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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Difference Between God & Quarks?


What’s the difference between;
"un-seen" energy & (un-seen) quarks?
Once you breakdown the quarks- what do you find? You will find more quarks That are even smaller than the outer-quark. What happens when you Finally open the last quark? (It ain't gonna happen...!) Because just like Cellular life; in every cell are more cells & in the smallest cell are even (Smaller cells). The driving force of the cells & quarks are all raw energy. Energy cannot be neither created nor destroyed, but can be stretched, Or/and compressed- but cannot be destroyed.

So,What is my idea on Faith vs molecular energy"?

My own take on the two is this; (faith) is
A personalized assumption- ...whereas; (energy) is a fact & where
Faith moves a mountain; it takes (energy) in order to move that
Mountain in question- so, what is the substance of the energy which
Moves the mountain in the 1st place...? "Was it Gods hand?"...
(Prove it!) What fits for one, does not always fit for others.

To me;
The only difference between faith & quarks are called; "the
Spelling" so, what differentiates the two? The users own personal
Interpretations. So, What is God...? "God is Substance unseen,
There-forth; “faith is the substance that God is made up of...
What’s the difference between God & quarks...? (It’s the spelling)
And the way the perceivers choose to “SEE” God. All a matter of;
“Personalized interpretations”...

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vampire Magick On A Stick


The Following Audio-subliminal is often called the ultimate in (brain-wave) massage. Less than 10 minutes in duration; it re-aligns your brain-waves, thoughts & emotions to work in proper sync. Helps to heal nervous conditions & even helps to treat... bipolar symptoms...


How To Become A Vampire



The Power Of Depression
"Sub-title; Vampire-Magick on a stick

Most wizards, witches & common folk thru the passage of time- seem to forget that they have a very powerful tool at their disposal. Sometimes we all get overwelmed with things such as a sagging economy, the stock-market slumping, job loss'es and any other negative aspect of our current day and time. The power of imagination can pull all of us thru those dark nights of the soul into the Light of more peacfull & joyfull transitions. Some folks use their "religion" as a tool to help them focus needed energies which helps To heal their strickend souls. Other folks like wizards & witches use their own religious bend thru rituals & spells to get the same job done. Musicians often use their music to help them thru those dark nights of the soul. The Artist uses his or her own art.

Take; "depression" for example;
In psychology, we are often told to (think happy thoughts)- Not such an easy task if you are already at the bottom of the well. All of life operates on a bio-scale of (up & down)- day to day if you allow your realities to trap & dictate your emotions, then your emotions can eventually serve as a lethal injection to your physical health. In the end- it could be a very painfull demise; (yes) depression can & does have the power to kill. Depression is (trapped raw energy). Energy which also affects your heart-rate, your blood circulation & your digestive system including your oxagen-blood levels- any of these four vital body functions can crash & kill you all because of "trapped energy" we often label as (depression).

How do we overcome it...?
First of all; We all have our days of up & down including animals. No one is totally immune to depression anymore than they are totally immune to suprise rain or hail- but you might be suprised over the rare humans that enjoy being misrable. Im sure you can at least name one person in your life-scale that feeds on "drama". They do it for the attention- because they dont feel like they are worthy of attention- so, they invent "drama" to fill in the void. "Cutters are another crud example" however- in my lifetime of study in Human behaviour sciences, I can attest that "everyone deserves to be heard." What they say may be in the form of rymes & riddles or "esoteric jargon" but we can learn from those riddles if we listen to whats being said & also focus on what they didnt say as well...

Here is the magic to curtail depression;
sing, play or write songs that inspire you. If you dont know the lyrics- "hum it". Force-feed if you must in order to get started. Fake it in the beginning & keep faking it until the song becomes real within you... Look toward those who have inspired you to become creative in the past. Look for new inspirations- or even invent your own. Unleash the (spirit of depression) on someone you find distastefull & cruel. I often use that one myself. Its done by drawing a 3 foot diameter circle in the air with your ritual wand or athame- keep making circular motions. become focused on the center of that circle- then picture your prefered target the best you can into the center of the circle. You can even use a photo of the target. Place the photo on a blank-spot of the wall. Keep up the circular motion & begin to wisper in a raspy-tone (un-intellegent jargon). The penticostals call it (speaking in toungs).

In some circles- this is also known as; "launguage of the angels". then eventually wisper; I INVOKE THEE SPIRIT OF DEPRESSION TO COME FORTH FROM ME & to invade the heart, mind & soul of (name-of-target). Repete about 3 times- but dont rush the process. Take your time & on the 3ed time; take a very deep slow breath- point the wand or athame direct at the center/target (tense your entire body) & then release the wind while gazing at the target. Let all the air out of your lungs that you can muster-up. Slowly relax & wisper; what I say must come to pass & as I have commanded it- so it must be! Raise the wand/athame straite overhead. Close your eyes & state; As it is above; (lower the wand to touch the ground) then wisper; So, is it also below! Open your eyes & relax in the silence for a few moments. "Congradulations"- you just learned how to move "energy". Most folks call this (vampire-magick)- but you are free to call it by whatever title that inspires you the most.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Diary Of The Vampire


DIARY OF THE VAMPIRE; Free Book Review Thru Here



Diary Of The Vampire

By: Lonnie Craig/PhD
Re: Diary Of The Vampire


From within my diary- you will learn about “energy” and how to move it...

Energy is all around us- 24hr/7 days per week. Some groups of people just call it (The Force). Motion-pictures like; Star-Wars & HarryPotter often over-rate the same energy for the sake of entertainment, yet this is the very same energies that have been known to move many hopeless mountains & even crush kingdoms...

This very same energy is not just outside of you- but is also within you. The energy is what connects every living creature to each-other, from the smallest microbe to all the land mammals & plants. It’s Very subtle and can be quite lethal or even “life-saving” if one is familiar with how to move it or “Move with it.” Every living creature including (you) & "all" (non-living substances) are all Comprised of“atoms”.

Atoms are “energy particles”. “They are alive!” yet, they are considered to be (mindless) much like a “newborn child”- Alive, but quite mindless until the child becomes more mature with age. The atom itself is like an eternal “newborn. It will never mature like the human child does.

In the Zoroastrian religion;
God is considered to be an eternal sleeping child- much like a giant atom; “mindless- but creative”. The word (creative) in any form simply means;“potential”. Prayer is the most simple tool that many use in order to move that energy- but prayer is not the only tool there is that can move this very same energy. The most powerful tool is called; “imagination” & emotion, which often include things, like witchcraft & rituals. Imagination must be trained. We all have it available 24hr/7.

