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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vampire Magick On A Stick


The Following Audio-subliminal is often called the ultimate in (brain-wave) massage. Less than 10 minutes in duration; it re-aligns your brain-waves, thoughts & emotions to work in proper sync. Helps to heal nervous conditions & even helps to treat... bipolar symptoms...


How To Become A Vampire



The Power Of Depression
"Sub-title; Vampire-Magick on a stick

Most wizards, witches & common folk thru the passage of time- seem to forget that they have a very powerful tool at their disposal. Sometimes we all get overwelmed with things such as a sagging economy, the stock-market slumping, job loss'es and any other negative aspect of our current day and time. The power of imagination can pull all of us thru those dark nights of the soul into the Light of more peacfull & joyfull transitions. Some folks use their "religion" as a tool to help them focus needed energies which helps To heal their strickend souls. Other folks like wizards & witches use their own religious bend thru rituals & spells to get the same job done. Musicians often use their music to help them thru those dark nights of the soul. The Artist uses his or her own art.

Take; "depression" for example;
In psychology, we are often told to (think happy thoughts)- Not such an easy task if you are already at the bottom of the well. All of life operates on a bio-scale of (up & down)- day to day if you allow your realities to trap & dictate your emotions, then your emotions can eventually serve as a lethal injection to your physical health. In the end- it could be a very painfull demise; (yes) depression can & does have the power to kill. Depression is (trapped raw energy). Energy which also affects your heart-rate, your blood circulation & your digestive system including your oxagen-blood levels- any of these four vital body functions can crash & kill you all because of "trapped energy" we often label as (depression).

How do we overcome it...?
First of all; We all have our days of up & down including animals. No one is totally immune to depression anymore than they are totally immune to suprise rain or hail- but you might be suprised over the rare humans that enjoy being misrable. Im sure you can at least name one person in your life-scale that feeds on "drama". They do it for the attention- because they dont feel like they are worthy of attention- so, they invent "drama" to fill in the void. "Cutters are another crud example" however- in my lifetime of study in Human behaviour sciences, I can attest that "everyone deserves to be heard." What they say may be in the form of rymes & riddles or "esoteric jargon" but we can learn from those riddles if we listen to whats being said & also focus on what they didnt say as well...

Here is the magic to curtail depression;
sing, play or write songs that inspire you. If you dont know the lyrics- "hum it". Force-feed if you must in order to get started. Fake it in the beginning & keep faking it until the song becomes real within you... Look toward those who have inspired you to become creative in the past. Look for new inspirations- or even invent your own. Unleash the (spirit of depression) on someone you find distastefull & cruel. I often use that one myself. Its done by drawing a 3 foot diameter circle in the air with your ritual wand or athame- keep making circular motions. become focused on the center of that circle- then picture your prefered target the best you can into the center of the circle. You can even use a photo of the target. Place the photo on a blank-spot of the wall. Keep up the circular motion & begin to wisper in a raspy-tone (un-intellegent jargon). The penticostals call it (speaking in toungs).

In some circles- this is also known as; "launguage of the angels". then eventually wisper; I INVOKE THEE SPIRIT OF DEPRESSION TO COME FORTH FROM ME & to invade the heart, mind & soul of (name-of-target). Repete about 3 times- but dont rush the process. Take your time & on the 3ed time; take a very deep slow breath- point the wand or athame direct at the center/target (tense your entire body) & then release the wind while gazing at the target. Let all the air out of your lungs that you can muster-up. Slowly relax & wisper; what I say must come to pass & as I have commanded it- so it must be! Raise the wand/athame straite overhead. Close your eyes & state; As it is above; (lower the wand to touch the ground) then wisper; So, is it also below! Open your eyes & relax in the silence for a few moments. "Congradulations"- you just learned how to move "energy". Most folks call this (vampire-magick)- but you are free to call it by whatever title that inspires you the most.

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