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Saturday, May 21, 2011



Science Behind Subliminal Mind-mapping;

"Continual Exposure, is the key to success when using "subliminal mind-mapping. The more you expose yourself to (any) given "idea, plan, or "religious ideology- the more you will become intimately connected & eventually become a part of that exposure. Your sense of "conscience is based upon the exposure of parents,guardians & friends pounding you with what you (NEED) in order to "succeed and/or just to get along with the world around you.

Some folks use "scare tactics just to keep their kids under the parent/guardian leadership. I dont suppose we need to go into "abusive parents who use "out-of-context scripture to justify their abuse- which is also a very sensitive subject to all the victims of such abuse...

The bare-bottom line here is very simple; If you want to escape your current conditioning & escape any given circumstance- then you 1st need to re-map your mind thru constant exposure to those conditions that you desire most for yourself. Iv studied "subliminal sciences off & on for well over 25 yrs & discovered that the most "successful subliminal mind-mapping available, in any form is any recording (in your own voice) in a gentle whisper which suggest to you- or "command that you, or/and your body improve to the degree you desire to eventually see & start "living as such according to your own desire & wishes.

It takes an average of 27-29 days to "adopt any habit you choose to become embedded & active in your life. Do you have a recorder? what about ear-pods? Simply put together a word program of what you desire your body & mind to focus upon. Record it in your own gentle voice-whisper & then listen to it as you fall off to sleep. "I promise- you will begin to see positive results within the first 21-27 days. I have thousands of (scrips) available for every single cause. They are free upon request. write me with your detail at;