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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

From; Ghost To Ghost


From Ghost To Ghost

Iv dabbled in the subjects of "Ghost's & hauntings since early pre-teen- purely as a subject of intellectual experiences. From what Iv gathered, It appears that; "all ghost are nothing more than (energy) in the form of "memory cells related to the demised in question. much like a (re-run) video.

According to the "Rosicrucian teachings & even "quantum-physics; every solid including "you & I are all the "after-birth" of (spirit manifestation).

The video-memory is not the actual person in quest- but, is still some how tied to the "original personification" of the demised in question...

Why does the energy haunt anyone at all? It is "assumed" that it all depends on how the demised was raised. If the demised was raised in prizing the (truth) of any matter- it is assumed that the "demised" will move heaven & earth to make sure that their "truth" be made known & then- the hauntings will stop because the (haunter) will have nothing left to do , but move back-on into the "primordial light" from where (all of us started...:)