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Friday, May 28, 2010

Whats The Church Good For...?

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Usefulness of the Church?
What good are they…?

About 98.9% of all churches today make very nice
country clubs Alternatively, local lodges for
members or “wannabe members”. Yet- even Jesus
taught that one-day, not one stone shall stand
Upon the other. “Why?”. It is all due to physics.
What ever has Solid mass” will one day fall away
due to corrosion of time and The elements of nature-
not to mention vandalism or any drive-by Shootings
that might occur between now & closing time…L

Jesus did not die for the church- He died for
those who dared to Believe in him & most of those
folks were not frequent attendees Of their local
temples. Jesus only attended temple to argue with
Scribes & Pharisees- not to make & influence friends.

If you;
Read all the accounts very carefully, you will also
take note that Most of the time, Jesus taught
against the grain of Moses’s own Teachings. Moses
was not a favorite of Jesus- otherwise Jesus Would
stick to the script of what Moses taught by not
adding, or Subtracting anything that Moses ever
taught- yet, time & time Again, Jesus would often
say things like; ye have heard in time Of old; hate
your enemies- but I say “Love Your Enemies”.

I think that this is very noble- but, personally,
I choose to run the Enemy through with the sword
while I pray for their dieing soul.

I am often warned that “he who lives by the
sword will die by The sword…yet, I don’t really
mind- since, “one day, I will Die anyway and I
just cant see myself dieing anywhere with Nothing
wrong…J. From what Iv seen over the last 56 years,
I see “old age as a cursed disease brought on by
over-exposure Of Being born without my consent.

Its true; “everything happens” For a reason- like
for example if I smack someone on the head With a
wooden mallet & they contract a headache?- the
reason For their headache is because I smacked
them with the mallet. It’s often called “the law
of action & re-action. “It really works!

Besides; if the kingdom of God is truly in you-
then you are Wasting your time seeking for it in
temples made by hand, and If “faith really only
comes by hearing- the word” then the deaf by
Birth or (deaf) by accident & disease are in a
world of trouble.

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What Is Real Faith...?

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Real Faith…?
Substance of Things Hoped for?”

Our ancient forefathers didn’t know how else to explain
it during their Time-line. They used what they had @ the
time “they had it.”…So, here we Are, 2-3 thousand years
later. They used what common sense was ever Available at
that time- and, its only logical that we should use what
“we have.

Hope” is not faith- because “faith” is absolute assurance
with no need for Hope” involved or necessary. If you hope
for anything- then your chances Are 50% probabilities for
a win or loss. “Real faith” does not rely on any Doubtful
percentiles- because “faith” is absolute assurance. Can
your faith Ever be wrong? If anyone’s faith proves to be
wrong, then, the so-called Faith in question was not faith
at all- but simply “heart wrenching hope of The hopeful
who “assumed” that their faith was (absolute assured)…

According to ancient scriptures; “God only rewards faith”-
not assumption! We all “assume” something at one point or
another- right or wrong, but how Do we know if what we have
is “real faith”…or just blind hopefulness on Our part..?
That very fine line will always be between you” & God alone.

”Real faith will never require blind “hopeful assumption
in any form… It is God who gives “faith” where the churches
only SELL “Blind Hope.” Would you like to buy some hope?
Or, receive the gift of faith, which comes
From God alone?

If you prefer “faith- then you need to get away from the
Church, which only sells; (blind hope) & begin to seek the
face of God for Yourself. God don’t need preachers- or,
prophets, or burning-bush nor books Etched into stone nor
temples made of iron or wood just to give you a FREE Gift,
which is only available thru “asking God for it. IT’S FREE”
& tax clear.

Try something entirely radical;
Try asking for it in “your own name for a change & let it
be your daily prayer, But continue to ask only in the
pureness of heart & child-like innocence…Don’t be so
surprised to see faith beginning to grow, much like a seed…J


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Healing Quest

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Health Quest…
The Power of Intention

My favorite Guru; Dr Deepak Chopra shares the simple secret to
the power of intention”. He puts it all in layman terms. Very
simple & very direct- yet, “Very powerful. And in Following-
Iv included my subliminal Mp3, which addresses common drug

It begins with positive affirmations & then fades into
subliminal format…Even if your Not ready to give up that
dangerous health habit- the embedded messages within the
Background will make you ready & prepare you to fend off
that addiction with ease With hardly any effort on your part

Becoming Drug Free;

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Total Body/Mind Health

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I engineered this particular mp3 below to address every
health issue that You can think of from exhaustion,
fatigue, migraines, vertigo, lack of Energy, inability
to sleep soundly, loneliness, depression, poor-Temperament,
inability to focus + much more.

The human mind has
An incredible healing power & sometimes the mind is
sidetracked Where it becomes sort of "lost, if you
will in all the clamors of reality-Yet, to get it back
on the right track- it needs training. & The more it
Trains in the right direction- the better the outcome
will be.

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