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Monday, June 1, 2009

Opionion vs The Absolute



Is there really & truly such a thing? ...Are there any true
definitions of (absolute...?)

To myself- any definition regarding (anything) is very important
& based upon; “Personal experience & belief regarding, any
so-called “absolute.”

What I classify
As (truth)- anyone else may call; (fantasy)...most often due to
their opinionated Views or lack of personal wisdom regarding
any given; “so-called” (Absolute...)

The only absolute is (YOU) & what you choose to call your
personal reality- For when you die,-You will take all your
(personal realities) with you as (Pocket-change.) What can
we do with any (Pocket-change after our demise?)
We can only exchange it or (replace it) .

The changes are all based upon “Circumstance & choices”
so, (make your choice!) Welcome to the “Vampires
World of Reality, where the old never really die- nor
the young ever become old & frail...

Both simply “shape-shift from one reality to the next.”
Flesh and bone Are only “jump-suits” which we change
out ever so often.

Vampires are (highly evolved humans) that control “
spirit”. Others are Simply spirits that control and
rule all the human beings of which they choose
To possess. What do we call a vampire that can do

We just simply Call them; (talented.) Which type
are you? If you choose to select (only human)This
means that your inner vampire rules you & not the
other-way around.

Anyone who is able to make choices is considered
to be a “vampire.” Are you A good one or (evil?)
A well seasoned vampire already (knows) that an
Experienced vampire can be (of either one) or the
other according to any given Circumstance or even
choose to be (neither.)

Those who feel themselves as Victim or slave to
any higher order, other than them self are called’
(mindless Sacrifices) who seek to be led & fed by
the hands of the stronger. ...That’s Just my own
opinionated observation according to my current
1,200 years of This Earthly misery. (So, how were
your past lives?)

I do hope they were more interesting than mine were.
Perhaps I’ll be a bit More lucky in the next one.
Who really knows except the passing of time...?