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Friday, May 28, 2010

What Is Real Faith...?

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Real Faith…?
Substance of Things Hoped for?”

Our ancient forefathers didn’t know how else to explain
it during their Time-line. They used what they had @ the
time “they had it.”…So, here we Are, 2-3 thousand years
later. They used what common sense was ever Available at
that time- and, its only logical that we should use what
“we have.

Hope” is not faith- because “faith” is absolute assurance
with no need for Hope” involved or necessary. If you hope
for anything- then your chances Are 50% probabilities for
a win or loss. “Real faith” does not rely on any Doubtful
percentiles- because “faith” is absolute assurance. Can
your faith Ever be wrong? If anyone’s faith proves to be
wrong, then, the so-called Faith in question was not faith
at all- but simply “heart wrenching hope of The hopeful
who “assumed” that their faith was (absolute assured)…

According to ancient scriptures; “God only rewards faith”-
not assumption! We all “assume” something at one point or
another- right or wrong, but how Do we know if what we have
is “real faith”…or just blind hopefulness on Our part..?
That very fine line will always be between you” & God alone.

”Real faith will never require blind “hopeful assumption
in any form… It is God who gives “faith” where the churches
only SELL “Blind Hope.” Would you like to buy some hope?
Or, receive the gift of faith, which comes
From God alone?

If you prefer “faith- then you need to get away from the
Church, which only sells; (blind hope) & begin to seek the
face of God for Yourself. God don’t need preachers- or,
prophets, or burning-bush nor books Etched into stone nor
temples made of iron or wood just to give you a FREE Gift,
which is only available thru “asking God for it. IT’S FREE”
& tax clear.

Try something entirely radical;
Try asking for it in “your own name for a change & let it
be your daily prayer, But continue to ask only in the
pureness of heart & child-like innocence…Don’t be so
surprised to see faith beginning to grow, much like a seed…J