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Monday, August 24, 2009

Life & Death


Ageing and “youth” are nothing more than (disease). Much like the common cold- all of us are eventually exposed to both. “Youth” is the beginning of the disease- and, death is the only cure... “Consciousness is nothing more than personal & Universal points of view. This is why “one mans pain can be another mans “pleasure”...This is how also “one mans castle” Is often another mans prison. Is (life) your pleasure...?

Or- is life “your endless pain?” This brings me to question why do Most people view “suicide” as (wrong?) What about patients who are in constant pain regardless of “pain-killers” given & Who are classed as terminal with no hope of recovery...? Should we force them to live only because of our “religious bend? God may be able to heal- but, God NEVER heals EVERYONE, & why should God bother since the inevitable will forever & Always happen. We are no better than the cock-roaches we choose to step upon- nor the flies we choose to kill & of no More importance than any-other pest we choose to crush in our sense of rage.

They are all diseases just waiting to happen...”Just like ageing.” And youth is just the beginning...! “Life is not always a song” & not everyone has a voice to sing it...!
By The Prophet; Zameale