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Saturday, May 21, 2011



Science Behind Subliminal Mind-mapping;

"Continual Exposure, is the key to success when using "subliminal mind-mapping. The more you expose yourself to (any) given "idea, plan, or "religious ideology- the more you will become intimately connected & eventually become a part of that exposure. Your sense of "conscience is based upon the exposure of parents,guardians & friends pounding you with what you (NEED) in order to "succeed and/or just to get along with the world around you.

Some folks use "scare tactics just to keep their kids under the parent/guardian leadership. I dont suppose we need to go into "abusive parents who use "out-of-context scripture to justify their abuse- which is also a very sensitive subject to all the victims of such abuse...

The bare-bottom line here is very simple; If you want to escape your current conditioning & escape any given circumstance- then you 1st need to re-map your mind thru constant exposure to those conditions that you desire most for yourself. Iv studied "subliminal sciences off & on for well over 25 yrs & discovered that the most "successful subliminal mind-mapping available, in any form is any recording (in your own voice) in a gentle whisper which suggest to you- or "command that you, or/and your body improve to the degree you desire to eventually see & start "living as such according to your own desire & wishes.

It takes an average of 27-29 days to "adopt any habit you choose to become embedded & active in your life. Do you have a recorder? what about ear-pods? Simply put together a word program of what you desire your body & mind to focus upon. Record it in your own gentle voice-whisper & then listen to it as you fall off to sleep. "I promise- you will begin to see positive results within the first 21-27 days. I have thousands of (scrips) available for every single cause. They are free upon request. write me with your detail at;

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

From; Ghost To Ghost


From Ghost To Ghost

Iv dabbled in the subjects of "Ghost's & hauntings since early pre-teen- purely as a subject of intellectual experiences. From what Iv gathered, It appears that; "all ghost are nothing more than (energy) in the form of "memory cells related to the demised in question. much like a (re-run) video.

According to the "Rosicrucian teachings & even "quantum-physics; every solid including "you & I are all the "after-birth" of (spirit manifestation).

The video-memory is not the actual person in quest- but, is still some how tied to the "original personification" of the demised in question...

Why does the energy haunt anyone at all? It is "assumed" that it all depends on how the demised was raised. If the demised was raised in prizing the (truth) of any matter- it is assumed that the "demised" will move heaven & earth to make sure that their "truth" be made known & then- the hauntings will stop because the (haunter) will have nothing left to do , but move back-on into the "primordial light" from where (all of us started...:)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

From "Nothingness- To "Something

From "Nothingness to "solid mass

The word "nothingness is only a (personal view-point perception) of "they who view
the "nothingness in question. Is empty-space really "void...?

Not according to physics- because, the empty space in quesion is jammed-packed with
"atomic particles which are the building-blocks to all "potential solids. Amino-acid, for
example is the building blocks to "all protein molocule's which include all DNA, RNA &
other smaller-based acid-blocks...

Our very world, in which we live- including "ourselves are strings & (sub-strings) of
acid-blocks created from this very same (so-called) "nothingness. Some mystics refere
this (nothingness) as "God In Pre-birth. So, how old is your strings?-

because "old-ness" is also just a "view-point of the observer made in the image &
likeness of this very same; (nothingness...:)