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Saturday, May 28, 2011

What Do You Seek?

What Do We Seek?

I have discovered "three things, that God cannot fix nor repair; "self-pity, regret, & "over-indulgment. God can forgive such- but "forgiveness does not fix nor repair the problem. Only those who are "victims of these self-abuse's can heal themselves. We can always "sedate the sufferers- but "sedation can never heal or fix the problems either. We can always pity the "pity-filled, but alas; that will never repair the problems either. Support groups for such are much like the common churches of today. They have simply all become country-clubs for folks that are "like-wise minded as those who lead them. I dont see the world ending in 2012 or anyother time-

Yet, I do detect a "major change in global consciousness taking place which will eventually redefine every church & every support group you can think of. "So what is the fix...? It highly depends on what you believe & belief is based upon choice- not so much upon "evidence because not all belief's require "evidence. For example;

"Do you believe the bible to be true? If you believe so- where is the evidence required in order for you to believe? Is it based upon books, films, documentaries, preachers, self-proclaimed prophets & such? These are not solid evidence. These are all called "circumstancial evidence- "not solid evidence. If you believe souly upon the circumstancial alone, this is proof positive that (solid-evidence) was never needed in order to gain your "belief. Another term for belief is called; "blind-trust. How blind are we? How blind do we "choose to be? The choice is ours. "Others will always see what we at times "cannot see nor grasp- until we have become like the "like-minded in question...

"Faith, is just another term for "blind-belief

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Secrets Of Spirit Magick


Secrets Of Spirit Magick?

The Cost?"
Its Free, from me, yet many others will charge you for it. Lets just call this; "Magick 101". Crystal-balls, candles, tarot-cards and such are simply tools for; (FOCUS) momentum-tool's or "enhansments". Yet (Focus) is your greatest & primary tool. Lets just call these tools;"the 1st reality. 1st reality is; "Useless if you dont believe in the tool to begin with. "Rituals are also simply tools for (focus) of what you wish to transpire within your life. A "bible" for example, or ANY "bible is simply a (tool). A "Priest or Pastor" is also a tool to enhance "your focus". If the priest or Pastor dont believe in your cause..."guess what?

They will trip you any way they can in order to gain your following regardless of your desired out-comes & often use "fear of damnation from sin, to heard you into their own path or directions according to their own desire & wishes for you- regardless of your own personal out-comes or "so-called; selfish desire on your part. Do you really think that "God really cares weather the guilty or innocent lives or dies? God already knows that we are just a shadow of our past-life & we will all continue to return again & again "until we tire of all our own personal "Pleasure-seeking & at that point, we will seek the face of God & ask; "now what? & what direction should I go from here?

It is then that "God will take notice & answer your (life-long) quest. All My kids are over 30 yrs of age- yet Im 56 & continue to still make "mistakes. I just gave away the key-secret that has been guarded by all the "mystery schools" since the times of all the Egyptian Kings & court-appointed "Sorcerers! "What are all the elders going to do with me now? "Crucify me?..."be my guest...:) I'll drive the 1st nail...:) And Now you know why God often ignores the cry of the guiltless & innocent..."you & I are simply reruns from our own past...:)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Power Of "Belief


The Power Of Belief;

Regardless of what "religious pull" that you were raised under- "unless you believe in the working powers within it, then anyone who claim themselves as "followers thereof, are just spinning their wheels. Are you christian? Muslem, Jewish?..."Wiccan? " or other? "Because if you dont believe in the heavenly authorities that rule over those belief systems- then; "you are a watcher or observer within your religious community. Christian-based faith will not work for an "un-beliving" christian.

"In the same light; If you claim to be a "Witch- or "other, and yet have "no faith in the powers that rule within it- then once again; "you are a watcher & your "unbelief is always well rewarded. christian-based faith will never work for an "unbeliever- regardless of how well & popular their name is on the "membership roster. If you believe in "nothing" then your (negative-based belief) will always be well rewarded...

Is it wrong to be "christian or... (other?) "Only if you become either one for the wrong reasons- So, it is then your "intentions" that truly matter. If "God wants for you to believe- then, "God or "goddess will give you reasons to do so. If you believe in only (yourself & your efforts alone) then God will move heaven & high-water to insure your "belief or the lack thereof... "Dont you just love simple equasions...? Bottom-line is all the same; those who would (expect) anything from "God or "goddess must first believe that "God/goddess...or "other" is & is the rewarder of those who with dilligents seek "Gods/goddess's will regardless of your "religious-based memberships. What if you believe in all the Gods & "goddess'es?

What would that classify you as? "That would all depend on whom you ask. Some folks would call you crazy- some folks would just call you a "wizard. "God will let you know without the assistance of preachers, prophets, or holy books or a "burning-bush to to read it by- "otherwise, God would not be "God at all- but just another god that was carved into common stone by "common man...