Rituals & use of magick wands, athame & crystals or candles are nothing more than tools to help you focus on what you desire to take place. As you will eventually see; (focus & emotion) play a key role in the moving of this energy. I feel obligated to warn you here; Iv known of cases where the energy was used to move mountains- but the wizard was crushed by the same mountain he chose to move. So, use common sense and think ahead & measure every possible consequence of your action...Once again
with final note; “Imagination & emotion”- is the key that moves the “Force”.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Life & Death


Ageing and “youth” are nothing more than (disease). Much like the common cold- all of us are eventually exposed to both. “Youth” is the beginning of the disease- and, death is the only cure... “Consciousness is nothing more than personal & Universal points of view. This is why “one mans pain can be another mans “pleasure”...This is how also “one mans castle” Is often another mans prison. Is (life) your pleasure...?

Or- is life “your endless pain?” This brings me to question why do Most people view “suicide” as (wrong?) What about patients who are in constant pain regardless of “pain-killers” given & Who are classed as terminal with no hope of recovery...? Should we force them to live only because of our “religious bend? God may be able to heal- but, God NEVER heals EVERYONE, & why should God bother since the inevitable will forever & Always happen. We are no better than the cock-roaches we choose to step upon- nor the flies we choose to kill & of no More importance than any-other pest we choose to crush in our sense of rage.

They are all diseases just waiting to happen...”Just like ageing.” And youth is just the beginning...! “Life is not always a song” & not everyone has a voice to sing it...!
By The Prophet; Zameale

Monday, August 3, 2009

Victim Vs Witness



Victim VS Witness...?

It is often said by many that; “we all get what we deserve...?” Its statements like these which make me to question the sanity of those who dare to say such things. For a good example; what about all those children under the age of accountability who lost their Lives in the bombing of the world trade center? What did they do to deserve such a Painful death? Many would-be clerics teach that the kids are in a better place & God Took them away to punish the parents? What about the parents that perished with their Underage kids in the same bombing? Where is the lesson in that one? Shortly after the Bombing- a world renowned minister said on a public news platform that the bombing was due to the sins of America...? What did sinful America learn from that preacher?

Im sure that most of you agree that if “god” chose that preacher to help lead sinful America back into the fields of “righteousness” then god must be just as much of a Lunatic as the ones that God (allegedly chooses?) It’s either this- or God was given No “choice in choosing”. Most of us were taught that (many are called) but few are chosen- yet, we are also taught that “God knows the future” and can see all things even prior to any idea being born within the mind of the (thinker?) If God already knows the Future & what it holds- why would god need to “test his created ones” over their devotion? Why test their faithfulness if god already knows how faithful they are and knows how faithful they shall come to be? Either god knows or god doesn’t have a clue!

It cannot be “both ways.” IV even had a few clergies tell me that; God didn’t want to know (or) god was more interested in showing those created beings their own faults...?

Let me ask this; those of you who have kids- do you ever worry about them? Do you Ever worry about their well-being? IV got two grown ones who have kids of their own and Im always worrying about them & now with grandkids- I worry about them too...I would expect no less from a real (living god). If god truly knows our thoughts- then God is wasting time. If it’s true that god knows all of the ones who will be saved & which Ones who shall never repent- then God may as well destroy all of those whom god knows will never turn thru repentance... (Right?) Why not just get it all over with? Why bother to allow the world to keep giving birth to (sinners who will never be saved?) Currently,

In our day & time- we can surgically remove the part of the brain which controls our Desires & appetites. Why can’t god allow the sinner to be born without (sinful desire?) Most of us are taught that we are (all sinners) from the day of birth till the day of death And in order to be forgiven of our sinful natures- we first must confess that sinfulness To God? (Why?) Since god already knows how sinful the sinner is- why would god require an (oral confession?) Confession may be good for the soul- but confession is even better for those who demand to hear it from the lips of the “confessor.” God doesn’t need our confessions anymore than I need confessions from my own kids just to forgive their short-comings. Only the victims of the confessor demand confession. 1/3ed of us Are (victims) and 1/3ed are (potential confessors.) The rest of us are called; Judges...Which one are “you...?” The juries are only the left & right handed paths of the judge.

Jesus taught; “Judge not- if you don’t desire to be judged”-so, if you don’t desire to be judged, you can only be a “victim...(or) potential confessor. Which one are you...? The silent witness can be (both) or either one.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Justice Vs Revenge...?


Justice Vs Revenge...?

The differences between these two are (the spelling). Justice is “legalized revenge” based upon a democratic voting process. A process, which often ends in “Jury Duty”...Revenge, is nothing more than (justice, minus the voting process) which saves tax dollars. How can we tell if we have the guilty in custody & not the (innocent?) All we have are; Assumptive conclusions based upon any given evidence & testimony of key witness’s...

(But) how can we know that the evidence in question is “reliable?” How do we know the Evidence was not tampered with? or invented to point towards the accused...? We don’t.” Most often- we as (the people) are encouraged to “trust” the law & trust the law makers & to (Trust) the law enforcers. Once again, we are force-fed to have faith in the system- A system that I might add; only works for the rich & middle-class. This has not changed Since the days of the ancient Egyptian Kings.

God cares nothing for the poor or for the (innocent) otherwise the poor & innocent would always be exonerated in the Very beginning prior to any accusations being made thereof. I helped send an innocent Victim to prison over 35 years ago due to the prosecutions team withholding key evidence, which would have set the victim free after the arrest- I even prayed about it prior to the trial. When the victim died in prison due to torcher & being burnt to death by inmates- 6-7 years later, the real culprit comes forth on his Death-bed confession.

The victim spent only 9 years in prison after his conviction. When I received this bit of news- In that day, I lost all my trust in the legal system & all trust in “a God” That I was taught since child-hood who would always defend the poor- downcast, & (forgotten). I guess, “God” forgot all about it...”however” (I Will Not!) & I refuse to trust in the system any longer. Since that time- I have chosen to exercise my own brand of (justice). My own Brand demands that there be (no living witness’s...“And no jury...!” “Only the Judge who there-after’ serves as the executioner- For such is the simple life of the Vampire...!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Faith Vs Hope...?


Faith Vs Hope. (Revised; 7-25-09)
Subtitled; Key to fulfilling desires

What is the difference?
Most clergy agree that (faith) is made of substance "un-seen" much like (the wind). We can feel & see the outcome. We can experience What the wind does- but cannot see the wind itself. We can only witness it while it bends & blows thru the trees & even via "tornado"
As it destroys what ever is in its path. So, just what is this stuff Made of...?

Anything that has bulk or tangible content- (Seen-Or un-seen) contain "atoms" & the atom is the smallest element of "any" unit regardless of Size or contour...

