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Friday, July 31, 2009

Justice Vs Revenge...?


Justice Vs Revenge...?

The differences between these two are (the spelling). Justice is “legalized revenge” based upon a democratic voting process. A process, which often ends in “Jury Duty”...Revenge, is nothing more than (justice, minus the voting process) which saves tax dollars. How can we tell if we have the guilty in custody & not the (innocent?) All we have are; Assumptive conclusions based upon any given evidence & testimony of key witness’s...

(But) how can we know that the evidence in question is “reliable?” How do we know the Evidence was not tampered with? or invented to point towards the accused...? We don’t.” Most often- we as (the people) are encouraged to “trust” the law & trust the law makers & to (Trust) the law enforcers. Once again, we are force-fed to have faith in the system- A system that I might add; only works for the rich & middle-class. This has not changed Since the days of the ancient Egyptian Kings.

God cares nothing for the poor or for the (innocent) otherwise the poor & innocent would always be exonerated in the Very beginning prior to any accusations being made thereof. I helped send an innocent Victim to prison over 35 years ago due to the prosecutions team withholding key evidence, which would have set the victim free after the arrest- I even prayed about it prior to the trial. When the victim died in prison due to torcher & being burnt to death by inmates- 6-7 years later, the real culprit comes forth on his Death-bed confession.

The victim spent only 9 years in prison after his conviction. When I received this bit of news- In that day, I lost all my trust in the legal system & all trust in “a God” That I was taught since child-hood who would always defend the poor- downcast, & (forgotten). I guess, “God” forgot all about it...”however” (I Will Not!) & I refuse to trust in the system any longer. Since that time- I have chosen to exercise my own brand of (justice). My own Brand demands that there be (no living witness’s...“And no jury...!” “Only the Judge who there-after’ serves as the executioner- For such is the simple life of the Vampire...!