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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Dynamics Of "Faith


The Dynamics Of "Faith

Just how does "faith move mountains? (it dont). "Faith is not the mover... Your "authority is the commander to those elements that "do all the moving in quest. "Faith is only a lable or title for ID purposes only. "God & mother-nature are the only "movers according to your faith or (fears) in either one.

For example: "Witchcraft, Santeria, Xstian-faith & anything in between are all labels & nothing else. "Your name is a label".

Your sex is a label, Your title such as; Father, mother brother, sister, aunt, uncle cousin, brother, sister, "job-title...? "all of these are just labels- yet labels, serve as a (map) to the "seeker's quest...(You, or "your life is a territory- yet, your name & ID card are all nothing more than (maps) or labels of that territory. What would you like YOUR "territory to eventually accomplish...? Because- your "faith in (your authority) will always dictate your "future accomplishments. "Faith is wonderful- yet "faith, without conscience is much more productive- according to the (map)...or "user thereof.