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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Free NLP Hypnosis

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RESCUE YOURSELF With Hardly Any Effort

Some folks would call this; a "crash-course" in NLP Subliminal Training. Some call it (mind over matter)... Some even dare to call it; "Vampire-Magick" yet, it really dont matter what you choose to call it. The name itself means nothing. If your name is Joe & I give you a name-tag which says; "Jim"- Does this change the original product? Of course not. The product simply just has (another lable).

But what if you wanted to "change the product into something much better & much healthier?

Since (you) are the product- you need to learn how to communicate your desire to the builder. "Who is the builder? Your mind, is "the builder & always has been since prior to your physical birth. What Im fixin to show you is so simple- yet ,recovery clinics are now using this method more often for "recoveries from; nicotine, hard-drugs, alcohol, emotional dependence, including every phobia that you can think of. The only tools you will need are a "face-mirror & your own "voice + a (pre-written script)- "some folks use a voice-recorder & play it back on "loop or repeat & when sleeping with the recorder- all you need to do is pre-set the volume to a level to where you can just barely hear it. "ear-pods are best.

The Script?...
Keep it short as possible without removing the "key message; (example; "Im So Proud of you (your-name) for giving up (?whatever?) over 6-9 months ago" Thats It- End of script. Now, every chance you get, gaze into the eyes of your reflection & repete the scrip as fast as possible- then, put the mirror down. repeat this process @ least 3 times thruout the entire day & play the same script on very low of your recorder during sleep time. Every time you get a crave for the habit your trying to kick; go thru the same script. If you fall off the wagon- dont worry or beat yourself for failure- "falling off the wagon or (fudging) does not count as a strike or "miss"...simply continue with the exersizes in the mirror & recording (AS If) you never fell off the wagon @ all.

What we are doing in the long-run is retraining the way your brain & body thinks. On the 3ed or 4th day- you should start to see a big difference in how less often you lean towards your former habit. You have to trick your brain & body into thinking its all a (former-habit). you will most likely take note that even the withdraw pains dont hurt as much or even at all.

I was so impressed with NLP- I became a "trainer. Everything you will need in order to become a "trainer or practicianer is all found listed @

I even included a free "Brain-wave trainer which I use quite often myself. You dont have to take classes or attend "college to be "knowledgable on "any subject"

Total Cost ? (ZERO)...unless you count your time & effort. You can always go to a "Hypno-Clinic & get charged 300 bucks just for a consultation & then get seperate charges for "sessions just like the above. "Its your choice & either way, "I still wish you the best outcome possible... "FOCUS, is the Key.

By; Lonnie Craig.

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