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Friday, August 13, 2010

Are You Gifted...?

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Psychically Gifted...?

The word “psychic, only means; “mental” & nothing else-
which means; everyone who has the ability to think &
reason or even outside of reason” is (psychic). If you
have no ability to think @ all- then, you are without
psychic gifts.”it's just all simple math.

Many folks are overly psychic-gifted. What is this
psychic stuff made from anyway?

It’s All basic electrical raw energy...

The air we all breath is soaked & full of this raw stuff.
Your own body is saturated inside & out-side with this
electrical raw substance of which Most quantum physicist
also classify as; (an electrical field of energy.) Most
folks already Know that “energy” cannot be created nor
destroyed. This field of raw energy is also Known by some,
as the “creative matrix” of all solid & non-solid life-forms.
Thoughts are also considered to be “raw energy.”

The level of this energy in every person differ, from one
person to the other. Some have more than others & some have
less. Sick people tend to have less than “healthy people-
but at the same time, In some rare cases, some sick
people may tend to show to have an over-abundance of this
stuff than the average healthy Person. This is still an
unsolved mystery today- yet we have learned that;

"Raw energies”
Can be trained thru deep meditative states. This same raw
energy can also travel outside of your body.

Very comparative to (lazer-rays) of light being launched
thru the use of a projectile apparatus such as A
flash-light or lazer-pointers. Folks that practice “OBE
or out-of body experiences or what most call;

"Astral-projection exercises are considered to be
“projectionist. Can we increase psychic abilities...?
Yes- thru work & practice. Take a close look at the
video below...