to the Tree of Life, the next to the highest is called "9=2, Magus." The activity assigned to this level is Wisdom, Thus we may infer that Magic is the Science of the Wise. As studied and practiced in the Esoteric Orders it is very similar, in many respects, to a very advanced science of Psychology.

To properly understand how Magic works it is necessary to examine one of the cardinal principles of consciousness postulated by the Arcane Fraternities:
"Causation is always internal."

We continually create ourselves and our world via the images we habitually hold in our consciousness. Never does the world of effects cause us to do or be. Our reactions to these stimuli sometimes may give this impression, but this is an illusion. The more our images are in harmony with the essential reality of the oneness of being the happier we will be. If we are unhappy with our circumstances we need only restructure our inner universe and our outer world will remold itself to fulfill that model.

Our link with the inner universe is through that part of our mind called the Subconscious. This is, in some respects, identical with the Jungian concept of the Collective Unconsciousness. This monograph will not include an in-depth discussion of the awesome powers of the Subconsciousness save to state that it is through the Subconscious mind that we are put in touch with the resources and people necessary to achieve any goal - those who desire further information may find it in the course "The Threshold: a Guide to Initiation". This power is controllable, provided the Subconscious is approached in the right manner.

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes states the Great Work (the Regeneration of Consciousness) is performed "…suavely and with great ingenuity…" Subconsciousness tends to resist demands but will respond readily to hints and suggestions, especially when those suggestions are presented in visual form through symbols.

Such suggestions become especially potent when the symbols presented depict archetypal levels. For example, suggestions to enhance the acquisition of Wisdom will be more effective if the symbol of the "Wise Old Man" is used.

A properly constructed Magic Ceremonial will present a multi-sensory symbol that will provide a potent image to the inner mind.

Ceremonial Initiation (a form of Magic) attunes and adjusts the physical vehicle and its subtle counterparts (including the subconscious) to desired rates of vibratory force. Those corresponding parts of the aspirant's vehicles may be awakened and developed through a process similar to resonance (as with a tuning fork and a piano string).

A thorough knowledge of which symbols correspond to which archetypal energies is a fundamental necessity in order to be able to construct these "Ritualistic suggestions." These symbolic correspondences and their tables of cross-reference are among the more closely guarded secrets of the Initiates of the Esoteric Fraternities. (Although some have been published during this century, many of the attributions given are false, possibly to confuse or sabotage the untrained.)

While it is certainly true that in the more elaborate forms of magical ceremony certain implements, furnishings, etc. are used, none of these outer reminders are indispensable. The experienced practitioner does not depend upon these aides for successful results. While the true magician will develop a love for and will certainly attempt to surround himself with beautiful things - these are not required for the exercise of his art.

The "things" do not have any inherent magical power in and of themselves. This author knew an Adept who worked most of her rituals in her Imagination while lying down in her bed! Moreover, she was consistently successful! Remember, all of the symbols of ritual are designed to reinforce a sharp mental image (or suggestion) of the effect we desire. These images become thought-forms that act as patterns through which the power of the Inner takes form in the outer.

An effective ritual presents a potent suggestion to our consciousness. It forms a thought-form through the utilization of all the senses. Vision is stimulated by symbols; taste by wine, salt and bread, etc.; hearing by the chants; smell by the perfumes and incenses. Potent mental images are evoked in a multitude of ways. A ritual's efficiency depends to a large extent upon the operator's understanding of what (s)he says and does.

A caution is appropriate here for the would-be magician. Many novices (or especially groups of novices) decide to "do ritual" without a firm grounding in theory. They attempt to become experts by reading a few books on the subjects. Just as ritual can provide a strong suggestion for good, an incorrectly constructed or poorly executed ceremonial can be harmful. While it probably just will not work, it might, in some instances, cause definite problems through a bad suggestion. Color and sound are particularly potent for healing or harming. As my friend Robert Wang (author of The Qabalistic Tarot) remarked to me, "Many people think Color and Sound are merely symbolic, but they aren't symbols -- they are actual forces!"

Another warning is appropriate. The force invoked by Magic is neutral. It may be used for good or for antisocial behavior. Initiates realize that misuse of these potencies carries a horrible price. The excuse that the ends justify the means is a trap, which leads to "the Left Hand Path." When we remember that the personal vehicle of the Magician is the amplifier of these forces, we understand how "the left-hand path" also called "black magic" leads surely to a physical and psychological deterioration of the false Magician.

Some people object to the use of a fixed pattern and find it distasteful in relation to their efforts of spiritual unfoldment. Moreover, it is true that unless we have a firm idea of why we are doing each step, the practice becomes an act of simple superstition.

Another objection voiced is that by using ritualistic magic we are over complicating matters. Some say why not just meditate and "affirm" our intention.

While we would not discount the importance of either the practice of meditation or affirmation, we should realize that few people are good visualizers, or can express themselves adequately in verbal form to make the necessary impression upon the inner consciousness. When we make a symbolic gesture, we tell our subconsciousness what would take pages to put into words. Paul Case once wrote that when a magician performs a ritual "...he makes a mental pattern which is like a painting in full color, whereas visualization or spoken words is like a pencil sketch."