Hope is only desire to experience "particular outcomes" of any given circumstance. Faith can move mountains- but not every Mountain can be Moved by "faith". If the Mountain does not need to be moved in order to appease your desire, then that mountain will be a very tough move. Just because God can raise the dead- does not mean that; God is obligated to do so each & every time.

If God were ever truly concerned about our wants & needs- then, no-one would HAVE any kind of need..."think about it". Im quoting a very Famous TV preacher who is no Longer among us. His ideology points to the idea that God can even (remove your desires) so that You could never have a (need!) I have to admit that- this is the most critical thinker of any TV preacher IV ever heard. Why does God Allow us to be tempted with (desire?) God's own nature is based upon & within; (creationism)- much Like an artist. As a (human)- you Have a nature-based desire to (create) which includes possible (destructive art-form) on your part...We are all born with a (god-given Desire) to "create- such as the desire to hunt for & obtain food in order to sustain our families. Hope is relevant to; those who need it.

Those of us who have no desire- also have (no needs). You can be as poor as a church-mouse, and still have “no need or desire.’ You Can also have all the money in the world & still be the most needy on the face of the planet. If you have “no desire- then you already Possess everything that you need at that moment- so, how Do we Obtain that which we desire...? You must first convince yourself That what you (desire) is “Gods will...!”

Sometimes this demands you to put away written laws. This includes what you consider To be heavenly mandates & many times, includes (man-made or nature-based laws). This does not protect you from any Given Law, but merely hides them from you for the time being. Keep in mind; this does not excuse you from “man-made penalties” nor Does it exclude you from all the penalties pelted-out by the hands of; Old Mother Nature.

The smart thing to do is first ask yourself; “what will happen” after I fulfill that which I KNOW I DESERVE...? Then be ready to deal with The domino-effect of the Consequence of that follow there-after. The trick is in the (gnosis) or (KNOWING) that you really deserve that which you Seek... Then go do what you must to (fulfill that Desire) be it by witchcraft- sorcerery, brainwashing, negotiation & in some cases; even brute force.

As for The Faith that cannot move mountains- this is what back-hoes, shovels, negotiations & declarations of war are for- (it's the all american way of life.) Just remember; some desires can sometime Lead you into the execution-chamber or into the hands of local lynch-mobs that did not like you anyway. Just be ready to die over the Fulfillment of those desires & then- 9 times out of 10, the outcome will not be so... “Disappointing’. Nothing in this old world is free. Somewhere down the chain- "someone" always picks up the tab.

Everything has its own price-tag, like in some restaurants of Eastern Europe- you don’t get to see the price tag until you have finished Your meal & are ready to check-out , so be sure that the meal is well worth the price before indulging. Sounds like my grand-mother Who Use to yell at us; ‘Don’t go near the water till you know how to swim...!

(Knowing) that you are worthy of your desire is the key to jump-start the energies in motion that will take you closer to the check-out counter- "But you may not like the price..."

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Forbidden Metaphors (revised)




Forbidden Metaphors
Revised by the author; LW Craig
Subtitled; End Of The Christian myth

The Christian bible teaches that “God” gives wisdom. There are tons of references to this Effect in the bible. Yet, the very same bible also teach that “God” not only created (all life)But can also raise the dead...? Why did God create a (tree of knowledge) since God is the Author & giver of all knowledge? “Why bother to invent a “knowledge tree...?

And, why did God bother to create a (tree of life) since God is the author & creator of all life. Both trees” Never served any purpose. Does this mean that God makes junk after all...?

Since God can see the Future before the future becomes an evil-idea in anybodies head- Why did God bother to place those trees in Reach of Adam “Knowing” what Adam & Eve Would eventually choose to do? That’s like setting up your kids to; “Kill themselves.”

If any of us pulled that prank- you & I would be facing a grand Jury for Endangerment to Commit 1st degree felony thru (entrapment.) Since God already knew the Outcome- this makes God to be a “murderous parent”. Since both trees Never served any Purpose- this tells me the Two trees (never really existed) on the grounds that the trees Would have never served any usefull purpose.

Im sure that the garden itself existed- but; Forbidden fruit (?)’ They were just metaphors to scare the reader into submission- Just like The “burning-bush which Moses lit” himself & the 10 commandments” that Moses invented.

Do you realize that once the two trees are removed from the picture- this invalidates any need for the new-testament & also invalidates any need for “gods’ forgiveness...!”

The New testament was based on those two trees- not the death & hopeful resurrection of Jesus. Now go back & review the second paragraph for greater insight into this ancient mystery...

By; LW Craig/PhD.
Aka; drcraig2, drcraig6, SaintlySorcerer, merlinz

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Genesis Revised...?


Genesis Revised;

Once upon a time a “spirit” called (God) desired to create a “mud-ball” called (Earth) & then (desires) to invent A “fruit garden in it...?” Do spirits need fruit in order to exist? Simple questions demand only simple answers. Eventually, this spirit called (God) desires to invent “Humans” To take care of this garden...? Why not have Angels to over-see this garden? Wouldn’t mindless Angels be more reliable than Humans...would be?

The Talmud shows Moses teaching that (angels) & demons have no “free-will”, so Angels would be better. Eventually, this God desires to place in this garden;(2) particular trees; “tree of knowledge” & tree of life...?

“I have two simple questions;”
Since God has the power of resurrection- what use is any tree of life? Since God Has the ability to impart (Knowledge) to humans, animals & even vegetation without using any (tree of so-called Knowledge.) This is (proof) that the two trees’s in Question, had no reason to exist at all. (But) If the story is true- Then this is solid proof that God is A lunatic & (murderer) by placing these Trees in reach of Adam & Eve...Now You know why & where IV been hung-up since the age of (Nine)- Just keep in Mind that (God) knows the future Prior to any Inception of (any human idea) being “born”.

What’s my point...? Because of these two tree’s- The story of Genesis as Recorded by the KJV & Mozoric text Is proof that there was never any tree of life nor any tree of knowledge- & since God is the creator of all life & has the power of raising the dead- what use is ANY tree of life? Since God can inpute knowledge & wisdom to any of his/hers/or it's created beings- what use is ANY tree of knowledge...? so now think; what does this do to the original disobedience alledgedly committed by “Adam & Eve...?” “I can hear you thinking...!” By; Lonnie Craig

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Dr.Lonnie Craig/Ph.D

Monday, June 1, 2009

Opionion vs The Absolute



Is there really & truly such a thing? ...Are there any true
definitions of (absolute...?)

To myself- any definition regarding (anything) is very important
& based upon; “Personal experience & belief regarding, any
so-called “absolute.”

What I classify
As (truth)- anyone else may call; (fantasy)...most often due to
their opinionated Views or lack of personal wisdom regarding
any given; “so-called” (Absolute...)

