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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good & Evil



It is often said in regards to "belief in God- that "if you believe in the one, then you have no choice but to believe in the "other".

The logic behind this is; Everything has its own "opposite. There can be "no possitive without an equal "negative. The yin of yang cannot be "seperated- for without "the one- the "other could not survive. No such thing as a coin with one side. no such thing as a stick with only one end. No such thing as a leaf with only one edge. One side may well be stronger, yet without the "weaker-side, the stronger side has nothing to rule over. The strong side would only eventually wither or come to a "stale-mate.

The darkness only (appears) to vanish when the light is present- yet, the darknesss is still there- but "the light simply blinds our eyes from the sight of the darkness which is still present- but now, (only invisible). No one can see "good or "evil because (both) are simply "spirit. We can only see the good & evil which is incarnate in both "man & beast". The darkness will always be there "regardless" of how bright the "out-side light appears to be. We all have a choice to let the light shine or just let the darkness rule. There shall however always be 'consequence, regardless of the good or evil we choose to conduct. We all know that "goodness is not always well regarded, and "evil is not always caught or punished. How do we fix this? "Not everything can be fixed or repaired. Not even God can fix or replace everything which is broke. For you see; In the devils world- even "the Devil can sometime get lucky