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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Justice & Reasonable Cause?

Justice & Reasonable Cause?

We all have our dreams in what a perfect world should contain- But now a days; “reality” has a habit of wakening the dreamers back into our own common, mundane realities. A dream can only become real if every visionary dares to dream the very same related visions. One will only dream when there is sufficient cause to do so. We can choose to control the vision or we can choose to let others decide what we should envision according to what other people dictate unto us. Even though we are creatures of (free-thought), many folks find themselves gullible victims to pipe-dreams of selfish visionaries like Jim Jones of Guyana, David Koresh, & Adolph Hitler.

The list is endless going all the way back prior to Adam & Eve. I’m sure you can name a few. We all demand justice- but when some of us wind up on the punishment end-phase of justice, most of us look for “mercy” or complete forgiveness regardless of any unjustifiable outcomes that mercy may produce. Its just human nature to seek out personal preservation & many folks will even lie just to obtain it. Much like; “We all want to go to heaven- but, when its time to go” most of us cry out; (But Waite a minute!- I’m not quite ready yet”. So, what is it that will make you ready when the time comes- because, be for sure; it is coming. Since your first day in the cradle- death is on the way. (Sooner or later). Eventually all the (but’s) & (wait-a-minute) will no longer help you. None of us like to think about it. If you could make your own choice on how you wanted to die- what would be the perfect way? If you could only go with a choice (B) instead of your 1st choice- what would plan (B) entail?

My first choice would be to die a painless death during a very restful sleep at home. Choice (B) would consist of a swift surprise where I didn’t have time to feel the pain that might be involved. We don’t recall the pain we suffered when we were in the process of being born- but I bet your mom remembers her pain of it. Eventually, the pain dissipates, but the memories of it continue. (Why?) Because, “memory” is pure energy & this energy is triggered by (experience). Memory is the outcome of thought & thoughts are triggered by “the thinker”. Energy cannot be destroyed. It can be stretched or compressed- but cannot be destroyed.

We are just most recently discovering in physics that (energy) cannot even be created. It can be controlled under the right laboratory settings. We can transfer energy thru 1000’s of ways- but the energy itself cannot be created nor destroyed. So, what happens to our thoughts when we become demised? Thoughts are pure energy- (remember?) How do you kill a thought? (You can’t.) The only logical answer is that “our thoughts” are (transferred) to another thinker or “thinkers” close by or is even transferred across the globe thinkers who we wish were there at our death-bed & then, the thought become a (living part) of that thinker or group of “thinkers”. Our ancient fore-fathers didn’t have a scientific name for thought/energy- so, they just called it (spirit). The bible notes in one passage that when we die- the body or shell returns to the dust & the (spirit) returns unto God who gave it- (but) if that’s true- where does it go from there if it goes back to God at all? “Remember?” the bible is a (book) & that book was translated thru over 300 different translators since 1412 & continued to be re-translated since 1611.

(But,) then again- all those translators are (human) and humans can only give their personalized opinion of what they “conjecture” to be (absolute truth). So, what is absolute truth? “Humans” that transcribed Holy writ claim to be lead by holy spirit- but how do we know they were lead by (anything holy) at all…? “We don’t.” We can only (assume) according to our (blind faith) in those transcribers. What does the word “holy” mean? ; It just means to be (complete) without ANY division- a “whole” and (not) a part. “Wholly = (holy). So, out of the current 17 separate English translations of the (King James Version) that is available in our current market; which one is “wholly” & without divisions. Can you find one? I tried since the age of (nine) and I’m now 55 and still looking for it.

I heard a story of a young man who jumped from a runaway train only to be crushed upon impact in hope of saving himself. The moral of that one is; Just because God is able to spare & save a life does not mean that God will do so every-time. The young man asked God; why didn’t you save me? God said, because your time was up & if you stayed on that train you would have survived just to be a vegetable after the crash- this way; you will not have to be an eternal burden on your family members. The young man then asked; why didn’t you just stop the train? God said; if I did that- then the train would have been too late in saving over a thousand lives who would have perished if I had not caused the traffic jam which caused the 1000’s to be late for their unscheduled demise.

The young man said; why not just send an angel to each life to preserve it? God answered; we’ve been short staffed due to folks living way beyond their allotted time. “The point is; every answer only creates (new questions) & creates even more gray areas we feel predisposed to eventually answer- so what is the answer to life & death? (pick one) there are millions of answers & each one creates even more questions that will one day be asked- which in turn, will create another gray area- which in turn will give birth to (new questions)… “Any questions?” Have you read any good books lately?... Class dismissed!”