The only absolute is (YOU) & what you choose to call your
personal reality- For when you die,-You will take all your
(personal realities) with you as (Pocket-change.) What can
we do with any (Pocket-change after our demise?)
We can only exchange it or (replace it) .

The changes are all based upon “Circumstance & choices”
so, (make your choice!) Welcome to the “Vampires
World of Reality, where the old never really die- nor
the young ever become old & frail...

Both simply “shape-shift from one reality to the next.”
Flesh and bone Are only “jump-suits” which we change
out ever so often.

Vampires are (highly evolved humans) that control “
spirit”. Others are Simply spirits that control and
rule all the human beings of which they choose
To possess. What do we call a vampire that can do

We just simply Call them; (talented.) Which type
are you? If you choose to select (only human)This
means that your inner vampire rules you & not the
other-way around.

Anyone who is able to make choices is considered
to be a “vampire.” Are you A good one or (evil?)
A well seasoned vampire already (knows) that an
Experienced vampire can be (of either one) or the
other according to any given Circumstance or even
choose to be (neither.)

Those who feel themselves as Victim or slave to
any higher order, other than them self are called’
(mindless Sacrifices) who seek to be led & fed by
the hands of the stronger. ...That’s Just my own
opinionated observation according to my current
1,200 years of This Earthly misery. (So, how were
your past lives?)

I do hope they were more interesting than mine were.
Perhaps I’ll be a bit More lucky in the next one.
Who really knows except the passing of time...?


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What IV Learned In 55 Years



What IV Learned
Within 55 Years?

Some songs are better off; un-sung”. Some things are better left as (broken). Many things are better left “un-touched” & un-proven. Silence is not always golden. The good-guy doesn’t always finish first or last. Many things are better left un-said. Many (truths) are Better off, never being known. Many lies are better off being hid from the masses- for you see; (truth) does not always set you free- But, neither does (falsehood). So, what does it mean to ...(be free?) Have you ever known the dead to complain? “Case closed...!”

Of all the time IV spent in scientific laboratories between here & china- you might think I was ahead of my game, when the sad truth is; I feel like I never really got started. Be very careful of what you seek. Because, one day you might find it- but you won’t always Like what you find. For example; why are we here?

“Most folks do not like the answer to that one.” Most live in light of religious Pipe-dreams of a (brighter heavenly) future. I have concluded that those dreamers harm no one & if their dreams drive them to live A peaceful existence with their neighbor’s until the end- (so what?) Weather we be winner or looser- we all (eventually die) including All the rich Kings, priests & hero’s of our day.

What do we call a (living hero?)...We call them LUCKY if they walk away with all their Limbs & mind intact. We all seek for something. I just hope that, in the end- you like what you have sought...” Just remember; that Justice- Love & Faith are (all blind.) I just hope you are never required to see what I have seen.

Some folks have asked; just what is it that I have seen? To make a very long & complicated story short; we as (humans & animals) are Here to serve & service all the (green-life.) here on Earth and Our final duty is to become (mulch) for all of that “green-life” in question.

Good Night...!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

MoJo Magick Simplified


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Mojo Magic Simplified...
Your Own Genie In A Bottle;

Most folks already know that our (sub-conscience) is what’s classified as our inner guide to all the outer & inner worlds. I still often hear folks say; let your conscience be your guide, which is still practical wisdom in our day, & age- but does not always serve our best interest at heart. Most of the time, it only serves the entire universal interest. What it often does is just lead us into paths that serve community interest only. But, did you know that it could be trained? Just what are the physical properties of this “sub-conscience?” Its physical properties are made up of (pure raw energy). It is also able to listen to your hearts deepest desire- but it will not work against your own Sense of right & wrong. Did you know that you can “bottle” your conscience? Our own sense of right & wrong can often get in our way- so, why not bottle it? (How?)

First take an amulet, necklace, ring, or prayer-beads or even your favorite rosary- it can be old or new. It can even be a good-luck charm or lucky penny or piece of a Cloth you might favor. It can even be a wooden nickel on a kite string. As long as you can wear it against your skin. This is the most common tradition since the dawning of time. The simple format goes as follows; Draw a 360 degree circle on the floor or table. It can be an imaginary circle. It doesn’t need to be any wider than a common milk-jug. If you don’t have a magic wand or athame, which is a (double-edge bladed knife) Sometime called a “Seax or (Yag-Durk) found also at; ( you can buy them both ready made and even make them yourself which is actually better. Because the ones you make are more personal & more meaningful. Your personal connection to it has personalized magic properties embedded into it automatically.

Be sure the wand or/ knife are properly dedicated to the Gods & Goddesses of your own choosing. If you’re not sure which ones to dedicate them to- you need to do a little homework & study all the (attributes) of both God & Goddesses. You can even do a GoogleSearch for all of them or even goto; ( to look them up & search for the ones whose attributes you find most appealing.

Most of them you can even download as free jpegs to run on your copier or even order the little hand-carved statuette thru the vast host of on-line stores available nation wide. You most likely live close by a store located in your neighborhood. WitchVox also has a list of stores you can order from on-line. I have ordered from both, so I know they can be trusted. The double edged knife is more popular in the moving of energies which is What we will be dealing with here. There are many forms of dedication rituals, but the one we will be dealing with has a touch of Chaos/Vampire magic that I have used myself in the recent past. You can even download dedication rituals for free from the same sites.

Assuming you have the wand or athame- let us begin; first become barefooted. You can wear a robe if you have one- if not, you can perform it nude, which is also called the Gardenian way. Dem the lights- have 2 candles of your favorite color. Set one to the left of the circle & the other one to the right side. Set a small mirror at the top of the circle. Light up 2 of your favorite incense which can be stick or brick- set one to the outside edge of the left candle & the other at the outside edge of the right candle. Now slowly outstretch you’re your knife to the heavens as if you were trying to reach into the clouds.

If you’re a lefty, then use your left hand. Now slowly close your eyes & in a bold (whispering) tone say; I invoke all the powers & authority of (name-of God) and (name-of-goddess) to come into me, I INVOKE THEE now- come unto me- I invoke thee- come into me...(now). “Keep your eyes closed & keep the knife outstretched” take a few slow deep breaths & gently open your eyes and slowly lower the knife & point it to the center of the circle at the mojo & now in the same tone of voice say; I command my subconscious to enter into this sacred mojo I call; (name of mojo). You can call it anything you like- just don’t forget what you’ve named it. Then say; “by the power & authority of (God & Goddess) “you WILL DO my bidding. Now slowly raise the knife to the heavens as you did in the beginning.

