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Saturday, August 27, 2011

From; Ash To Ash

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From; Ash To Ash
Every great nation that has ever existed, has eventually come to end. The glory of Egypt & The Roman empire were expected to last forever. These great nations ruled with fist of iron & their beauty was impeccable- no other nations with so much wealth & political power was like unto them yet, after 1000's of years, those governments came to a close & now only a few stragglers still hang-on to the ghost of their great distant past. The USA is only a little over 200 yrs old & what have we learned from those ghost's of the past...? (Not much) I can assure you.

We are the most wasteful & "over weight" country that has ever existed since the birth of the Great Roman Empire & the beauty of ancient Rome. Wasting of natural resources in those ancient days were considered criminal even back then. As of this day- Its way too late to now go (green). If our grand-kids survive the outcome, It would only be their great-great grand-kids that (might) be able to benefit from great-great-great granddads efforts of going green..."the ozone" is already beyond repair & now We are all slowly cooking. With summers becoming much much hotter & the winters are becoming much colder- yet, the four seasons are also becoming confused by starting early & ending early...From a Geo-physics point of view- this is not a good sign.

Crops have a tendency to perish in out-of-season weather which effects the price of produce @ your favorite stores. + Out-of-season produce have a tendency to produce disease infested (micro-bugs) which is now forcing many producers to go organic which just means; they often grow their stuff under-glass or in closely guarded "green-Houses"...which forces the price of produce even higher. Just off the cuff; Did you know that all the islands on the globe are getting smaller in size...? Its due to two major reasons; (over-population) & rise of the ocean level which is caused by the melting of the ice-caps. What can we do...?

When the end comes upon us- let us pray that (we) are at; ground zero" because all those who survive will be the ones who will be left to help clean-up the mess-so, make sure you have a great broom & a (ton) of "heavy-duty" glad bags,just in case-Its a well known fact that "nothing" will last (forever) & "no" flesh & blood has ever entered the heavenly kingdom... I suppose you already know what that means; Before you can enter that kingdom, your flesh & blood must first be (demised)..."what?" did you plan on living forever? What if you should wind up being the only living human on this planet with no living person or live animal to bond with...?

Including no trees to hug? Boo-hoo...:( "Whats that?" Do you truly desire to live forever?" Perhaps wind up being the last person alive on earth? It could happen you know. Because where there is life- there shall always be conflict. Where there is ANY voice- there shall always be wars & -rumors thereof! Just something to dream about I guess...Ring-a-round the rose-ee, pocket full of posies - ashes- too ashes- We ALL Fall ...Down!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Science Vs Religious Fiction

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Planet "Htrae...?
Do you like "Science-fiction that "could become true" under the right conditions? Lets take a look; Once upon a time- there was a "Planet called "Htrae". Just as big & bulky as our own planet. It was found on the opposite side of our current Sun, a million light years away. In the beginning of (man-made time), There was a beautiful garden called; "Nede".

The 1st humans to inhabit it were called; "Joe & Hoe"- but there were "no forbidden fruits to be found & No (tree of life) yet "God told them to go forth & multiply thy kind- but beware; "Ye Will Never Die & neither shall your seed die who are born from you. So here we go, giving birth to kids & grandkids with our grandkids hooking up with their sisters & mothers with none of them aging beyond "child-bearing"years...but (none of them has the capacity to die).

Do you think we are a crowded planet now? If no one ever died since the 1st humans on our planet, we would all be standing (head-to-foot & shoulder to shoulder) 10 miles up from the surface of the Earth- because no one ever dies! The green-life around us creates our life giving (oxygen) that we breath & they in turn feed off all the carbon dioxide we exhale into the air.

This makes me ask this one simple question; "How over-taxed" would our green-life be if (no one ever died since the 1st man & woman?) We would all eventually suffocate. I now wonder if "God ever thought this far ahead...?...:) Feel free to share this one with your pastor.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dreamer or...Doer?

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Dreamers Paridise...

We all dream- for without the dream, the (doers) have nothing to focus upon. However, if you do nothing but "dream"- then eventually the only thing left standing is still (just another unfulfilled dream). Some folks even let their age stand in the way. If you have serious health problems- let your health be your 1st project.

Start trying to find ways to improve your health performance. I tend to often think about the 76 yr old lady in our Medical Assistant class back in 1984. We clocked her typing at "293 words per minute" with no spelling errors in the typing class. That woman had 4 clinics fighting over her attention after graduation. My typing skills were clocked @ 66 words per minute. Needless to say- my speed has improved to aprox 90 words per minute at best. Then I think about a fellow office-worker; who I clocked over 300 words per minute with (no error). He was 26 yrs old back in 2005. Two years later- he was on Tarrant Countys most wanted list for armed robbery.

