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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Downsides Of Truth

Downside to Truth...

Tis often said; (The Truth) shall set you free...
"But" just what is it that (truth) is supposed to
set you free "unto"?- or what is it that "truth"
allows you to be free from? Why is it that the
common people do not realize that there are more
(truth's) that can get you killed- or even get
your family killed. There are even truth's that
can get you arrested only because you offered it
to the wrong person...

I know of (falshoods) that have in turn; "saved
lives" & kept someone from committing suicide.
I know of "lies" that drove the "guilty" into
confession of their crimes- so "even lies" many
times prove to have a good upside- where "truth"
also has an equal (down-side) just as well...

Just how important is truth anyway...? It's only
important to those who demand it- but, sometimes
even then, when they find their truth- most often
than not, the one who demanded it did not like
the truth, which they found. So, be real sure that
you need to have that truth of what you seek. I
know of (truth's) that ended in the execution of
the persons who held it. Always ask yourself; what
will I gain from the truth that I seek? And do I
really need to know the truth in question- or,
can I live longer "without it?"

Just keep in mind; "there are always two sides
to the same coin. There are always two
Sides of one single leaf. Always two ends of the
very same stick. Truth can have more than
one side- yet (falshoods can also have just as
many...) As of this date & time, there are over
(17) English translations of the King James
Bible & more than half of them contradict
eachother in their translations. The (KJV) went
thru over 300 retranslations between 1609 thru
1841..."which one would you keep if you were
forced to choose only one & then forced to burn
the others...? Personally- I prefere the
gnostic based versions only because they make
concrete & absolute sense + the gnostic
transcripts show to be over 300 years older
than our current space-age mozoric text...

Would a loving God hold you responcible for
what you were raised or "forced" to believe?
I would never hold my kids' responcible for
following after brainwashed doctrins & I cant
see God acting any different- unless God is a
vindictive vampire who is jelious of his/her own


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Gnostic Truth...

Wisdom of the Vampire;

Over the last 2,012 years- Iv met an un-numbered amount of people who have been waiting for the return of their long awaited "saviour"…Even his own followers thought that he would return within their own life-times- but, why should he return at all after the way his own friends treated him during his public trial…?

Since his trial was considered (a community religious issue)- the Governor washed his hands publicly & told the religious leaders to do what they must with him.

I can see your saviour laugh behind all the eyes of the hopefull that continue in hope of his return. If I were him- I would have promised to return & then never come back. He was a good man who had a genious insight into human nature. This very same man taught that; "there is nothing hid"- that will not one day be known…"why?) Only because he knew that (truth) has a "lifeforce" all by itself…

The Jesus I remember was "gnostic" & never walked on water- never mind the fact that Cris Angel did & according to the press, the onlookers who swam under him to try & uncover what he stepped on…"couldn’t find the stepping stones". The gnostic Jesus never turned water into wine- but I did see "magician Harry Blackstone turn water into wine in front of a camara. The gnostic Jesus never raised the dead- but I have witnessed Voo-Doo priest in Haiti resurrect the dead who were (dead) for at least (3) days- thanks to the entrails of "blow-fish"…

According to the oldest gospel of;
St.Thomas- The resurrection of Jesus was only a vision- yet I have seen Cris Angel levitate in mid air while on-lookers walked under him which was a trick he learned in India according to the reporters I spoke with. This makes me wonder- how many of these tricks were well known prior to the year 33ce. Iv recently discovered that (ALL) of them were very well known among all the top seasoned illusionist in India & Egypt 1000's of years prior to "Jesus"…

The gnostic Jesus taught "transmigration" which is just another form of reincarnation among Hasidic & Cabala Jews. The Emperior Constentine invented the Newage Jesus in the early 1400's as a political ploy that united "religion & state" government so (both) could benefit…

Where Do We Go From Here…?
We simply go back to formula- or "square one". Nothing new here since prior to Adam & Eve.

What do we do with the (pious?)
Let them live in their false hope & dreams of "castles floting in the air" as long as they don’t (dog) those of us who "know" that floating castles in heaven is just a pleasant dream for the (self-rightious) & "pious". The gnostic Jesus taught that (HELL) is nothing more than "human experience"…

I often had wondered why Constantein expunged that from the "Holy Canon…?

Think about this;

If everyone knew that they always return after their physical demise-
How many crimes would they commit in a (zillion life-times…?)

Now you know why Constantine advocated the "New-age Jesus" that came to lite during the years(1400-1600")…The world would be so full of more "Charles Manson's" than our current law enforcment agents could ever keep up with…"simple math."… Just remember; God Still Loves You…