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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Power Of "Belief


The Power Of Belief;

Regardless of what "religious pull" that you were raised under- "unless you believe in the working powers within it, then anyone who claim themselves as "followers thereof, are just spinning their wheels. Are you christian? Muslem, Jewish?..."Wiccan? " or other? "Because if you dont believe in the heavenly authorities that rule over those belief systems- then; "you are a watcher or observer within your religious community. Christian-based faith will not work for an "un-beliving" christian.

"In the same light; If you claim to be a "Witch- or "other, and yet have "no faith in the powers that rule within it- then once again; "you are a watcher & your "unbelief is always well rewarded. christian-based faith will never work for an "unbeliever- regardless of how well & popular their name is on the "membership roster. If you believe in "nothing" then your (negative-based belief) will always be well rewarded...

Is it wrong to be "christian or... (other?) "Only if you become either one for the wrong reasons- So, it is then your "intentions" that truly matter. If "God wants for you to believe- then, "God or "goddess will give you reasons to do so. If you believe in only (yourself & your efforts alone) then God will move heaven & high-water to insure your "belief or the lack thereof... "Dont you just love simple equasions...? Bottom-line is all the same; those who would (expect) anything from "God or "goddess must first believe that "God/goddess...or "other" is & is the rewarder of those who with dilligents seek "Gods/goddess's will regardless of your "religious-based memberships. What if you believe in all the Gods & "goddess'es?

What would that classify you as? "That would all depend on whom you ask. Some folks would call you crazy- some folks would just call you a "wizard. "God will let you know without the assistance of preachers, prophets, or holy books or a "burning-bush to to read it by- "otherwise, God would not be "God at all- but just another god that was carved into common stone by "common man...