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Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Dearly Beloved

My Dearly Beloved

My dearly departed & I were one of those matches made in "heaven.
Between us we had 2 children. We would have had 3- but she & the new-born expired on the delivery table May of 1986. Mary & I all loved the very same things- same music- same poetry- same movies. Always went everywhere together, even when I had to go out of state to help setup props, audio/video equipment for MGM, Panama Films & LionsGate productions, she always went along & even helped out with a lot of the pre & post productions. She & I both were musicaly inclined. both played the keyboard, guitar, harp & violin. Both of us could drive an 18 wheeler & on special trips would drive the film trailors to location of up-comming shoots.

Both of us loved "Vivaldi, Yanni, Enya, Loreena McKinnett, Evanessence, OzzyOsbourne just to name a few. We met in 1974 while I was on vacation in; Castletown in Isle Of Man. She was a student at "King Williams College. Mary worked P/T at the "Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle where she & I met for the 1st time. I was into Kaballah magick since preteen & she was/is "Wiccan. I hate to use the term; "was". I bought a jade crystal-ball to add to my collection. Something kept telling me that "she is the one & sure enough, she proved to be as such. Our relation sky-rocketed from that evening onward. We wind up getting "hand-fasted within 8 weeks.

The 1st child was born in 1975 & the second child was born 1979- both were as beautiful as their Mother. Mary was always telling me that no matter what happened- she would never leave me. It always gave me a chill whenever she whispered it. At the time, I didnt know why. Whenever we were apart for any length of time, I could still almost hear her soft whispering; "I will never leave you. On the evening of her demise, she whispered it again for the last time from the gurney in May of 1986 at John-Peter Smith Hospital in FortWorth Texas.

She used to sing me lullabies quite often while playing the harp. Since she crossed over; "Iv never been lonely. It's like she never left. Some full-moon nights I can still see her soft reflection in my mirror. I can still feel her presence. I can still smell her soft gardenia perfume that she often would wear- knowing it to be my favorite. Now, when Im by my self- I never feel alone or lonely... On many nights, I can still hear her soft whisper...

By LW Craig

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