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Friday, July 1, 2011

What Are "Ghost's?

Proof Is In The Pudding;

From a "scientific point of view" They are only "holograms or as some say; (memory-shadows). But what is (memory?) According to physics; "memory- is pure energy- or (raw-energy impulses) left behind by the demised is question- yet all of these compilations are simply (theory). Yet "everything, is a theory until it is proven as an "absolute".

The theory of Einsteins E2=MC Square was "proven correct- therefore invalidating that theory as only a (theory.) You & I were only "theory" until the day of our physical birth. Everything human and non-human will all one day become (demised) due to decay thru time & abuse- but the (energy) which drove that "physical-mass cannot be distroyed.

It cannot be created in a lab- however, it can be stretched, compressed or (re-directed) But, energy cannot be created nor distroyed. So, where does that energy go after our physical-dimise? "Heaven & Hell are still only (theory) as of this day. "What about "Nirvana or The "Great summer-land? "Still only theory until PROVEN; as an absolute. My 9 minute clinical-death in 1974 proved to be most comforting to me. During those "9" minutes- which seemed more like (9 hrs) I toured Heaven- Hell & the Great Summer-lands + "the emerald-caves and "Nirvana as well. The one thing I remember very well is that in all of those places; there was no pain, no suffering & no tears of grief or regret..."but, again; All of those experiences are only (theory) to the ears & eyes of those who havent gone thru the experience...(yet)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

No Time For "TIME

No Time For "TIME"

Time- is only an "illusion.

An (idea) created by man where-by man could place a measurement on his sence of "experiences." Be they for "business, "pleasure..."or (other). If we take away every one of his clocks, calenders & anything else by which he measures time from' "time" would only become an eternal (NOW) with no end & no beginning. "People divide night & day between a (24 hour period...yet, that 24 hr period is a "man-made" delusion.

When it is night here- it is (day-lite) on the opposite side of our globe & the transition-times are posted as (24 hour segments) that seperation of light from darkness is only as a "universal man-made idea". Once we come to reconize "time, as a (man-made invention)- we will no longer "feel so rushed with our everyday activities- so, relax. You have all the time you want- "according to your own idea's". Time is only (man-made) & "so Are YOU...:)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good & Evil



It is often said in regards to "belief in God- that "if you believe in the one, then you have no choice but to believe in the "other".

The logic behind this is; Everything has its own "opposite. There can be "no possitive without an equal "negative. The yin of yang cannot be "seperated- for without "the one- the "other could not survive. No such thing as a coin with one side. no such thing as a stick with only one end. No such thing as a leaf with only one edge. One side may well be stronger, yet without the "weaker-side, the stronger side has nothing to rule over. The strong side would only eventually wither or come to a "stale-mate.

The darkness only (appears) to vanish when the light is present- yet, the darknesss is still there- but "the light simply blinds our eyes from the sight of the darkness which is still present- but now, (only invisible). No one can see "good or "evil because (both) are simply "spirit. We can only see the good & evil which is incarnate in both "man & beast". The darkness will always be there "regardless" of how bright the "out-side light appears to be. We all have a choice to let the light shine or just let the darkness rule. There shall however always be 'consequence, regardless of the good or evil we choose to conduct. We all know that "goodness is not always well regarded, and "evil is not always caught or punished. How do we fix this? "Not everything can be fixed or repaired. Not even God can fix or replace everything which is broke. For you see; In the devils world- even "the Devil can sometime get lucky

Monday, June 27, 2011

Who Is The "Accuser?

"The True "Occult"

The word "occult, simply means; (hidden) or "secret. Most often used in medical schools & hospitals including groups that often classify themselves as "hidden" or "secret sociaties- yet when those very same groups "advertise themselves" as a (secret sociaty) That group is "hardly-hidden". When The word (Occult) in this frame-work is used at all, it is for the soul purpose of "recruiting new members. "Nothing is truly hidden off the surface of (itself).

These very same "sociaties) often have prided themselves of their so-called "hidden'ness". In the good ol-days of 1941 on up; The "occult" was " an un-organized" group of radical (wizards) and "visonaries that fought against the "New-age republic idea of (RELIGION). Bottom-line is' GOD & Jesus, were never & have never been "religion idealist.

The "real & true historical Jesus taught (reincarnation) just like all of his ancestor-sanhedrin Jews did prior to himself, where his one "true enemy; "Constantine The Great of "Constantanople Italy" gave birth to "radical Christianized ideas of what we all are "willing & un-willing subjects now to the "Mother church; "Catholisism + new-age christianity of today. The true historical Jesus was labeled as a "heritic & radical (SATAN) to the "Orthodox church" of his time. The word "Satan" simply means; "The Accusor, or (opposition)..."which one are you...?

Where Do We Go From Here?

Where Are We All Going?

Most "radical religions, teach "either Heaven or Hell. I have already (PROVEN) thru reverse-logic as to why the tree's of "Life & Knowledge, could not have EVER existed, since "God holds the power of "Life, "Knowledge & "ressurection- without the use of those 2 "trees in quest- Where do we go after our demise...? According to many prophets; our spirit- or "energy" return unto God who gave it in the 1st place- but

"where to from here...? (simple)... right back to square one.

Just to make it all simple; "Your great-grandkid or even "grand-child" could be your future (FATHER) or "future Grand-father. "Think in terms of "Genetic-memory. This also would explain a lot of the "dejavue thats been happening since prior to "1611'... "You could have been my grand-kid from prior to 1412. "you might even be my expired x-spouse from 900+ yrs ago.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Two Trees- "With No Proof

Two Trees...
With No Proof

Since God has always "created life- and even snuff it out "indescrimently. "Since God has the power to "impute wisdom & knowledge in the "living as well as the "non-living. And since God can read any mind, any heart even prior to the minds inception of an idea...or plan. Since, God even holds the power of "ressurrestion?- why did God plant "forbidden fruit at all since God already knew what choice Adam & Eve would eventually make? What good is any (tree of knowledge) when God can implant or impute "knowledge" even within a (rock) if God chose to do so...?

Without those "two trees- the New Testament would never have existed. Without those (two trees) The Old Testament would have never been written. Without the written law, "grace would have never been needed. Where there is "no sin" there can be no condemnation of it? The tree of "knowledge, of good & evil invented the "consciousness of right & wrong according to the "law-makers" which in turn only gave birth to a "false democratic society which we all live under today. I attest that those two trees never existed at all, but were "fabricated by transcribers who were under heavy duress of "the religious law-makers to do so.