He had a wife & newborn at that time. This guy was one of those who you would swear up & down that "he would never do such a thing. He could have went to work anywhere making 3 time what he was making back then and at the age of 28- he threw it all away because of a moment of desperation. His mug-shot was all over "Google & other sites until about 2 years ago.

Im just assuming that the Bad-boys in blue finally caught up with him. I still wish him & his family the best- but that one single moment of desperation changed his life forever. Evidentlly, he didnt do too much dreaming. More like "wishfull wanting. He was on "anabolic-steroid injections in 2006

The only reason I knew this was due to the fact he asked me on several occassion to do the honors & give him the injection. I used to use those too for over 10 years as a weight-lifting junkie back in the good ol days. That was long before we knew about the dangers of long-term use today. His life will never be normal again & his family will never be the same either- all because of one single desperate moment, & his career potential will be extreamly limited ...forever. So, Please think before you act- because somethings cannot be fixed nor repaired.

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Make A Million In 2 Weeks...?

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By now Im sure we have all been subject to such ridiculous head-liners or something similar. Im currently working on a webpage that will list all the current as well as old one-liners" that promise us a 4 car garage, Mansion, + money blowing out the back & front ends while we rock in our hamoc & sip our brandy while watching a beautiful sun-set from our "Ocean front-porch while "everyone else does all the hard-work for us?

Iv worked with Millionaires & they all tell me the same thing: if you want to be rich- "buy low & sell high. Iv also worked with millionaires who were born into their fortune's (not counting the kids who killed them for an early inheritance) & thats just another book to be written....

Im here to tell you that; "If you want to get rich- you need to become creative & invent something that the whole world needs. A lot of you are perhaps working on your 1st book? If so, I truly wish you on the Best-seller list, but then ask yourself; Does this book carry a universal interest? If not, Im afraid first-copy will not survive. You might even want to ask yourself; "Do I really want to be rich in these times of desperation? "What about movie-script writing or just simply writing articles about everyday perils of life or even a "movie or book critic"? Some writers pay big-bucks to have their stuff critiqued by other writers. It probably wont make you rich- but its a start.

An old child-hood bud of mine @ the age of 15 told me he was planning on making it big in the music business, but then he said; in 30 years he would be 45 & way too old for it which gave him 2nd doubts. I told him; "If you do nothing now- then in 30 years you will be 45 anyway. Long story short; He went thru 4 different bands- traveled the globe & eventually became a "tech-writer for Radio Shack in Ft.Worth & Now- he owns a 3ed of the business & still rocks & rolls on his week-end with all his music buddies & recording Music-CD's for some Big label company in the UK & currently- I keep kicking myself for not following my own advice...:)

How To Avoid Tragic Events

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Truth OR Tragedy...

How about some "Raw science, for a change? We see tragic events every day increasing on every corner of the globe. "why? I know that many Prophets seen it comming & Jesus wasnt the 1st "prophet to echo these events. when-ever the population increases, then the chances of (tragies) increase due to muliple reasons. Starvation is due to lack of resources for survival. "War is due to; Lack of space & territory.

"Rumors of war increase according to population & what their elders teach them. Earth-quakes are caused by shifting of global weight & interfearance with the electro-magnetic pull of gravity from other planets including the "Sun. The intense heat is caused by the erosion of the Ozone layer which was helping to protect us from all the harmfull UV rays.

"Smog is the leading cause of the depletion of the Ozone film- which in turn causes massive weather changes such as "drought which in turn kills off vegetation- which in turn kills off the animals who strived on the vegetation which was destroyed by the drought- which in turn causes "lack of natural resources such as (groceries) which in turn causes prices to rise beyond the consumers ability to make common purchases. I can safely assume that within the next 15 years if we survive;

Consumables, will be bought & sold "according to its weight. Can you see a loaf of bread costing ($10.oo?) Grand mother thought it was rediculous to pay (50 cents per loaf). What does bread cost now...? Mother-nature has her own ways with dealing with (over population). I dont suppose you need details on that one. I see "God as a (pot-plant). "Alive- but incapable of "thought or "emotion. Its been proven in labs that "plants can feel pain" & some plants morph into (killer-plants) that give off toxic fumes & toxic slime as a protective armor against would-be preditors- like "animals...& "humans- so can we avoid tragedy? (no) We can only prepare for any incomming impact & just hope it wont be as painful as we often fear.