Then declare in a bold tone; (AS IT IS ABOVE- so, also below) & by the powers of 3X3 so mote it be! Now slowly lower the knife to a resting position at your side & gaze into the mirror- softly gaze into your own eyes and whisper; (you are now under my control) and must bring me all of my desire- wither tis right or wrong means nothing. Say; (name of mojo) from now on, you must obey me & render my desire. Now blow out the candles & sit in the darkness for a few moments. Gently thank God & Goddess for their assistance. Now slowly pick up the mojo & wear it. Repeat this about 2-3 times throughout every month. Don’t be so surprised that you seem to loose your sense of guilt- because it now resides in the “mojo”.

The more often you repeat the ritual- the stronger the mojo’s energies shall become. The guilt belongs to the mojo now- however, we are still held liable for what we choose to do- so, if you don’t want to be caught doing something, you can always bid someone else to do it for you. Best time to perform that kind of magic is when the servant to be is sleeping & preferably not be in the state of (rem pattern) or dream state. All of that kind of magic falls into another category called; “hypnosis via astral” or long range telepathy- unless of course, your servant lives in the same household...then I suppose it would be called (short range) but the distance really means nothing. My daughter & I sent each other messages back & forth telepathically for years just to keep in practice.

We both got pretty good at it until cell-phone texting was invented- now we don’t practice as much as we used to. Sometime the old way just gives us headaches.

By; MerlinZ of WitchVox
Aka SaintlySorcerer of MySpace

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Laws Of 3X3




The Rule & Law of Karma
Including; Three X Three

Most of us are quite familiar with the rule of recompense & 3X3 pay-back from something called “karma”. But, from my own life observations & personal experiments- What IV found is; the law often works but only for those who (believe) that such a law exist. “Belief” can be a very powerful and useful tool. The more guilt complexed you are- the more likely you will wind up being the perfect target for the outcome called karma’s punishment. If you have a hugh, nagging fear in being caught for doing something which you (feel) is wrong- then, be prepared to go to the chopping-block, because eventually it will come back to bite you in the saddle. Fear of retribution often pushes us into the confession-booth. Here, I am compelled to remind folks that; if you need anything in writing to give you the definition of right & wrong and require a (burning-bush) to read it by, then a “mindless cow” will have more hope than you. Just to make a long story short;

God condemns (no-one),.. However, humankind has a very bad habit in condemning himself & any others who tend to give the judge in question a rough time. So, how do we shake the negative outcome of Karma? Guilt complex’s are created & inbred thru family & friends- not to mention “all the strangers” who have their own personal interest in the depth of your guilt complex in mind. “How do we loose this complex?” Not an easy task if you were raised under orthodox taskmasters- but not impossible. It takes work, which requires (tons of practice). If you’ve had a guilt complex for say “30 years” then it could take you up to 15-20 years to grow out of it. You need to first convince your self that (Karma) is only based upon personal superstition & nothing else. Many folks are able to outgrow their guilty conscience over night…(How?) “It’s done with simple child-like faith!” because (child-like faith) can often move mountains. The downside is; not all faith can move EVERY mountain., because, in some cases you may find you need a back-hoe & shovel to get the job done...


Monday, April 20, 2009

The ABC's Of Reincarnation

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Revenge of Mother Earth…?
Or; The ABC’s of reincarnation

As a freelance microbiologist, I have finally found the reason that flesh and Blood exist at all. When the flesh & blood finally putrefy into mulch- the nutrients of which are found in the mulch are used to nitrify the green life and the vegetation. For without That mulch of flesh & blood- old Mother Earth would eventually dry up & die. This also Explains why the wrath of old Mother is stirring up violent earthquakes & tsunamis; Bodies That have been embalmed with formaldehydes kill and starve the vegetation and when One is in the middle of hunger, then one often becomes agitated prior to meal time.

Old Mother Earth is no different, because “earth” is a (living) organism… just like you! On a bland basis- we are all “CELLS” and within every cell there are more cells, which are even smaller, and every cell has a “memory cell” for each cell. You too have the capacity of (memory) and memory is nothing but pure energy… and energy cannot be destroyed. It can be stretched, it can be compressed- but it CANNOT BE Destroyed. Now you know why all we biologic creatures have sensual desires… It’s simply hypnosis by Mother Nature to force all of her creatures into mating, (why?)

To create more cells!
Just like you and all the other animals… More flesh & blood to keep feeding this giant cell we Call “Mother Earth”… Love & romance are (hypnotic) veils that Old Mother Earth Uses in order to control all the smaller cells via her own power… just like the power which you often use to get yourself where you wish to be- unless you are a slave to chains, weather Those chains be mental or literal in application… So, just think- all the vegetation you’ve been eating up until now will finally one day get a chance to eat you…! Some would call this “poetic-justice”, but where is the justice in being born against one’s own will...?

What is (consciousness?) Consciousness is created thru (experience) & it is attached to (memory) and since memory is “pure energy” it cannot be destroyed. What happens to “consciousness” after the death of this physical body?

The energy is then (transmigrated) or transferred or if you will, back Into its place of origin where it is reprocessed to reenter another “cell” where Eventually it causes (rebirth) of “other cells” which in turn eventually becomes someone else’s little “love child” so that one day- that little love child will be able to continue on with “Feeding” Old Mother Earth… This is why the historical Jesus taught; ye must be born again! “WHY?” because it’s your duty by nature- “Not by religious mandates!” All a matter of simple biology & nothing else…

And in the words of the ancient Cabala Rabbi’s; I say unto you” WELCOME TO HELL” and May your Stay here be Most Heavenly until your next trip here…One footnote of caution; if Mother Earth cannot get you to mate thru the Veil of love or lust …She will then use violence and disease to get the job done… including war’s And rumors thereof- “all in the name of Allah…?!”

Did you know that the word (Allah) only means; {ALL in One?} Sounds pretty much like a “cell” …doesn’t it…?

How many of you already knew that all plant-life forms have their own Equivalent of (male) & (female) hormones…?

By; Lonnie W Craig
310 West Bell Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76140

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Quantum Viewpoint



Who You Really Are

Many folks think they are the equivalent of their ID cards or the Equivalent of their birth records and often try to define who they are according to their historical roots- but none of these things Define who you are. Your mirror reflection does nothing to define the (real) you because all of these things are just labels.

About 99.9% of all of us wear more than one hat or label in one Form or another. Your religious behavior does not even define who you are- because anyone can (act) out your religion in the Public eye or screenplays based upon your religious conviction and yet even your personal convictions do not define who you Are. Religion is not who you are because religion is only just a Definition of what you profess to do in public or private.

Anyone can take your ID & credit cards and use them for any Purpose they choose. The experts can even obtain copies of Any ID card or birth certificate and become (you) over night, so Your Ids do not define who you (really) are. So, how do we go about defining (who) we really are? We are not even defined by our own bodies. Ids are used as nothing more than labels Which are used to (narrow down) our faces on a card that only Helps assure� those who observe the card that we are the Same cards legal owner/holder of that card.

