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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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I had learned rather early in life that in order to get to where one Wishes to go- One must be very flexible. It was Dr. Gines who was always Reminding me of this since we crossed path's back in the early 1970's. The World back then was very simple. Cut & dry. There was very little & few "Gray areas". But- Since the birth and conception of the Inter-Net & DNA Sciences, we now have more gray area's to contend with.

From what I'm told according to an old Doctor-friend of mine; Even all the Gray areas have (gray areas). Many doctors are becoming fearful of Treating new patients, especially "emergency cases" due to the many who Are dragging the doctor to court under petty grievances. Dont get me Wrong, because there are legitimate cases that deserve justice for many Patients- but, the fakers & whiners only make it much harder for the "Legitimate others" to claim rightfully what is due them.

I had worked with the sick & ailing between the mid of 1970 thru the last Parts of 2005. First, as an Orderly in1971 at Saint Joseph Hospital in Fort Worth- then eventually as a Medical Assistant for several doctors between My "other part-time jobs" as an A/V tech & Film-trailer driver for Panama Films, LionsGate Productions, MGM & Paramount. Done extensive world travel After becoming 1 of 30 winners of the State lotto which amounted to 1.9 Million dollars per person after taxes.

That was the best & longest vacation I ever had- but then before I knew it, Vacation was over & just like the other 30+ I had to go back to work. I Never regretted one moment of it...

Except when I had to lay my dearly departed wife; "Maryann" to rest who Had expired on the delivery-table at John PeterSmith Hospital back in May Of 1986. We were trying for a third child. She died from a heart embolism. Since that time I became a writer & blogger to help me cope with the loss. I now have more than over a thousand blogs. About half of them I dedicated To her & the other half, I dedicated to my own life experiences.

IV since Then found that there are many things that we will never get over- most Likely due to all the “reminders" we often have to face in this life and In the ones that haunt us from our distant past.

By; LonnieCraig
Aka; DrCraig2, DrCraig6,
LWCraig, SaintlySorcerer, ValadJr