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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Genesis Revised...?


Genesis Revised;

Once upon a time a “spirit” called (God) desired to create a “mud-ball” called (Earth) & then (desires) to invent A “fruit garden in it...?” Do spirits need fruit in order to exist? Simple questions demand only simple answers. Eventually, this spirit called (God) desires to invent “Humans” To take care of this garden...? Why not have Angels to over-see this garden? Wouldn’t mindless Angels be more reliable than Humans...would be?

The Talmud shows Moses teaching that (angels) & demons have no “free-will”, so Angels would be better. Eventually, this God desires to place in this garden;(2) particular trees; “tree of knowledge” & tree of life...?

“I have two simple questions;”
Since God has the power of resurrection- what use is any tree of life? Since God Has the ability to impart (Knowledge) to humans, animals & even vegetation without using any (tree of so-called Knowledge.) This is (proof) that the two trees’s in Question, had no reason to exist at all. (But) If the story is true- Then this is solid proof that God is A lunatic & (murderer) by placing these Trees in reach of Adam & Eve...Now You know why & where IV been hung-up since the age of (Nine)- Just keep in Mind that (God) knows the future Prior to any Inception of (any human idea) being “born”.

What’s my point...? Because of these two tree’s- The story of Genesis as Recorded by the KJV & Mozoric text Is proof that there was never any tree of life nor any tree of knowledge- & since God is the creator of all life & has the power of raising the dead- what use is ANY tree of life? Since God can inpute knowledge & wisdom to any of his/hers/or it's created beings- what use is ANY tree of knowledge...? so now think; what does this do to the original disobedience alledgedly committed by “Adam & Eve...?” “I can hear you thinking...!” By; Lonnie Craig

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