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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Who Are You?

Every human, animal & every "plant" has what is called in physics & biology as, "memory-cells. Every cell in your body has a (memory-cell) which is more like a "map of each & every surrounding cell. Look closely at the Ancient Kabballah tree. It appears to be more of an antiquated (DNA) cell-structure- yet, each of those spheres can be viewed as (biologic-cells). "Your whole body is a giant "memory-cell, yet within every cell are found trillions of other (smaller-cells) but, every cell has a "memory-cell" or (map) of each & every surrounding cell.

It dont matter if you are gifted or cursed with "Alzheimers like "myself. The "subconscience" never "FORGETS. "You are a (recorder) & "messenger for & to your "primordial parent since prior to the Ancient Kings of Egypt & prior "thereof. We all help "God to grow & mature thru our "memories. Your current incarnation may even be your 3ed or 3,000th return. The bottom-line is "energy & information. You are a "cell, of God. How may cells does the human-body have? If linked front to back; "Over 300 miles...:) "God, or "Mother-nature is in charge..."NOT THE CHURCH nor "religion"...! Jesus was only a "recorder- ...just like "you.