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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

From "Nothingness- To "Something

From "Nothingness to "solid mass

The word "nothingness is only a (personal view-point perception) of "they who view
the "nothingness in question. Is empty-space really "void...?

Not according to physics- because, the empty space in quesion is jammed-packed with
"atomic particles which are the building-blocks to all "potential solids. Amino-acid, for
example is the building blocks to "all protein molocule's which include all DNA, RNA &
other smaller-based acid-blocks...

Our very world, in which we live- including "ourselves are strings & (sub-strings) of
acid-blocks created from this very same (so-called) "nothingness. Some mystics refere
this (nothingness) as "God In Pre-birth. So, how old is your strings?-

because "old-ness" is also just a "view-point of the observer made in the image &
likeness of this very same; (nothingness...:)