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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lets Move That Mountain


Move That Mountain

We hear it nearly everyday that "faith can move mountains- but "faith is just a lable which means; "deep-rooted/die-hard" blind belief, or "blind conviction that has no "physical evidence, to support it. The evidence can be 'circumstancial- but (faith) requires no "evidence- yet we are also taught that (faith is substance) of "un-seen evidence" which only in turn makes "any evidence of that faith; "mear speculation of those who possess "that faith" in question...

Does "faith really move mountains? (not unless there are works to back it up. "Praying is a type of work- but sometimes prayers need "something more; "Emotion is a major type of work- but many times fruitless if you have an audience. (why?)Because an audience can interupt your most potent tool which is (focus & visualization) upon your desired out-comes.

Jesus meditated & prayed often (alone). Very rare it was when he had an audience during his prayers & meditation- but when he did have an audience, he often prayed on the listeners behalf & for their well-being. By his prayer, many were healed of their affliction- but also taught the (listeners) "to them that believe all things are possible- then ask what you will (believing) that your desire are in the bag guarenteed- then you shall "receive what you have asked for...

The downside is; "sometimes the asker gets all of what they requested- however, they may not like the out-come as they thought they might, "for not all that glitters is always "heavenly gold- "trust me; "been there-done that- but, then again; in the devils world, even the "Devil sometimes gets lucky..."how lucky do YOU feel...? Is your prayers of "evil wantingness.? Because God only respects out-right honesty above ALL integrity. Just ask "Rahab the Harlot about that one...:) "Chow