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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Two Trees- "With No Proof

Two Trees...
With No Proof

Since God has always "created life- and even snuff it out "indescrimently. "Since God has the power to "impute wisdom & knowledge in the "living as well as the "non-living. And since God can read any mind, any heart even prior to the minds inception of an idea...or plan. Since, God even holds the power of "ressurrestion?- why did God plant "forbidden fruit at all since God already knew what choice Adam & Eve would eventually make? What good is any (tree of knowledge) when God can implant or impute "knowledge" even within a (rock) if God chose to do so...?

Without those "two trees- the New Testament would never have existed. Without those (two trees) The Old Testament would have never been written. Without the written law, "grace would have never been needed. Where there is "no sin" there can be no condemnation of it? The tree of "knowledge, of good & evil invented the "consciousness of right & wrong according to the "law-makers" which in turn only gave birth to a "false democratic society which we all live under today. I attest that those two trees never existed at all, but were "fabricated by transcribers who were under heavy duress of "the religious law-makers to do so.