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Saturday, June 18, 2011

NLP Secret Portal


The Portal Has Been Opened;

Iv researched subliminal-hypnosis for well over 25 + yrs using key words, sentences & "brain-wave music plus very fast-paced pictorial flashes which I invented using "windows paint program to create and then use the Windows fax viewer to launch the program by holding down the (down-arrow) button @ 30 second intervals with the brain-wave music going full blast with "ear-pods" with great success & very possitive results. As for the paint program- all you need to do is compact a word or short sentence in white on a black "background & then save it as a (jpeg) such as the sentence; "I Never Get Sick- then save the word as a jpeg to the desktop or delegated folder.

Make as many of them as you can think of & then open them all in the fax-viewer. then compress the (down arrow) while you have it in; "slide-show" mode. tape the arrow-key down or use modeling clay to keep the button compressed & then just sit back & relax just staring @ these words or sentences for as long as you can stand it.

You wont be able to comprehend the sentances- but your subconscience can & your prefferial vision will be recording your own messages and will begin to mold your life & body into an out-come that you so desire. "A great Sample of a possitive is; "I Dont Smoke" in the form of a flashing (jpeg) will break the smoking habit within 17 to 27 days. Another great sample is; ("I Fear Nothing"). Another suggestive sentence in the form of a (jpeg) is; "I Never Get Tired, or; "Why am I so healthy?" These key sentences trick your body into submission to your own suggestions. see; Subliminal-Hypnosis for more detail

You can choose your favorite brain-wave tunes by "recording them" from YouTube. Look up; "brain-wave music & select your favorite. You can even trick your whole body & mind into believing that you are "happy, by simply "jpegging" the sentence; "Im always Happy No Matter What...:)