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Thursday, June 30, 2011

No Time For "TIME

No Time For "TIME"

Time- is only an "illusion.

An (idea) created by man where-by man could place a measurement on his sence of "experiences." Be they for "business, "pleasure..."or (other). If we take away every one of his clocks, calenders & anything else by which he measures time from' "time" would only become an eternal (NOW) with no end & no beginning. "People divide night & day between a (24 hour period...yet, that 24 hr period is a "man-made" delusion.

When it is night here- it is (day-lite) on the opposite side of our globe & the transition-times are posted as (24 hour segments) that seperation of light from darkness is only as a "universal man-made idea". Once we come to reconize "time, as a (man-made invention)- we will no longer "feel so rushed with our everyday activities- so, relax. You have all the time you want- "according to your own idea's". Time is only (man-made) & "so Are YOU...:)