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Monday, June 27, 2011

Where Do We Go From Here?

Where Are We All Going?

Most "radical religions, teach "either Heaven or Hell. I have already (PROVEN) thru reverse-logic as to why the tree's of "Life & Knowledge, could not have EVER existed, since "God holds the power of "Life, "Knowledge & "ressurection- without the use of those 2 "trees in quest- Where do we go after our demise...? According to many prophets; our spirit- or "energy" return unto God who gave it in the 1st place- but

"where to from here...? (simple)... right back to square one.

Just to make it all simple; "Your great-grandkid or even "grand-child" could be your future (FATHER) or "future Grand-father. "Think in terms of "Genetic-memory. This also would explain a lot of the "dejavue thats been happening since prior to "1611'... "You could have been my grand-kid from prior to 1412. "you might even be my expired x-spouse from 900+ yrs ago.