Your birth record state who your parents are- but even today there are thousands of switched births, so your B/C may not Even belong to you. It could possibly belong to the child who died on the same day as your own birth. You may even be a Product of illegal adoption & hold a false birth record that was illegally recorded by any crooked vital records clerk¦ so, even the birth records do not define who we (really) are. Again this brings us to the same age old question; what defines us as what we (really) are¦? Now that I have your identity in limbo- We can proceed to rebuild the truth about who you really are, unless you are now fearful of finding out. Simply put; you are the sum total of all of your thoughts which Means you can be an angel in disguise at the present moment And then become the Devil himself/herself in the fleeting span of time.

In this day & age, we cannot judge a book by its cover any longer, and now- we cannot even Judge the same book by its content either because much can be clouded by the content and content often can serve as a distraction away from that which still remain hidden. So, who are we? What are we? We are cells & within us are Smaller cells that also contain (smaller cells) within themselves. When you break down the cell to its smallest component- you will Find (quarks) of several different kinds, which are just a fancy name for; sub-atomic particles and when you break down any single Particle- you find (raw) energy fleeting back & forth in the shape of tiny squiggles. You find the same squiggles in carbon-based dust. From a medical stand point; you are a living carbon-based life form,

Which have the ability to think, reason, dream, and hope & aspire to heights of greatness beyond (impossibilities) or you can demote yourself with thoughts of lack, despair, & hopelessness. It is your thoughts that can take you in either direction. The question is; which way do you choose to think? Your thoughts can get you there- but they can’t help you if you (don’t think) and keep thinking & planning.

Just remember; in the beginning was the (word) yet prior to any Word- there first must be a thought, yet prior to any thought- there first must be a thinker, so, who is the (thinker)? You are, so, Start thinking instead of just (waiting) for fate to manifest or for God and Goddess to do ALL the work. And if you continue to think in terms of lack & despair- then don’t be so surprised at the outcome. If you change the way you see things- then the Things that you SEE WILL (eventually) change. This is not always an over-night miracle. I do believe in miracles- but I also believe in (un-planned) tragedies & half of those tragedies can be avoided if we think far enough in advance & when we cover ALL our bases.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Justice & Reasonable Cause?

Justice & Reasonable Cause?

We all have our dreams in what a perfect world should contain- But now a days; “reality” has a habit of wakening the dreamers back into our own common, mundane realities. A dream can only become real if every visionary dares to dream the very same related visions. One will only dream when there is sufficient cause to do so. We can choose to control the vision or we can choose to let others decide what we should envision according to what other people dictate unto us. Even though we are creatures of (free-thought), many folks find themselves gullible victims to pipe-dreams of selfish visionaries like Jim Jones of Guyana, David Koresh, & Adolph Hitler.

The list is endless going all the way back prior to Adam & Eve. I’m sure you can name a few. We all demand justice- but when some of us wind up on the punishment end-phase of justice, most of us look for “mercy” or complete forgiveness regardless of any unjustifiable outcomes that mercy may produce. Its just human nature to seek out personal preservation & many folks will even lie just to obtain it. Much like; “We all want to go to heaven- but, when its time to go” most of us cry out; (But Waite a minute!- I’m not quite ready yet”. So, what is it that will make you ready when the time comes- because, be for sure; it is coming. Since your first day in the cradle- death is on the way. (Sooner or later). Eventually all the (but’s) & (wait-a-minute) will no longer help you. None of us like to think about it. If you could make your own choice on how you wanted to die- what would be the perfect way? If you could only go with a choice (B) instead of your 1st choice- what would plan (B) entail?

My first choice would be to die a painless death during a very restful sleep at home. Choice (B) would consist of a swift surprise where I didn’t have time to feel the pain that might be involved. We don’t recall the pain we suffered when we were in the process of being born- but I bet your mom remembers her pain of it. Eventually, the pain dissipates, but the memories of it continue. (Why?) Because, “memory” is pure energy & this energy is triggered by (experience). Memory is the outcome of thought & thoughts are triggered by “the thinker”. Energy cannot be destroyed. It can be stretched or compressed- but cannot be destroyed.

We are just most recently discovering in physics that (energy) cannot even be created. It can be controlled under the right laboratory settings. We can transfer energy thru 1000’s of ways- but the energy itself cannot be created nor destroyed. So, what happens to our thoughts when we become demised? Thoughts are pure energy- (remember?) How do you kill a thought? (You can’t.) The only logical answer is that “our thoughts” are (transferred) to another thinker or “thinkers” close by or is even transferred across the globe thinkers who we wish were there at our death-bed & then, the thought become a (living part) of that thinker or group of “thinkers”. Our ancient fore-fathers didn’t have a scientific name for thought/energy- so, they just called it (spirit). The bible notes in one passage that when we die- the body or shell returns to the dust & the (spirit) returns unto God who gave it- (but) if that’s true- where does it go from there if it goes back to God at all? “Remember?” the bible is a (book) & that book was translated thru over 300 different translators since 1412 & continued to be re-translated since 1611.

(But,) then again- all those translators are (human) and humans can only give their personalized opinion of what they “conjecture” to be (absolute truth). So, what is absolute truth? “Humans” that transcribed Holy writ claim to be lead by holy spirit- but how do we know they were lead by (anything holy) at all…? “We don’t.” We can only (assume) according to our (blind faith) in those transcribers. What does the word “holy” mean? ; It just means to be (complete) without ANY division- a “whole” and (not) a part. “Wholly = (holy). So, out of the current 17 separate English translations of the (King James Version) that is available in our current market; which one is “wholly” & without divisions. Can you find one? I tried since the age of (nine) and I’m now 55 and still looking for it.

I heard a story of a young man who jumped from a runaway train only to be crushed upon impact in hope of saving himself. The moral of that one is; Just because God is able to spare & save a life does not mean that God will do so every-time. The young man asked God; why didn’t you save me? God said, because your time was up & if you stayed on that train you would have survived just to be a vegetable after the crash- this way; you will not have to be an eternal burden on your family members. The young man then asked; why didn’t you just stop the train? God said; if I did that- then the train would have been too late in saving over a thousand lives who would have perished if I had not caused the traffic jam which caused the 1000’s to be late for their unscheduled demise.

The young man said; why not just send an angel to each life to preserve it? God answered; we’ve been short staffed due to folks living way beyond their allotted time. “The point is; every answer only creates (new questions) & creates even more gray areas we feel predisposed to eventually answer- so what is the answer to life & death? (pick one) there are millions of answers & each one creates even more questions that will one day be asked- which in turn, will create another gray area- which in turn will give birth to (new questions)… “Any questions?” Have you read any good books lately?... Class dismissed!”

