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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Moral Compass?

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Are personal morals born thru (religious experience?) & is "religion"
nessessary in order to delegate moral responcibility on which that
behaviour is based? I know many people who have higher moral standards
than those who profess to be "orthodox Xstian to the public media...

Are you just an act? Or is your moral compass truly pure? Only God & "you
Can ever truly tell. The 1st trick is to convince yourself- second trick
Is much harder; "what are you doing to convince God in these day's...?

Many have asked me in the past; "are you Xstian? I always tell them; The
word (christ) only means "anointed, or (anointed one- & the word;
(christian, only means; "christ-likeness & nothing more & since I will
not die for anyone elses crimes- It is impossible for me to be a "Xtian.
Do your own home-work & you will discover the same answers that I have
found since the early age of (9).

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