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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How To Avoid Tragic Events

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Truth OR Tragedy...

How about some "Raw science, for a change? We see tragic events every day increasing on every corner of the globe. "why? I know that many Prophets seen it comming & Jesus wasnt the 1st "prophet to echo these events. when-ever the population increases, then the chances of (tragies) increase due to muliple reasons. Starvation is due to lack of resources for survival. "War is due to; Lack of space & territory.

"Rumors of war increase according to population & what their elders teach them. Earth-quakes are caused by shifting of global weight & interfearance with the electro-magnetic pull of gravity from other planets including the "Sun. The intense heat is caused by the erosion of the Ozone layer which was helping to protect us from all the harmfull UV rays.

"Smog is the leading cause of the depletion of the Ozone film- which in turn causes massive weather changes such as "drought which in turn kills off vegetation- which in turn kills off the animals who strived on the vegetation which was destroyed by the drought- which in turn causes "lack of natural resources such as (groceries) which in turn causes prices to rise beyond the consumers ability to make common purchases. I can safely assume that within the next 15 years if we survive;

Consumables, will be bought & sold "according to its weight. Can you see a loaf of bread costing ($10.oo?) Grand mother thought it was rediculous to pay (50 cents per loaf). What does bread cost now...? Mother-nature has her own ways with dealing with (over population). I dont suppose you need details on that one. I see "God as a (pot-plant). "Alive- but incapable of "thought or "emotion. Its been proven in labs that "plants can feel pain" & some plants morph into (killer-plants) that give off toxic fumes & toxic slime as a protective armor against would-be preditors- like "animals...& "humans- so can we avoid tragedy? (no) We can only prepare for any incomming impact & just hope it wont be as painful as we often fear.