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Detailed Profile

Haunted House The Movie

Vampires Worldly Wisdom

I had learned rather early in life that in order to get to where one Wishes to go- One must be very flexible. It was Dr. Gines who was always Reminding me of this since we crossed path's back in the early 1970's. The World back then was very simple. Cut & dry. There was very little & few "Gray areas". But- Since the birth and conception of the Inter-Net & DNA Sciences, we now have more gray area's to contend with.

From what I'm told according to an old Doctor-friend of mine; Even all the Gray areas have (gray areas). Many doctors are becoming fearful of Treating new patients, especially "emergency cases" due to the many who Are dragging the doctor to court under petty grievances. Dont get me Wrong, because there are legitimate cases that deserve justice for many Patients- but, the fakers & whiners only make it much harder for the "Legitimate others" to claim rightfully what is due them.

I had worked with the sick & ailing between the mid of 1970 thru the last Parts of 2005. First, as an Orderly in1971 at Saint Joseph Hospital in Fort Worth- then eventually as a Medical Assistant for several doctors between My "other part-time jobs" as an A/V tech & Film-trailer driver for Panama Films, LionsGate Productions, MGM & Paramount. Done extensive world travel After becoming 1 of 30 winners of the State lotto which amounted to 1.9 Million dollars per person after taxes.

That was the best & longest vacation I ever had- but then before I knew it, Vacation was over & just like the other 30+ I had to go back to work. I Never regretted one moment of it...

Except when I had to lay my dearly departed wife; "Maryann" to rest who Had expired on the delivery-table at John PeterSmith Hospital back in May Of 1986. We were trying for a third child. She died from a heart embolism. Since that time I became a writer & blogger to help me cope with the loss. I now have more than over a thousand blogs. About half of them I dedicated To her & the other half, I dedicated to my own life experiences.

IV since Then found that there are many things that we will never get over- most Likely due to all the “reminders" we often have to face in this life and In the ones that haunt us from our distant past.

By; LonnieCraig
Aka; DrCraig2, DrCraig6,
LWCraig, SaintlySorcerer, ValadJr

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quest Of Conscience


Saintly Wisdom Of The Vampire

In the beginning of time- there was (no beginning). “Man” created time to help Divide his self-imposed duties including his choice of vanities. When we claim that there was a beginning- we are then forced to ask; (what was before the beginning?)...When we insist that there are edges In outer space we are then forced to ask; (What is beyond the very outer edge?) When we say that there is an end of time- we are then forced To ask; (What is beyond the end of time?)

Every (solid) thing came into being from what appears to be (nothingness) or subatomic particle Until enough pieces come together which eventually gives birth to the solid mass- which also Include all biologic life forms, but these same particles are also full of pure energy, which Are only drawn to particular energy particles which mirror their own energy patterns...

From this very same process- planets & stars came into being. The subatomic particles eventually Came together to form those very same Stars & planets we see today. The sun, which is a ball of Gas, puts off heat & the heat- when mixed with clay & moisture gave life to microbial Life forms.

In fact; you & I including the largest mammoth all the way down the line to the simple fruit flies All the way down to the smallest of insect all Share the very same basic genetic DNA codes. I used to be troubled when I learned we have DNA codes that trace back to the monkeys... Then most recently, the world of science & biology discovered our DNA codes from the Gnats to the largest mammals share the very same
Biologic DNA strains-

This means; from
The smallest of all microbial life forms to the largest mammoth, “we are all related” according To DNA codes. This also gives more meaning To the term; (we are one) which has been a common “Religious” metaphor to all new-age groups since the times prior to the great Egyptian Kings. This recent finding also takes us for a quantum leap forward to understanding ourselves on a Much deeper level-, which in turn also Gives us, hints about why we act & inter-mingle as a society via Animal...& Human...

So next time you get attacked by a bunch of blood-sucking mosquitoes , just remember; before You kill them that you & they are all related...But then again- so was Cain & Able. Who was it that said:”Blood is thicker than water...?” Try telling that to “Able” or to the dead parents Who were murdered by their kids just so they could get an early inheritance? It is (water) that gives Birth unto blood within the womb...not the Other way around & its user always adopts conscience. Conscience can never be trained into a child- “conscience” can only be adopted. Much like “wisdom”... It cannot be taught- it can only be adopted by choice of the user regardless of who inspired the wisdom in question.
So now you know what makes you so different...

The apostle Paul taught that; where there is no (law), there can be no condemnation-, which simply means; the “law” must first exist within You as an idea of right vs wrong. To take a crass example, let's say you're in an ally with no way out- yet you see a very hungry lion slowly Approaches you. Most likely it will be growling- but in truth the poor thing isn't mad @ you- it's just hungry. Let's say that you manage to kill it...

There are tons of bleeding-heart liberals who will call you a murderer who deprived a starving animal of a meal- never mind the idea that (You) were going to be the meal in question. It's now “2008” & the number of hungry lion’s has increased by triple digit since 1960... Which One will you feed out of inborn “guilt?” Be careful how you answer- because...the day may come when out of un-seen circumstance- tha(You) Very well could become the (next) hungry lion in question... Where will God be in that day...?

By; LW Craig (aka) drcraig2, drcraig6, saintlysorcerer, lwcraig, lonniecraig

The Real Hisrorical Jesus

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Wisdom of the Vampire;
Over the last 2,012 years- I have met an un-numerable amount of people who have Been waiting for the return of their long awaited "savior"…Even his own followers Thought that he would return within their own life-times- but, why should he return At all after the way his own friends treated him during his public trial…? Since his Trial was considered (a community religious issue) - the Governor washed his hands Publicly & told the religious leaders to do what they must with him.

I can just see Jesus now, laugh behind all the eyes of the hopeful that continue in hope Of his return. If I were him- I would have promised to return & then never come back. He was a good man who had a genius insight into human nature. This very same
Man taught that; "there is nothing hid"- that will not one-day be known…"why?) Only because he knew that (truth) has a "life-force" all by itself…

The Jesus I recall was "Gnostic" & never walked on water- never mind the fact That Cris Angel did & according to the press, the onlookers who swam under him to Try & uncover what he stepped on…"couldn’t find the stepping stones". The Gnostic Jesus never turned water into wine- but I did see "magician; Harry Blackstone turn Water into wine in front of a camera.

The Gnostic Jesus never raised the dead- but I did witness a Voodoo priest in Haiti resurrect the dead who were (dead) for at least (3) days- thanks to the entrails Of a “blow-fish"…According to the oldest gospel; St. Thomas- The resurrection of Jesus was only a vision- yet I have seen Cris Angel levitate in mid air while On-lookers walked under him which was a trick he learned in India according to the Reporters I spoke with.