Let us "build" an example magical ritual and apply our previously discussed theory.

The first point to examine is known as "The Intention" of the rite. It is the purpose of the ceremony. Most failures occur because the goal of the endeavor is not clearly formulated. When we do not know where we are going, we should not be surprised if we do not get there. The intention is the key, because it guides all decisions In the following points. The entire ritual is built around this central core.

In our example, we choose for our intention the attainment of increased spiritual awareness. By referring to a set of "tables of correspondences" (we will use those published by Dion Fortune in her Mystical Qabalah) we find that this goal is governed by the activities of the sixth Sephirah --Tiphareth or Beauty.

Thus, we may proceed to compose a ritual using Tiphareth's correspondences. Our temple and altar, therefore, will be draped in yellow and golden colors. The number six should be featured, perhaps in the knocks, circumambulations, or the number of candles. Our incense would be olibanum, frankincense or cinnamon, the incenses of Tiphareth and the Sun. We would wear yellow robes and upon our breast we would display a golden (or gold colored) six-sided lamen, bearing the symbol of the Sun. This should give the average aspirant an idea of how to use the correspondence tables.

We would start our ceremony by meditating on our goal and by reading inspirational writings on its theme. We would look at the appropriate Tarot Key (in this case Key 14, Temperance, assigned to Knowledge and Conversation of our Holy Guardian Angel).

A purificatory bath, using water and a little salt is traditional. Our intent should be to cleanse our mind as well our body as in preparation for our ritual. We then don clean clothes, and then our robe, remembering why we are doing it! Every act should be done with remembrance of our Intention.

Entering our Temple (or whatever prepared place we are using), we should state our intention aloud. The following formula is an example; "I will apply all my powers to align myself with the Divine powers of the Cosmos to achieve the following aim: To gain further awareness of my Spiritual Nature, and I hereby perform this Ceremony to this end." Other words may be used, but it is important to state it clearly and in an audible voice.

We now proceed with the "preparation of the place." By this, we mean to symbolically cleanse and seal the Temple. By doing this, we are mirroring an inner process. This is a cardinal principle of Ritual: all outer actions represent an inner process. In this case, we are concentrating and purifying our inner consciousness in preparation for the work ahead. We should walk around the perimeter of our working space first with Water, sprinkling towards the East, then South, West, and finally north, with the intention of cleansing the "atmosphere" of the place. Next, we cense, with the incense, in the same manner for the purpose of consecration (making sacred) the area. It is important, that in both of these activities to complete the circle of the place. What we mean by this is simply to finish where you started, in the East, so that we will have walked a complete circle in each of these operations.

With this preparation having been accomplished, we now turn to the Invocation. The Invocation is a prayer of petition, calling down the particular aspect of power corresponding to our intention. In our example, we would feature the Divine Name, Tetragrammaton Eloah Va Daath. The technicalities of how to properly intone these Names has never been published outside the Orders and we may not discuss it in this paper, save to say that it is part of the training given to Initiates of the Fraternity of the Hidden Light.

The effect of the Invocation should be to so exalt the consciousness of the Magician and "enflame with prayer, as Abra-Melin (a semi-legendary Adept) says, that his concentration will become one pointed, making a doorway between the Inner and Outer worlds.

At this point, we would visualize the Magical Image of Tiphareth, which is a small child with arms outstretched, vividly standing before us. This image acts as what it technically known in the Mysteries as a Telesmatic Image (similar to an energy converter). Here we wait. If we have done our job well, a potent suggestion will be made. Even if no immediately apparent effect is consciously produced the ritual will have done its work which will manifest later in our dally life. We should not be content to perform this ceremony only once. If we repeat it on a regular basis more dramatic, results will occur. We may arrive at the climax of the ceremony many times, with no obvious results until, one day, poised between the worlds, we will experience the descent of the influx of the power. Then we will look at "spiritual awareness" from an entirely different viewpoint. WE WILL KNOW! We will speak as one who is in authority, for we will have, for possibly only a split second in eternity, become SPIRITUAL AWARENESS! From that point on we will not need to read or be taught about the subject -- for we will have found the ONE TRUE TEACHER.

After we have finished with this part of the ceremony an act of "thanksgiving" and intentionally releasing the energies is necessary. This frees the currents to return to their normal functions. To expand the consciousness in the Temple is one thing. To attempt to drive down the freeway in a busy city In this condition Is quite another. To forget this point will, at the very least cause you to have trouble falling asleep.

In addition, for the energies to do the greatest good they must be "earthed", this means worked into the densest of our vehicles -- the physical body. The practice of eating following the ceremony and of going through a series of exercises to tense and relax the muscles in order to integrate the effects of the ceremony is important.

Then we should sit down and write a record of our experiment. Just as exoteric scientists keep careful journals of their work so should we, as esoteric scientists, follow this practice. By doing this immediately following the ritual, we may catch many insights that, like dreams, will rapidly fade with the passage of time.

In the end, our awareness of the magical nature of all Life becomes enhanced. We see and understand the Dance of Creation, Preservation, Transformation, and Resurrection that goes on around and through us. Then we will experience continually the miracle of Being --- The Magic of the Moment.

© 1986, 1996, 2001. By; Paul A. Clark


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