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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What IV Learned In 55 Years



What IV Learned
Within 55 Years?

Some songs are better off; un-sung”. Some things are better left as (broken). Many things are better left “un-touched” & un-proven. Silence is not always golden. The good-guy doesn’t always finish first or last. Many things are better left un-said. Many (truths) are Better off, never being known. Many lies are better off being hid from the masses- for you see; (truth) does not always set you free- But, neither does (falsehood). So, what does it mean to ...(be free?) Have you ever known the dead to complain? “Case closed...!”

Of all the time IV spent in scientific laboratories between here & china- you might think I was ahead of my game, when the sad truth is; I feel like I never really got started. Be very careful of what you seek. Because, one day you might find it- but you won’t always Like what you find. For example; why are we here?

“Most folks do not like the answer to that one.” Most live in light of religious Pipe-dreams of a (brighter heavenly) future. I have concluded that those dreamers harm no one & if their dreams drive them to live A peaceful existence with their neighbor’s until the end- (so what?) Weather we be winner or looser- we all (eventually die) including All the rich Kings, priests & hero’s of our day.

What do we call a (living hero?)...We call them LUCKY if they walk away with all their Limbs & mind intact. We all seek for something. I just hope that, in the end- you like what you have sought...” Just remember; that Justice- Love & Faith are (all blind.) I just hope you are never required to see what I have seen.

Some folks have asked; just what is it that I have seen? To make a very long & complicated story short; we as (humans & animals) are Here to serve & service all the (green-life.) here on Earth and Our final duty is to become (mulch) for all of that “green-life” in question.

Good Night...!