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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Hauntings



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The Haunting’s;

Iv had been a ghost-chaser since I was 9 or 10. Even participated in (Necromancy rituals)- which involve In some cases where we invoke the departed spirit to return to it’s original “departed body”. In some rituals- The invocation involves having evil-spirits enter the departed body & even in some cases; invoke evil spirits
To enter the body of a (living target) for vengeful reasons. Formal necromancy involves (4) High Priests.

They often belong to 4 separate covens. It can be quite dangerous due to demonic possession of the subject Or the “priest who are doing the “invocation.”. Iv since then learned that there are safer ways thru revenge Without invoking the dead or conjuration of evil entities. In “necromancy” there is no such thing as a (Protective circle) which is most popular in the “Wicca tradition.”. In necromancy- you can draw all the Protective circles you like prior to invocation.

They will do you no good & Iv since then discovered that “crucifix’s serve no purpose to the (fearful.) Several years ago, my Cabala-Rabbi shared a crude story I found most contemplative & most interesting. The story was about a Priest who was called upon to do an exorcism of a young child who apparently became possessed by a Vampire-spirit. As the priest began the exorcism while holding the crucifix- the vampire appeared in front of the priest from what appeared to be a cloud of smoke. The vampire laughed at him & said; “Boy- did you ever pick the wrong vampire!?

The vampire-ghost took the crucifix from the priest & placed it lovingly around his own neck with a grim smile…the crucifix Melted on the chest of the vampire. The priest died on the spot due to heart failure brought on by shock. I understand that “Anton Lavey” who served as High priest to the Satanic Church mentioned part of the story in one of his best sellers.

The bottom-line lesson here is very simple; “without blind faith” in your (tools)…”You Have No Tools!”


Monday, February 1, 2010

मोसेस देसिवेद...?


How To Become A Vampire


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Moses Deceived;(?)

According to the teachings of Moses- in the Mid-rash Raba, & the (Talmud) He taught that Angels & demons have “no free will”. Since Moses was “human- what are the chances that he was wrong? Did you already know that the term; (poltergeist) is German for; “very angry ghost?”

How can a (mindless) demon or Angel be angry at all “Without a FREE WILL?’

From what I’m sensing- “many earth-bound spirits” are afraid to go on to the (light). Afraid of being sent to an eternal burning hell of which they most likely were indoctrinated into from an early age. This would explain many past documented haunting’s of which we have today. The war between the sons/daughters of light & darkness would be impossible “unless” both DO have (free-will.)

This war has been raging since prior to mankind… “Both” appear to have a bend towards “possession” of (physical bodies & mind’s)- So, what is their desired out-come? On a biologic-like scale- it’s like white-cells verses “infected cells.” As mind bending as this is; It would explain a lot… to me. So, what are (demons?) Whatever they are- they are “predators” that desire (physical shell’s)…just like the Angels who battle them “every day” 24/hr 7.

Here is what I have concluded; we often hear about “demon” or (Angelic influence)?. Neither one can have any kind of “influence” unless (both) really have the power of choice. Where does the power of devils & demons come from? They feed & grow upon (fear). …”Fear gives them permissive authority!” however- Angelic influence is based upon (love). Our fear or/&love give these angel/spirit-beings (authority) to exercise their own will upon our lives.

Your faith/or fear of them delegate any positive or negative out-come’s within your own life.

Angels are much like (protective pets) & parents.…they cannot always protect us. In some cases, we have no choice, except to (fight!)…unto the end!”