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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Religious Ponder?

Probably The Best Music For Relaxation and Meditation

Something To Ponder;

If its true that; "where there is no sin, there is no "condemnation. Then the opposite must also hold true; "where there is no (condemnation)- there can be "no sin".

The condemnation must 1st exist "within the sinner" in order to validate the sin in question. its all a different thing to be "judged by others- where the (judging ones) only condemn themselves according to their religious leaders who teach such things as; "judge-not...?"

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Doomsday & Brown Dwarf Star

This monster is much like a (fetus) ...not yet a star- nor a planet. Its a big-ball of "energy" so thick- it is classified as; "mass" only because of its "density". 100 degrees Celsius on the top layer is only an (approximation). it "could be" another sun being born. it could be (another BIG-BANG) waiting to happen- however "NASA is not going to let you know one-way or the other, just to avoid world-wide panic & unruly "chaos". NASA or DOD can do nothing to dissuade any possible out-come, so all we can do is keep our fingers crossed.

On the brite-side; "Every end means a (new-beginning) + at best; if this means life as we know it "coming to an end"- let me assure you; "memory is pure energy, and (energy CANNOT BE created nor destroyed- so, will we remember our "past if the end does come? "Only If You deliberately choose to do so- otherwise your past will just be a ghost that haunts your future incarnations. My cousin "Debbie, helped me to "recall 2 other Big-Bangs" prior to the 1st recorded one. "Long-story. It's still just another book waiting to be printed thru "Moody-Press" or whatever press is available in the new "Heaven & new Earth- Just to make a rather confusing story short; "we are already in the 3ed New-heaven & New Earth. "How many more new heavens & new earths must we have to endure? (remember?) "Energy, cannot be created nor destroyed. "now ask yourself that question again...:))

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