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Monday, June 27, 2011

Who Is The "Accuser?

"The True "Occult"

The word "occult, simply means; (hidden) or "secret. Most often used in medical schools & hospitals including groups that often classify themselves as "hidden" or "secret sociaties- yet when those very same groups "advertise themselves" as a (secret sociaty) That group is "hardly-hidden". When The word (Occult) in this frame-work is used at all, it is for the soul purpose of "recruiting new members. "Nothing is truly hidden off the surface of (itself).

These very same "sociaties) often have prided themselves of their so-called "hidden'ness". In the good ol-days of 1941 on up; The "occult" was " an un-organized" group of radical (wizards) and "visonaries that fought against the "New-age republic idea of (RELIGION). Bottom-line is' GOD & Jesus, were never & have never been "religion idealist.

The "real & true historical Jesus taught (reincarnation) just like all of his ancestor-sanhedrin Jews did prior to himself, where his one "true enemy; "Constantine The Great of "Constantanople Italy" gave birth to "radical Christianized ideas of what we all are "willing & un-willing subjects now to the "Mother church; "Catholisism + new-age christianity of today. The true historical Jesus was labeled as a "heritic & radical (SATAN) to the "Orthodox church" of his time. The word "Satan" simply means; "The Accusor, or (opposition)..."which one are you...?