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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Difference Between God & Quarks?


What’s the difference between;
"un-seen" energy & (un-seen) quarks?
Once you breakdown the quarks- what do you find? You will find more quarks That are even smaller than the outer-quark. What happens when you Finally open the last quark? (It ain't gonna happen...!) Because just like Cellular life; in every cell are more cells & in the smallest cell are even (Smaller cells). The driving force of the cells & quarks are all raw energy. Energy cannot be neither created nor destroyed, but can be stretched, Or/and compressed- but cannot be destroyed.

So,What is my idea on Faith vs molecular energy"?

My own take on the two is this; (faith) is
A personalized assumption- ...whereas; (energy) is a fact & where
Faith moves a mountain; it takes (energy) in order to move that
Mountain in question- so, what is the substance of the energy which
Moves the mountain in the 1st place...? "Was it Gods hand?"...
(Prove it!) What fits for one, does not always fit for others.

To me;
The only difference between faith & quarks are called; "the
Spelling" so, what differentiates the two? The users own personal
Interpretations. So, What is God...? "God is Substance unseen,
There-forth; “faith is the substance that God is made up of...
What’s the difference between God & quarks...? (It’s the spelling)
And the way the perceivers choose to “SEE” God. All a matter of;
“Personalized interpretations”...

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