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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Forbidden Metaphors (revised)




Forbidden Metaphors
Revised by the author; LW Craig
Subtitled; End Of The Christian myth

The Christian bible teaches that “God” gives wisdom. There are tons of references to this Effect in the bible. Yet, the very same bible also teach that “God” not only created (all life)But can also raise the dead...? Why did God create a (tree of knowledge) since God is the Author & giver of all knowledge? “Why bother to invent a “knowledge tree...?

And, why did God bother to create a (tree of life) since God is the author & creator of all life. Both trees” Never served any purpose. Does this mean that God makes junk after all...?

Since God can see the Future before the future becomes an evil-idea in anybodies head- Why did God bother to place those trees in Reach of Adam “Knowing” what Adam & Eve Would eventually choose to do? That’s like setting up your kids to; “Kill themselves.”

If any of us pulled that prank- you & I would be facing a grand Jury for Endangerment to Commit 1st degree felony thru (entrapment.) Since God already knew the Outcome- this makes God to be a “murderous parent”. Since both trees Never served any Purpose- this tells me the Two trees (never really existed) on the grounds that the trees Would have never served any usefull purpose.

Im sure that the garden itself existed- but; Forbidden fruit (?)’ They were just metaphors to scare the reader into submission- Just like The “burning-bush which Moses lit” himself & the 10 commandments” that Moses invented.

Do you realize that once the two trees are removed from the picture- this invalidates any need for the new-testament & also invalidates any need for “gods’ forgiveness...!”

The New testament was based on those two trees- not the death & hopeful resurrection of Jesus. Now go back & review the second paragraph for greater insight into this ancient mystery...

By; LW Craig/PhD.
Aka; drcraig2, drcraig6, SaintlySorcerer, merlinz