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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Guilty Or Not...?

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Where Are We Today?

Over 50 yrs ago- according to our “Miranda rights, We are posed to be innocent till (proven guilty?) So, why are “suspected” law breakers still locked up till court-date...? Never mind “ Bail-bonds that often frequent the so called (suspect)...besides, Just where does that bail money go...? Haven’t you-

ever questioned that one...? You will not like the answer. It goes back to the insurance companies that sponsor the “bail-ee” that runs or who (DOESN’T run...!) And guess what?

That money is never returned to the “bail-ee, even if the (bail-ee) is “PROVEN innocent beyond any shadow of doubt in our courts of law. The recent turn-over of convictions took a drastic turn since the science of DNA- but regardless of DNA evidence- The suspect is still ear-marked as (possibly guilty) in the CODIS Data-Base until the day of their death - therefore forcing the (innocent-convicted) in quest to pursue their remaining life in the field of “crime, since no employer will hire them- regardless of any Governors or “Presidential pardon that might be “available!

I did my home-work...”now, do yours! I was ordered to trash any “employment application’s that showed any Federal convictions or even Federal indictments that had received; no convictions from any so-called; “un-proven” crimes.

Im not seeking reprieve for the “guilty...Because DNA evidence only proves who is; “Not Guilty.

I don’t mind being the “Hang-man- But I protest hanging the “innocent due to lack-luster detective work. I would rather be deported back to Ireland where my family roots came from- than to be a U.S. citizen. In the old days, the bad-guys were executed on the spot where they were caught in the act of their crimes.

The cop’s can’t be everywhere at once & locking up the guilty only waste our tax dollars in keeping the guilty “alive till court date- then many convicted were set-up to take the fall for the “real guilty in quest...?

Does This Mean that cop's are the (real) bad-guys...? Of course not...!
They are victims as well..."Just like you & Me...! Being a cop is not a job...It is a "calling...! "What is yours...?

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