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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Everything Is "Energy


Everything, is 'ENERGY

The smallest of all solid componate or "measure is the "atom. The only thing smaller than an atom is called "a querk- yet even "querks are also comprised of just "smaller atoms". Every solid is a "compression of "atoms & the more solid anything is just simply means that the solid in question has the most amount of "atoms. ex; ice has more atoms than water- water has more atoms than "air. Metal has more atoms than "wood- yet every solid & sub-solid are all made up of atoms or "atomic particle. Even a single-grain of sand is a thousand times-+ larger than one-single "solitary atom. This gives you a birds-eye view of just how small an atom is- yet every-single atom is "living-energy". It's alive.

Even carbon-dust particles are "a-live with the very same atomic particles that houses inside & outside of your body. The only way to view an atom is via "an electron-microscope. If you take a carbon-dust particle, which is smaller than a "common dust particle & place them both under an electron-microscope, you will see the very same type of atoms from both as little tiny squiggles of what appear to be little darts of light darting back & fourth in a constant motion, 24hr/7. heat appears to speed the atom up where cold only just seems to "slow them down- yet atoms or "energy cannot be destroyed nor even "created. We can stretch it- we can compress it- but "energy cannot be destroyed.

We cant burn it- we cant even freeze it. So what is "consciousness? It's Pure Energy. So, what happens to "consciousness upon our demise? Where does it go? It simply returns unto "where it began. We can all plant seeds- but we cant "make nor create them in a lab. We can water & tend the seed- but we are not yet equipted to "invent them in a test-tube environment.

We can clone them- but we cannot yet clone "consciousness itself, unless I missed something during my last physics class...:) In physics, the inner-world is just as vast & just as deep as the "outer regions of the space-time continuum. See; "String-theory