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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Make A Million In 2 Weeks...?

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Make A Million Bucks in just 14 Days?

By now Im sure we have all been subject to such ridiculous head-liners or something similar. Im currently working on a webpage that will list all the current as well as old one-liners" that promise us a 4 car garage, Mansion, + money blowing out the back & front ends while we rock in our hamoc & sip our brandy while watching a beautiful sun-set from our "Ocean front-porch while "everyone else does all the hard-work for us?

Iv worked with Millionaires & they all tell me the same thing: if you want to be rich- "buy low & sell high. Iv also worked with millionaires who were born into their fortune's (not counting the kids who killed them for an early inheritance) & thats just another book to be written....

Im here to tell you that; "If you want to get rich- you need to become creative & invent something that the whole world needs. A lot of you are perhaps working on your 1st book? If so, I truly wish you on the Best-seller list, but then ask yourself; Does this book carry a universal interest? If not, Im afraid first-copy will not survive. You might even want to ask yourself; "Do I really want to be rich in these times of desperation? "What about movie-script writing or just simply writing articles about everyday perils of life or even a "movie or book critic"? Some writers pay big-bucks to have their stuff critiqued by other writers. It probably wont make you rich- but its a start.

An old child-hood bud of mine @ the age of 15 told me he was planning on making it big in the music business, but then he said; in 30 years he would be 45 & way too old for it which gave him 2nd doubts. I told him; "If you do nothing now- then in 30 years you will be 45 anyway. Long story short; He went thru 4 different bands- traveled the globe & eventually became a "tech-writer for Radio Shack in Ft.Worth & Now- he owns a 3ed of the business & still rocks & rolls on his week-end with all his music buddies & recording Music-CD's for some Big label company in the UK & currently- I keep kicking myself for not following my own advice...:)