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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Brain-wave Magick

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Brain-Wave States;
By LW Craig/PhD.

State Brain Wave Frequency Associated With
Beta 14 � 21 cycles per second (cps) and higher Waking State, the five senses. Perception of Time and Space
Alpha 7 � 14 cps Light sleep, meditation, intuition. No Time & Space limitation.
Theta 4 � 7 cps Deeper Sleep, Meditation.
Delta 0 � 4 cps Deep Sleep. You are unconscious at Delta.

There are many benefits of �going to the Alpha level� or meditating.

Jose Silva found that people who can remain in the Alpha level while analyzing information have access to more information than those who remain in Beta to do their thinking. Surges of intuition, creative ideas and inspirational thoughts come to people while at this Alpha level.

Going to Alpha is also good for programming your mind. At the Alpha level you can learn to overcome all kinds of problems, such as insomnia, tension and migraine headaches, bad habits, and much more. You can also program your mind to help you achieve your goals and help in makeing your dreams come true by constant exposure just to the sound-waves themselves & focusing on your desired out-come as "if" what you desire is already a "reality.

Tons of free "brain-wave downloadables can be found @ as well as from Iv also set-up a (free brain-wave) tool you can download to experiment with. No signup or sign-in required...