This makes me wonder- how many of these tricks were well known Prior to the year 33ce. Iv recently discovered that (ALL) of them were very well Known among all the top seasoned illusionist in India & Egypt 1000's of years Prior to "Jesus"…

The Gnostic Jesus taught "transmigration" which is another form of common(Reincarnation) among Hasidic & Cabala Jews. The Emperor Constantine Invented the New-age Jesus in the early 1400's as a political ploy that united "Religion & state" government so (both) could benefit……Where Do We Go From Here…? We simply go back to (formula) or "square one". Nothing new Here since prior to Adam & Eve. What do we do with the (pious?) Let them live In their false hope's & dreams of "castles floating in the air" as long as they don’t (Dog) those of us who "know" that the floating castle in heaven is just a very Pleasant dream for the (self-righteous) & "pious". The Gnostic Jesus taught that (HELL) is nothing more than "human experience"…

I had often wondered why Constantine expunged that note from the "Holy Canon…?

Think about this;
If everyone knew that they always return after their physical demise- How many crimes would they commit in a (zillion life-times…?) Now you know Why Constantine advocated the "New-age Jesus" that came to light during the Years (1400-1600")…The world would be full of more "Charles Manson's" than Our current law enforcement agents could ever keep up with…"simple math."Just remember; God Loves you as much as "SHE" loved Cain & all the slandered (Innocent) ones since "Adam...

Inquiry; lonniecraig@juno

Tuesday, March 17, 2009



WHO IS "The Enemy?"
And WHO Is Truly Blind…?

Over the last 30-40 yrs, I made a hobby to
(Re-define) old "definitions" that most of
Us Dont even give a second look...such as;
The Word "HOLY" means to be (complete),
(Whole)...without (division) & an absence
Of ALL "dividing lines".

The word; (Bible) itself...simply means;
(BOOK). The kids’ copy of "Pooh-Bear" is a
(BIBLE) And so is your "dictionary".
They are ALL (Bibles.)

If our current "KJV" is truly;
(Holy-inspired)- why was it translated &
Then, re-translated over 300 times since
The early (1400's?)

If the Holy-Spirit was truly the
"Living inspiration" of what we hold today
- Then only (1) single translation to our
Own native tongue would ever be needed...(?)
So, why do we now hold over (17) separate
English translations for our English
Speakers of today- & more than half of them
"Contradict each-other"...? What does this
Do to our current definitions, which are all
Esoteric based & flowered with metaphors &
(Assumptive hopes) we dare to call "faith?"

The word (FAITH) itself simply means...
("Blind hope") Aka; "assurance "Without ANY
Doubts. Can your faith remove a mountain?
"Only If That Mountain needs to be removed"
And Not Until Then- yet, sometime the mountain
Moves “regardless” of any-ones intentions.

In most cases; your plan must include the best
Interest Have the (enemy) as well. When you can
Include the best interest & intent involving
Those Enemies & everyone else who is involved-
"Then- that mountain will move most of the time.
So, what if it doesn’t…? If it don’t, then we
Need to tunnel or blast right thru that SOB…!

Not as easy as it may sound up-front, but, it
Can be done. Bottom line…? (Never Give Up).

What will it take?
It will require you to become at peace with;
The enemy...(or) Just "FAKE IT, like everyone
-Else does...!"

The word;
"ENEMY' only means (adversary) and the word
"Adversary"...means "SATAN" in the old
Hebrew translations. When you can kill a
"Satan" without wasting "vengeful anger "on
Them during their execution of (one-on-one)-
Face-2-face confrontation...then you can be
Considered a true "Master" of your emotions.

My old C/O Maj Robert Holloway spent 17 yrs
In Vietnam as a spec/Ops & he was always
Telling the entire Battalion; & me Keep
Your Friends Close- but, Keep Your Enemy
Even closer...(why?) It is only your enemy
That you need to keep track of & this will
Allow you to take the enemy down without
Having to chase them. This way; it’s much
Easier to kill them off than having to 1st
Track them down- so...The face of kindness
Towards any enemy proves to be quite useful.

Look very close; because, the enemy can
Often be Closer than you might think...

For example;
Just how possible is it for your best
Friend to sell you out- just so they can
Look more like a hero to "someone else...?
Have you ever been in that boat? Are you?
They’re now...? "Are you sure...?"(?)

It is Often said that "love" is blind- but,
So is (justice), so is "Trust", And, So is
Ignorance. I find it somewhat amusing how
All three often do share one common ground

By, LonnieCraig- aka; DrCraig6, DrCraig2,
ValadJr, SaintlySorcerer, MerlinZ, DC-7

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The How To Of Voodoo

The How To of Voodoo…or

The Magic Bullet Of Santeria

Back in the early days of Psychology folks that were depressed or suffering from chronic worry & anxieties were told By their therapist to (act out their depressive & aggressive moods) by attacking a punching bag or stuffed animal during
Group sessions. This very same trick has always been used as a Magic bullet for Voodoo & Egyptian priests since Prior to Moses.

Depression, aggression & worry are all (trapped energy). All of these emotions may be most undesirable- but they are All (pure raw energy) that needs to ventilate or an internal physical breakdown can occur over the passage of time Which can also eventually lead the sufferer to become psychotic & a danger to ones self & others. Meditation simply Suppresses) that anger & aggression- meditation does not (defuse it). It simply puts the painful emotion in a neutral
State of being.

The magic bullet is still in use today in our hospitals, clinics & research centers all around the world. In ancient times; The Voodoo priest’s were the psychoanalyst & psychiatrist of their generation & the practice of the magic bullet Method has not changed- this is why when using voodoo dolls- the user needs to focus that aggression upon the Voodoo doll as if the doll is the physical victim. “Emotion” is the trigger. The aggression is the bullet…& (you) the Priest or priestesses are the smoking gun. Just like in the eastern art of Zen- you must become (one) with the pins
That you use to stick into the doll…

If you, as the operator simply stuff your voodoo doll with pins until the doll can’t be seen & you fail to focus (aggression) On the doll as if it were the recipient - then you are just spinning your wheels & wasting physical energy.

Most operators saturate the pins with their own saliva, viewing their saliva as poisonous venom. In most cases it takes Anywhere from 3-7 days to see desirable outcome on there living victims. In rare cases- even 3-6 weeks. Some times,
The ritual needs to be repeated…don’t give up, because practice always breeds (improvement). The only downside Iv Discovered is that the operator must (FEEL) justified in what they wish to befall their victim & the ritual must not be
Performed for the sake of greed …& now, since you have the (key)…I suggest that you use it …”most wisely."

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