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Saturday, May 28, 2011

What Do You Seek?

What Do We Seek?

I have discovered "three things, that God cannot fix nor repair; "self-pity, regret, & "over-indulgment. God can forgive such- but "forgiveness does not fix nor repair the problem. Only those who are "victims of these self-abuse's can heal themselves. We can always "sedate the sufferers- but "sedation can never heal or fix the problems either. We can always pity the "pity-filled, but alas; that will never repair the problems either. Support groups for such are much like the common churches of today. They have simply all become country-clubs for folks that are "like-wise minded as those who lead them. I dont see the world ending in 2012 or anyother time-

Yet, I do detect a "major change in global consciousness taking place which will eventually redefine every church & every support group you can think of. "So what is the fix...? It highly depends on what you believe & belief is based upon choice- not so much upon "evidence because not all belief's require "evidence. For example;

"Do you believe the bible to be true? If you believe so- where is the evidence required in order for you to believe? Is it based upon books, films, documentaries, preachers, self-proclaimed prophets & such? These are not solid evidence. These are all called "circumstancial evidence- "not solid evidence. If you believe souly upon the circumstancial alone, this is proof positive that (solid-evidence) was never needed in order to gain your "belief. Another term for belief is called; "blind-trust. How blind are we? How blind do we "choose to be? The choice is ours. "Others will always see what we at times "cannot see nor grasp- until we have become like the "like-minded in question...

"Faith, is just another term for "blind-belief